AN: The first chapter is first person, very much an introduction to the new story that is on the way. I hope to update once a week, between this and Dancing in the Dark I'm gonna be a busy bee lol.

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Life is strange, how it can change so quick, certain experiences changing who you are as a person, and how you function within your family. This happened to my family; actually this happened a lot to my family. We lost the one woman in our lives that we all loved dearly, to a demon who fed off our anguish then, and continues to feed off the anguish we live with everyday. This experience changed our family, changed how we lived, changed how we went about looking out for another. We took up a life of hunting, hunting the creatures that escaped past the gates of hell and crawled up to the surface world. We took on the ghosts that haunted families in the night, and the unexplainable that seemed to be everywhere we went. We go about destroying as much hurt and pain as we can, so no other family has to change because of the evil that plagues the world.

But that wasn't the only experience in our lives that changed who we were, no, another change came in the form of a psycho by the name of Davy. He taught us that people were worse than demons and creatures, that some people were just crazy, and soulless, torturing others for their own personal enjoyment and gratification. Our family learned that the hard way, I can't remember what actually happened that night, can't remember the fear that coursed through my brothers soul. But I can see the scars that mar my body, see the damage the psycho afflicted, I can remember bits and pieces in the deepest parts of my dreams that haunt me while I sleep at night. But other than that, I don't remember what happened, but I do remember how my family changed.

All the sudden Dean took on a stronger role of protective older brother, not allowing any person to talk to me, not trusting the people who walked down the streets. It took my father months before he left us alone while he went on a hunt, never wanting to let us out of his sights.

But that was years ago, it had been over 10 years since we had last seen Davy, and although Dean still held his annoying protective streak, our father had gradually started going back to his original routine, feeling that the situation had passed. He should have known though, no situation ever simply passed by the Winchesters, and this was no different, our family was in for yet another change.

AN: Hope you like the introduction even though it was so short, I can't wait to get really into this story, so much planned haha. Hope you enjoyed.

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