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The front yard. Buffy is fighting the vampire, just as Spike comes out of hiding he realizing that Faith is on the ground uncouncios and he runs over to find out what happened.

"Faith. Faith! Faith, wake up!" Spike yells and Buffy comes over and tries to find out if she is still alive, Spike pushes her away.

"Just get out of my way," Spike says a little to sharply and Buffy comes over and punches him in the face.

"No, you get out of my way I can handle it she is partly related to me anyway, plus if I can put her in a coma I make sure that she stays alive." Once she got to Faith, she finds out that Faith is still alive but not well, Buffy looks over her shoulder and tells Spike, "Help me."

"I thought that you didn't need my help."

"I don't, only I do right now will you help me?"


"Okay, we need to get her to the couch and can you tell Dawn to get the medicine kit?" Then Spike nods and they pick up Faith and walk her over to the couch and put her on it and once they do Spike yells.

"Dawn!!!" Then Dawn runs down stairs and once she sees Faith she knows why Spike yelled for her and she doesn't need to be told twice and runs off to the kitchen to get the medicine kit. Once she leaves Buffy rips open Faith's jacket and sees a big gash in her stomach.

"Okay, I have jumped out of this house so many times, and there is no way that that is from the jump. You want to start telling me what you were doing with Faith to make her get this bad of wound?" Once Buffy finished saying that Dawn comes in with the medicine kit.

"Here. Buffy, do you want me to help you clean it?" Dawn asked.

"No, it's okay, I got it. Why don't you go get Alex and see if she wants to see what will if she lets a vampire bite her."

"NO, it's okay, Dawn, you don't have why don't you go and make dinner ok nibblet." Spike says.

"Yeah, Dawn, listen to Spike," Buffy says.

"OK, see you later," Dawn leaves the room and Buffy doesnt take her eyes off of Spike.

Willow and Kennedy are in their room talking. Willow was just explaining to Kennedy why she has to train with the other potentials. Kennedy obviously doesnt like what she is hearing.

"But I am way stronger then them, I'm just going to hurt them anyway," Kennedy is yelling.

"Kennedy, I know that you are stronger then them but that doesnt mean that you have to brag..."

"I'm not bragging!"

"Yes, you are." Right after Willow finished saying that Buffy bursts in.
"Guys, stop bickering."

"I'm not..." Kennedy started

"And I don't care, look, Willow, I need you to do a locating spell to find the new potential."

"How do you know that there is a new potential?" Willow asked

"What? Oh.. Spike said something about that Faith and him were talking and she said something about a new potential.

"Oh.. Ok just give me thirty minutes and then I'll bring you the good news"

"Okay...Kennedy, will you help me clean up Faith?"

"Faith needs cleaning up?" Kennedy asked as they leave the room.

The Summers living room. Kennedy is taking a cloth and cleaning out the wound in Faith's stomach, Buffy is sitting on the couch talking to someone on the phone, and Spike and Dawn are playing cards.

We hear Buffy talking but we can't here what the other person is saying.
"Hey... How are you?...Me? I'm good...Well she is doing okay...Yes...yes, may I please talk to him.. Thank you...Hey look I was wondering if you could stop by town?...No, nothing is wrong. Just wanted to know if you could stop by...Yes; we need you here...No; nobody else just you...Look, I know that your not available but we need you here...Yes, someone with your insight...And medical skills...No, nothing is wrong...Because you're important...So maybe not to everybody...Well you're important to me...Yeah, I know... Yes, I will have Xander set it up...Tomorrow then... Okay, see you in a couple of hours...Bye" Buffy then hangs up the phone and walks over to the receiver and hangs up, then comes back over to the couch.

"So... What am I setting up?" Xander asks Buffy.

"What?.. Oh..Yeah about that I need you to go and get these" She hands him a paper and we can't see what is on it.

"Buffy, this list..." Xander starts

"Yes, I know it seems a lot to ask in such a short time but it is precautionary."

"No, that is not what I'm worried about, but I need at least two thousand Dollars."

"Two thousand dollars!?!?" Dawn asked as she looks up from the card game.

"Dawn..." Buffy started

"Where are you going to get two thousand dollars?" Dawn asked.

"I already have it. Xander the money is in the cabinet next to the sink in the kitchen two rows up from the floor."

"You kept the money with the soap? "Spike asked just now getting in the conversation.

"Yes, I did"

"Buffy, who is coming?" Willow and Kennedy asked walking down the stairs.


