Authors note: Italics are thoughts expressed by the character.

Willow's room. Xander is sitting on the floor, playing with a puppy. Willow is leaning against the wall staring down at Xander and his new companion. Everything is happy there.

Buffy's room. Faith is staring out the window, content. Buffy is sleeping on the lounge chair. Everything is happy there.

Dawn's room. Oz is sitting on Dawn's bed, cross legged, playing on his laptop, while looking up at Dawn every once in a while. Dawn is looking in the mirror, applying lipgloss. Everything is happy there.

The Kitchen. Giles is making breakfast, pancakes, waffles, eggs, bacon, toast. The whole nine yards. Everything is happy there

The Basement. Spike is sitting on the pullout bed. He looks deeply disturbed. The camera turns to reveal someone chained to the wall… Its Andrew. Things are not all right there.

The Kitchen. Giles pulls out 7 plates, and 8 glasses. He puts one of everything on all of the plates, and puts them on the Island. He pours out 7 glasses of orange juice, and one glass of blood (for spike we assume). He then takes out 6 coffee mugs; he sets them down on the counter. He takes some of the plates, goes into the dining room, and sets them down on the table, one for each of the places, each marked with name tags, that looked hand drawn (by Dawn of course). He then begins the task of telling everyone that breakfast is done, he starts with Spike knowing that he wont ask so many questions. He opens the basement door, and walks down the stairs.

"What are you doing up so early, watcher?"

"Breakfast is ready, go up to the dining room there is something that I have to tell all of you" He starts to leave.

"Hey Watcher?"


"Daylight." It was a statement, not a question.

"Shades are already closed, along with all of the door blinds." Giles leaves. Spike goes up to the dining room and stands around next to the mirror.

Buffy's room. Faith jumps up from her trance, and look at the door, where Giles is now standing.

"You could have killed me just then, I hope you realize." Faith says

"Breakfast is ready, wake Buffy up, then come on down, I need to speak with all of you."


"No questions. Just do it." He shuts the door, and makes his way to Dawns.

Dawn's room. Oz looks up from the game of solitaire, and looks at Giles.


"Breakfast." Giles says


"Yeah, dining room."

"Okay, Just a sec. We'll be there." Giles leaves the room; satisfied that Oz didn't ask questions.

Willow's Room. The door creaks open. Xander picks up the puppy and puts him in a box, lined with paper, and has toys in it. He stands up and looks at the door.

"Hey, G-man. When did you get up so early?"

"Yeah, Giles, you don't normally move around until 10." Willow says

"Xander, don't ever call me by that horrid name ever again. Willow I know, but I made breakfast."

"Fine, We'll be there in a minute." Xander replies. Giles closes the door, and starts walking down the stairs. Huh no questions, I didn't think that would be possible. It must be a world record, Its been a week, and yet no questions have been asked. Huh.

The dining room. Everyone is seated around the dining table, except for Spike and Oz, who don't have seats. Oz, brought a plate from the table to a side table and ate over there. Spike sat in the corner of the room, and drank his blood. Willow and Buffy are sitting on one side, with Xander and Faith as the heads, and Dawn and Giles on the other side. Everyone is eating. Oz decides to break the ice.

"Hey, Will thanks for letting me stay here."

"Its not a problem Oz-man" Xander replies

"Yeah, Your like a brother to me, you can come over whenever you want." Dawn said

"Just as long as you don't go all wolf on me." Faith snickers

"No, I'm good" Oz says

"You better be good, because I know where all of the weapons are." Dawn snickers.

"You wouldn't use them." Oz says

"Yeah. Dawn, we haven't even trained you" Giles adds

"Yeah, like you would." Dawn says sad. Buffy clears her throat. Everyone gets quiet on her, and looks up. Buffy just looks up at Willow, and says

"Go ahead."

"Thank you." Willow says

"No problem" Buffy replies

"Actually guys I think that he was saying thank you, to me." Willow says

"What now?" Xander says

"Oz was saying thanks to me, because I let him stay here."

