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The next morning came around quick. Aang woke up to see Katara sleeping. Aang smiled, he was filled with joy. Katara was alive and last night she told him that she loved him. Or was it just a dream, like Aang often thought of. Aang's smile faded. What if last night was real? It sure felt like it was. But how can I be sure? Aang's thoughts raced in his head continuously until he felt Katara stir.

"Hey Aang." She yawned.

"Hey. Did you sleep well?"

"Yea, you?"

"I slept very well, are you feeling better?" he asked.

"Yes I am, but I'm kinda hungry."

"Me too, let's go get some food." He took her hand, and helped her up and they walked out hand in hand. She's actually holding my hand! Last night must've been real. Aang thought happily.

Right outside, Toph and Sokka were laying on Appa asleep. "Should we wake them?" Katara asked hoping that Aang would say no.

"Nah, they'll get up when they feel like it." Aang grinned. Katara smiled.


Katara and Aang went to get something to eat in a small restaurant in the village. As they sat down and waited, they talked as if they hadn't talked in years.

"So…um, I'm sorry about how I acted when you asked me what was wrong." Katara said ashamed.

"Why are you sorry? I would've done the same thing." Aang smiled.

"Well, I've been thinking about that…and well you see I was really upset because it was the anniversary of my mother's death. I mean, ever since she died I thought a part of me was missing. Until a while ago when I met somebody that made me feel complete. At first I wasn't sure who or what it was, but now I figured it out." Katara said teary eyed.

Aang listened to her speak and then thought aloud. "What did you figure out?"

"I figured out that it's you." Aang went wide eyed.

Katara continued to speak. "When I was at the South Pole, I had Sokka and Gran-Gran and the other villagers, but I was still really lonely. I did my chores, I watched the small children, and the next day it would start all over again. I had no friends my age or anything…until that day I found you. Ever since I left you've become my best friend. But you mean more to me than that. I figured out that I don't have to constantly remorse, especially when I have you." She finished.

Aang was speechless. Now I know it was definitely not a dream. Katara looked down. "Aang please say something.."

Aang didn't say anything. Instead he pressed his lips against hers and wrapped his arms around her. Katara kissed him back. They were both really happy that they felt the same way.

When they broke apart, Katara spoke. "You probably think I'm really selfish don't you?"

Aang looked at her confused. "What do you mean?"

"I'm sitting here telling you how sad I am about my mother but you lost all of your people." She said sadly.

Aang saddened a little. "That may be, but as you said I still have you. And to me that makes up for a whole civilization."

Katara smiled bigger than ever before. She gave him a big hug and kissed him again. As they continued, Sokka and Toph walked by the restaurant. Sokka stopped though when he saw Aang and Katara kissing. Toph grinned. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang! Get away from my sister!" he started to run towards them.

Aang wasn't afraid though. After all of the unlucky times they went through, he finally got lucky!

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