The next morning in the dining room. Everyone is waiting for Oz to get there, and it looks like Xander has worked all night because he still has his tool belt on and his shirt is dirty and he is falling asleep in the chair. Willow, Buffy, Kennedy, Spike, Faith, Anya and Dawn are all standing around the table. Willow is typing something on the computer, Kennedy is standing behind her looking at the screen. Anya is still cleaning Faith from the night before, But this time Faith is awake and also helping. Spike and Buffy are sitting down at the opposite side of the table then Willow. We can see that Spike and Buffy are holding hands under the table. Dawn is eating a piece of a bagel and walking around the table impatiently. Then we here a doorbell and everybody gets up from where ever they were and walk over to the door, Spike and Buffy are not holding hands anymore. Buffy opened the door.

There is a general "Hey, Oz" from the group. And Oz and Buffy exchange a hug followed by Willow and Dawn, Spike and Xander shake hands with Oz, Kennedy and Anya just stand behind the group. Oz comes inside and then goes to the living room and drops his bags under the table.

The group follows him around the house until finally Giles comes downstairs and breaks the silence. "Oz. How nice of you to come by."

"Yeah. I thought that I was needed for..." Then Buffy interrupted him

"...Help around the house, Right Oz?"


"Is there something I'm not up on?" Oz asked

"Nope nothing, Everything is just about the same, just little things." Willow added.

"Yeah.. Ok, Anyway we need to go make breakfast. Who wants waffles? Pancakes? What?" Kennedy said

"Well it's not that we don't like your cooking it's just that we don't like cooking." Dawn said

"Okay, but I was talking about going out and ordering food, but sence you brought it up, What's wrong with my cooking? "Kennedy asked.

"Nothing, it's just that sometimes when you use the stove we need to call... "Dawn added, But couldn't finish.

"Anyway, Oz, will you come down stairs with me and Faith so we can show you the operation? "Buffy asked

"Yeah, I guess." The three of them walk down the stairs and everyone else goes their separate ways.

The basement. Spike is in the basement sleeping but he wakes up when Oz, Faith, and Buffy come down the stairs. Spike is wearing his black pants and his bright red shirt. Buffy comes down the stairs and is the first to go get a chair for Faith and Oz. Spike comes over to Buffy as she cleans up the sink and tries to get some information for Oz. We can see a cage near the wall.

"What is the werewolf doing here, and how come there is a cage down here?" Spike whispered.
"Oz is here so he can help Willow find the new potential." Buffy said, not really listening.

"And the cage?"

"That is here because in a couple of days will be the full moon."

"Okay, do you know who the new potential is?"

"If I did Oz wouldn't be here."

Then Buffy walks over to the table that Oz had pulled over and set all the papers on it. Oz takes some of the papers and reads them. Apparently Oz does not like what he is reading.

"Wow, Buffy, there are a lot of people on this list are you sure this is them?" Oz asked

"Well, actually there are about fifty people who fit the profile. Those are only half." Buffy says

"Actually make that seventy-five people." Willow says as she enters the basement.

"Seventy-five?" Spike asked

"Where did you get the other twenty-five?" Oz asked

"Off the information and I used the school network to find out who at the high school fit the profile," Willow says

"So what are we going to do with the information that we now have." Spike asked. Oz is getting more frustrated by the second.

"We are going to go find the people after Willow does a spell." Faith says just now getting in the conversation

"Since when am I doing a spell?" Willow asked,

"Since Buffy said you were going to do one."

"Buffy, when did you make the choice to make me do a spell?"

"Ten minutes ago." Buffy says not looking up from the papers

"What does the spell say to do?" Willow asked sorta angry.

"Just a simple spell" Buffy says as Oz takes the papers and him and Faith go upstairs to work on the papers.

"All you have to do is make a talisman and the talisman will light up when it gets close to the new potential." Buffy contented

"So do we have all the ingredients?" Willow asked


"Look at me, Buffy."


"I know about you and Spike."

"What about Spike?"

"That you and him are together again."

"We're not."

"Yes, you are."

"No, we're not."

"Yes, you are."

"How do know."

"Kennedy saw you and Spike in the graveyard a couple of nights ago."

"Does anybody else know?"


"Don't tell anybody, okay?"

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"You didn't need to know."

"When my best friend is going through a relationship, I need to know."

"Okay, I'm sorry, Just don't tell anybody."

"I won't but I can't say the same about Kennedy."

"You think that she would tell?"

"Kennedy...Yeah, she would tell."

"Okay, I'll talk to her, Did you know that Alex stabbed Faith in the abdomen?"

"What??? How do you know?"

"I went to Dawn's room looking for Dawn, and Faith was in there and she was covering up a very bad looking gash, then I saw Alex not too long after that and she had Faith's blood on her shirt."

"How did you know that it was Faith's bloods and not hers?"

"I don't know but I just did." Just then Oz rushes in.

"Hey guys we know who the potential is."

"Who?" Willow and Buffy say simultaneously.



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