"Yeah, and again, thanks." Oz replies

"Still not a problem"

"Yeah, I just thought, because of Tara." Willow looks defeated, and plays with her eggs.

"Oz, some things have happened, Some things that I've been informed on, but I have no clue what happened to Tara. Guys what gives?" Faith asks

"She uh… She.. umm.." Willow struggles

"She passed away" Giles helps her

"My condolences." Oz says

"She was…She had…We were…" Willow looks up at Giles and then at Buffy for support.

"She and Willow had just gotten back together, and then an enemy of Blondie's here, shot Glinda right in the chest" Spike says

"I'm so sorry." Oz says

"Its really okay, She's in a better place."

"Ya know, what ever happened to that Warren guy?" Faith asks

"Willow.. she.." Giles started

"That's it, okay, Willow went all evil and killed no, wait, flayed him. Then Xander gave some speech about a crayon. So she turned good again. And she went with Giles to England to hone her magic. She got all better, and came back. Then like 4 months later, here we are." Spike sighed not believing that Faith didn't know.

"Oh, okay. Well, I'm done, so.. I'm gonna go for a walk." Faith says

"I'll come with." Buffy says. Faith nodded

"Me too." Oz says

"But Oz.." Willow starts

"No, I need to think about some things, and to be honest, I really don't feel like talking to you currently." Buffy, Oz, and Faith leave the house without another word. Everyone starts leaving the room.

"Excuse me?" Giles starts everyone stops leaving, remembering that Giles had to speak with them.

"I'm leaving." Giles says

"Huh?" most everyone replies.

"A plane is leaving in a week, I'm going to be on it." Giles leaves without saying another word.

Outside the house. Buffy, Oz, and Faith are walking, with Oz, in-between the two slayers.

"Oz, you had said that you wanted to talk to us about something?" Buffy asks.

"Yeah, actually I did."


"Last time I was here I met Tara."

"Yeah, what about it?" Faith chimes in.

"There was something about her that I had recognized from when I traveled with Devin and them."

"What did you recognize?" Buffy asks

"If you'd let him finish!" Faith yells.

"Okay. I'm sorry, go ahead"

"I recognized her from an ad in the paper that I read."

"What about it?" Buffy asks

"Well, I didn't actually remember exactly, so I went online, and searched for her, there was an ad that come up."

"What was in it?" Faith asks, clenching her fists, hoping to god that it wasn't what she thought.

"It was an ad, about a girl, whose mother had died…" Buffy starts to say something to this, but Oz screams.

"If you interrupt me one more time, I'm gonna punch you in the face!" Buffy punches him in the nose without thought. Faith reacts by picking up Buffy by her shoulders and throwing her into the yard to the left of them, Buffy slammed into the garden gnome. Getting up, she said:

"That wasn't very nice." Faith meanwhile is picking up Oz. Buffy stands on her feet for a moment. Until falling to her feet, unconscious. Faith picks Oz up, and lifts him over her shoulder, and runs over to Buffy, Sets Oz, down, and starts shaking Buffy.

"Buffy, come on! Buffy! Your stronger then this! Come on!!! Buffy, you can't do this to me! Buffy! Buffy!" A strange man walks up during this.

"I think that she can do anything now." Faith spins around, and stand up, fists clenched, crying, speaking through teeth.

"Who the hell are you!?"

"Nobody that you know."

"Answer me!"

"Where is she?"

"I'll be asking the questions now! Who are you looking for!!?

"Tara Maclay."

"Why!!?? Who the hell are you?!!!?"

"Her brother"

Willow's room. Xander and Willow are sitting on the bed. Suddenly Xander's phone rings. He answers it.

"Hello… Umm I don't remember, okay, hold on, I'll be I a sec. Just stall" He hangs up, and grabs Willows hand, and starts walking toward the door.

"What? Where are we going?" Willow asks

"Oz, needs help." Willows eyes turn black.