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Wow! This is the shortest W.Y.B.A.TV story yet. Thank you to those who reviewed the last chapter! Hope that you liked the story!

Chapter #9:

I sat up and looked around my room. Light was just beginning to come in through the windows. It was an hour before my alarm clock would go off and I'd have to get up for school.

"I can't do this again," I muttered, even though no one could hear me. I thought for a whole hour and, finally, my as my alarm clock went off a thought struck me. I turned off the alarm and spoke into the silence, "I have a plan!"

My day was strangely normal. Not one weird thing happened. I went through the whole day in a great mood. It seemed so simple now that I'd thought of it, no more punishment…

… and all I had to do was never sleep again.

All day I kept having the overwhelming desire to laugh at my victory over Philo Farnsworth, causing people to ask what was so funny. I answered them, "I'm not asleep right now." This prompted those questioners to back away, obviously in awe of my genius. And I couldn't blame them, I was impressed with myself as well.

At last night rolled around. As the rest of my family went to bed I stayed up, refusing to go to sleep. It was then that I noticed the a flaw in my plan: It was past midnight and I was very tired.

Determined not to let a little thing like the body's need to sleep defeat me I went down to the kitchen to see what had caffeine in it. I was still sitting on the kitchen counter at three o'clock in the morning when my twin brother came downstairs.

"Umm… Maggie?"

"Yes Michael?" I answered looking over at my twin brother, already having a pretty good ideas about exactly what he was going to ask. Sure enough, he did.

"Why are you drinking a half gallon of caffeinated soda at three o'clock in the morning?" I took another swig, holding the large bottle with two hands.

"You don't want to know," I told him before taking another drink. "Will eating a package of Oreos keep me awake?" I asked him. Michael gave me a very strange look but didn't answer. "Well? Will it?" I demanded.

"At the very least it'll make you really sick," he told me.

"Oh goody," I cheered pulling a steak knife out of its holder and slicing open the package of cookies. "Mmm…" I mumbled as I crammed two into my mouth. Michael rolled his eyes and filled a mug with water and stuck it into the microwave, preparing a cup of tea for himself.

"Maggie," he said after a few minutes of silence, "why are you trying to stay awake?"

"I told you," I said through a full mouth, "you don't want to know."

Luckily Michael contented himself with a simple eye roll and didn't push me for the details on my new desire not to sleep. My twin simply took his tea up to his room, leaving me to finish the Oreos by myself.

School that day was very hard. Despite all of my efforts I was tired and having trouble staying awake. My friends had noticed and I had tried my best to downplay it. I was guessing that they wouldn't react well to the truth.

I was guessing, however, that my teachers already knew the truth and that was why they were making class so boring.

"And so that's why you can learn a lot about being a good person through my experiences at the beach," my least favorite teacher rambled on, "you must understand that it takes a person of high moral standards, like me, to properly-"

"I can't take it anymore!" I yelled throwing my book across the room and pushing my desk over. "Nobody cares so will you please shut up!"

And that's how I got sent to see the friendly school counselor.

"So," I was explaining to the school counselor, "I told myself that getting back into the swing of things would be no bid deal, just like riding a bike. And then I remembered something."

"What did you remember?" She prompted leaning in to look at me intently using the patented therapist's voice. The, I'm speaking slowly and softly because if I raise my voice even a little but then you're going to freak out and kill me voice. I ignored the voice as I continued to explain myself.

"I never learned how to ride a bike!"

The school consoler looked at me concerned as she jotted something down on her clipboard. I was hoping that it was complimentary but based on the expression on her face I was willing to bet that it wasn't.

"And you've been not allowing yourself to sleep because you are depressed because you never learned to ride a bike?" she asked looking over at me, still using the voice. I sighed loudly and rolled my eyes, honestly people can be dense.

"You haven't been listening to me at all," I shouted, "I am not allowing myself to sleep because once I fall asleep I'll get trapped inside a movie by the inventor of television!"

Yep, that would probably make her think that I was sane again.

The consoler just stared at me. I was guessing that she was pretty stunned. I was busy feeling pleased with myself for finally getting through to her. Then she picked up the phone and pressed a button.

"I'd like to speak to Dr. Hanso," she said. I grinned, after all Dr. Hanso was probably somebody who had done battle with Philo Farnsworth before and knew exactly how to defeat him.

Finally someone was taking me seriously!

An hour later it became apparent to me that these people were not taking me seriously at all. Dr. Hanso arrived and the first thing that she did was to give me a pill to take. Once I had she suggested that I lie down in the infirmary until me parents arrived.

As it turned out however the pill that the doctor had given me was a sleeping pill.

"Why won't anyone believe me?!?" I asked Philo Farnsworth as he appeared next to me.

"I'm sure you're a very persuasive person," the gloating man told me, "but you'll still find it next to impossible to convince anyone that what you are talking about is true. You're better just shutting your mouth and accepting your punishment."

"So what movie is it this time?" I asked.

"National Treasure," the ghost/hallucination told me with his usual evil grin, "you are a recently fired FBI agent."

"Sounds fun," I growled at him.

"Maybe not for you," he replied, "but it's a lot of fun for me!"

Author's Note:

Yep, the next movie is National Treasure. Hope that you like it. If you haven't seen it it's a pretty fun movie, (if you ignore the improbability of it). Like always I'll try to have the next story up pretty soon, but don't kill me if things come up and it takes me longer then I thought. Thanks again for reading!