Hello everyone! As some of you know I haven't updated my other stories for a few days but I will soon. In the mean time, you can read this. It's just a little something I thought of for Kataang because Kataang rulez!!!!!

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It was a nice cool morning. It seemed like anything could happen. Aang was up early as usual. He wanted to go out and do something special with Katara. But something was wrong, Toph was sitting by some rocks lousing around, Sokka was sleeping, but Katara was nowhere to be found.

"Hey Toph, where's Katara?" asked Aang.

"I don't know, she said something about wanting to be alone, and she left." Toph replied.

"Oh, ok." Said Aang. He was worried, Katara didn't usually go off by herself without telling anyone.

I think I'll go look for her just to see if she's okay. Thought Aang.

Aang wandered through a forest looking for Katara. Then suddenly he heard a scream.

Katara was sitting on a rock staring at the river that layed in front of her. She heared footsteps behind her, and they were coming closer and closer.

She got up and looked around, and then from behind her came a big, unexpected blue fire blast. She fell; managing only to scream before she fell unconscious.

Aang ran as fast as he could, hoping that Katara was ok. He stopped when he saw Katara on the ground unconscious and Azula about to strike.

"It's over!" shouted Azula.

He quickly blew her away from Katara, and moved Katara away from there. He through an airblast at Azula. And she returned it with a lightning blast. They fought for what seemed like hours with Aang trying to protect Katara, so she wouldn't get hurt.

Finally, Azula fell making the battle finished, leaving Aang as the winner. But he felt like a loser because he couldn't protect Katara. He had to get help and fast. So he quickly took her lifeless body in his arms and went back to camp.

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