Around midnight at the graveyard, Buffy and Faith are patrolling, it looks like Faith and Buffy just had a fight because they are not talking to each other just walking at a safe distance from each other.

While everyone else was asleep Buffy and Faith had to go take the job of patrolling. We hear a scream and the next thing we know is Faith is already on top of the vampire and Buffy is already helping the girl that had gotten bit. While Faith slays the vamp, Buffy is trying to find out who the poor girl is.

"Are you okay" the slayer asked.

"Yeah fine" the girl replied

"Ok. Well what are you doing out this late, you should be inside. Is there anyplace that you can go?"

"Uh...No I--I was coming to find my brother"

"What is your brother's name and where..." Before Buffy could finish Faith finished her sentence.

"Where does he live?"

"His name is...1630 Revello Drive..." When Faith heard this she quickly asked...

"Hey B, isn't that our address"

"Yeah... Ok what is your name?"

"Alexandra Harris, why?"

" Harris" Buffy whispered under her breath. "Are you related to Xander Harris? Is he your brother?" Even though inside Buffy knew the answer she wanted to here it from her.

"Yes and yes do you know him?"

"Ye..." Buffy started...

"Yo, why don't we just take you to him and then we see where the evening takes us, okay?" Faith said.


Later that night at the Summers living room. From what we can see, Xander and Alex are sitting across from each other, Faith sitting next to Alex and Buffy sitting next to Willow who is sitting next to Xander. From our perspective it looks like they have been in an uncomfortable silence for a long time. Than all of a sudden Willow decides to break the silence.

"But you lied to us!"

"I know," Xander replied.

"But you lied to us!"

"I know," Xander said more formally.

"But you lied to us," Willow said, now in tears.

"Look, Xand, what you did was very bad and I am fairly certain that if you don't explain yourself then I might have to get Anya in here to start slapping you," Buffy said in her distressed look.

"Okay.. Look, its not like I wanted to keep it from you but I had to, Mom said that if we keep it a secret from other people including our friends that it would all work it self out eventually," Xander was trying desperately to make them understand.

"But," Willow started.

"What, Willow, what do you want to say?" Xander asked.

"I wanted to say...What about kindergarten, and yellow crayon, and aquaman underoos, and prom, and the bluffs, all that time you lied to me about who you really were."

"No, I didn't, I told you my name and..."

Faith who has just about had enough of it starts to talk. "So, you what tried to pretend that who you were you weren't really who you were?"

Same time. Xander is getting very upset and, Faith is about to pop with anger.

"No it wasn't like that, " Xander said.

"Look, Faith, I think that we should try and let Xander explain it to us now that I am fairly certain that we have woken all of the potentials. Giles is going to be very mad that he didn't get his beauty sleep, and I am sure that we won't wake Spike or Andrew even if we tried so, what I'm trying to say is, Xander please tell us why?" Buffy said.

"OK. Look, the thing was is that I didn't know that I have a sister. Maybe Alex did know that I was alive but Willow, I swear, I didn't know."

"Well I guess that is acceptable. Just one question..." Before Willow could finish Kennedy comes down stairs and asks a question.

"Why is everyone up? And Why are you yelling?" Kennedy asked.

"Sorry, Kennedy, I'll be up in an minute," Willow said without taking her eyes off of Xander.

"Ok...Sorry, but we haven't met I'm Kennedy and you are?"

"I'm..." Alex started.

"My sister, her name is Alex" Xander finished.

"OK, I have had enough. Look, Kennedy, Alex is Xander's sister and his whole life Xander never knew that Alex was alive. Buffy and I were patrolling like we said that we were tonight and we found Alex getting attacked by a vampire so I slayed the vamp and Buffy found out who she was. So we came here to find out if what she told us about Xander was true, but when we got here everyone was already asleep except for Xander and Willow. They were playing cards. So we started talking and talking turned into yelling and...I'm babbling, sorry we woke you," Faith said.

"Thanks," Kennedy said.

No one spoke for about a minute, then Buffy started. "Are we going to go to bed or are we going to be in an awkward silence for the rest of the night?"

"Hey, B, it's four in the morning," Faith said.

"Yeah, well, only losers sleep."

"Okay, I'll go back to bed," Kennedy said.

"I will be there in minute," Willow said going into the kitchen to turn off the lights then heads upstairs.

"Cool so I'll be here on the couch," Xander said.

"See you all at seven" Faith said.

"Whoa, your only going to sleep for three hours?" Buffy asked.

"No, I'm going to go train."

"Faith, you should get some sleep" Buffy said.

"I slept all day, B."

"You did?"

"Yeah, when you and Spike were training, I was in your room sleeping."

Just when Faith finished saying "sleeping" Spike entered the room.
"Why are all of us up, and how come I don't know you?"

"Spike, do you want to go train?" Buffy asked.

"Yeah, sure."

"Whoa, B. I thought that you were going to go to sleep." Faith asked.

"Yeah, I was but now that everyone is up we might as well fight huh."

"Hey, Buffy, do you want me to go wake the potentials?" Xander asked just realizing that they were still in the room.

"It's okay, Xand, I'll get Spike to get them."