Mercenaries: Feur Frei

Chapter One: Out with a Peng

A/N: Hey! This is my first fanfiction on the mercenaries section here, so go easy. I don't own Mercenaries, Pandemic, Lucas Arts, or Rammstein. This story is based on my profile on the game, but it does not follow the storyline of Mercenaries entirely.

Chris Jacobs walked out of the Allied Headquarters in the Northern Province of North Korea. He walked over to his trusty street racer, the one he'd ordered from the Mafia. It was beat up, sure, but it got him where he wanted, and the troops all drooled at the sight of it. He knew that the allies didn't like him all too much, as they eyed him as he walked toward his car, but he knew they wouldn't shoot him on sight. Only North Korea and China would do that. In the South Korea China war, he'd taken the side that wasn't holed up in a stupid island with the bridge blown out.

"Hey, Chris!" came a familiar voice over his COMM. It was Fiona Taylor, his assistant helping him from ExOps headquarters via COMM link. She gave him e-mails concerning the latest spotted criminal from the Deck of 52, briefed him on his missions, and other stuff.

"What's up?" he responded, still walking towards his car in the parking lot.

"I just got an e-mail from Colonel Peng. You can check it in your PDA inbox."

"Okay, I'll do that." He flipped his PDA out of his pocket, switched to e-mail, and found one called "FWD: Repentance" from Fiona Taylor. The message read:


From: Fiona Taylor Message: Private

Fiona. This is Colonel Peng. I have a request to make concerning your mercenary.

We are wrong to shoot at him day after day. We realize that he is more of an asset than we have realized ignorantly, and wish to amend our wrongs. If you are willing to accept our apology, have Mr. Jacobs show up at Tyongdan Mountain, just southeast of our wrecked Dandong Bridge at 1500 hours.

Colonel Pang

---End of Original Message---

---End of Message---


Chris put his PDA away. He knew this was just a trick, that Peng wanted his head. He'd seen the movies. Hero shows up at a place where the villain says he wants to say sorry, and then he gets the crud shot out of him. Yeah, he'd go alright. But not alone.

He flipped his car door open, swung it shut once he was inside, then got his PDA out again. He went to the Merchant of Menace website, scrolled down the list of vehicles until he found the allied transport helicopter. He ordered it, and heard the henchman on the COMM say "Okay, I'm on my way." Soon, he saw a green shape appear in the sky. It landed, flown by a henchman pilot, and guns manned by henchmen. He stepped into view of the sniper captain on top of the HQ, nodded, and he nodded back.

The sniper captain shouted out "FIRE!" and his snipers all shot into the helicopter. In seconds, the pilot was dead with his face on the controls, and the gunners laying inside of the helicopter cowering in fear. Chris got in, saw that one of them was radioing mafia HQ in Russian. He pulled up his prototype rifle, shot the radio, then aimed at the man. He held his hands up, then stood up, along with the other one. A soldier from the machine gun nest came over and showed them the way into the HQ where they were to be interrogated. One of them shot a glance at Chris on the way in.

He jumped into the cockpit, buckled up, then honked the horn. A low sound emitted from the loudspeakers, and six soldiers left their stations and got in. Two manned the guns, and the rest laid down next to the opening to shoot down and give covering fire. Before takeoff, Christ turned to his crew. "Ok, here's the deal. I'm on the naughty list with Mr. Pang, and he called me over at 1500 hours. You do the math."

He slowly lifted off the street, gained altitude to 50 meters, and then sped off towards Tyongdan Mountain. As Chris flew the plane, he spoke to Fiona. "Hey, Fiona."


"Any satellite pictures of Tyongdan now for me?"

"I'll get those for you. Give us a second."

As Chris waited for her to return, he kept his eyes in front of him at the horizon. Suddenly, his right gunman opened up. "Enemy helicopter sighted!" he cried. Chris looked out the side, and there was a North Korean gunship chasing alongside their right. Its gun was slowly turning toward them.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Shoot it!" he cried out!

"I am sir!"

"Shoot faster!"

Realizing that they couldn't take it down in time, the gunman, Terry Chattman, aimed up a bit, at the rotors on the top. The body of the helicopter was showered with sparks as the bullets chewed up the rotors. It immediately lost altitude, and then dive-bombed into the road below, causing a collision with a civilian car and a magnificent explosion.


"Hey, Fi. Got those pics for me?"

"Sure do. Check your PDA."

"Got it." He took his hands off the control, letting the aircraft hang idle in the air, got his PDA out, and downloaded the pictures. Tyongdan was clear, its peak shrouded in trees. All he could see was Peng and two of his cronies. He only could make them out because he knew Peng was a fat loafer.

The rest of the way was nothing special, flying, and the occasional Terry Chattman's gun firing at a Sungri Scout below.

When they came up on the mountain, chris stopped less than five meters away from the sheer face, then ascended. He checked his radar for enemy AA, but found none. He got to the top, and landed in front of Peng and his troops. Chris got out, and the rest of his troops followed. One of Peng's troops scuffed the floor nervously, and put his hand on the trigger. This was caught by Chris's eye, and the rest of his troops. He knew that that meant a hostile notion. He held his hand up before they opened up, and advanced.

"Muhcinawry. I have been expecting you. Did I not ask to come with no soldiewrs?" said Peng, regretting that he had not put that in the e-mail.

"No, Peng. Seeing our lovely affair we'd been having, I don't think I'd come without 'em."

Peng flinched. All he got out was, "I see."

Just as he said this, Chris saw movement in a nearby bush. "NOW!" he cried.

His troops opened fire point blank at Pang and his cronies. They fell down under the shower, bloodied. Peng was not spared. Chris could tell right away that he was dead because… well… he could just tell.

After his troops ceased fire, about four soldiers with SMGs popped out of the bushes, firing. One of Chris's troops fell, and two more injured. The rest of them opened up and took them out.

Chris lowered his gun, then commanded them to search. They did. About five minutes later they came back saying "Area secure." "Let's get outta here." "What're ya waiting for?"

Chris powered up the engines, and started the journey back home.