Authors note: Starts in 1st person. I've never done this before… make sure I'm doing it right. Also, it will switch back and fourth between first person and the 3rd person. 1st will be in italics.

3x3 starts now:

It wasn't too long ago that I could actually have a conversation that wasn't involving Magic, or anything unnatural. The past couple of months have been. . Well hell. I used to believe that everything wasn't up to me. That I didn't have any part in the universe, but then a couple of friends, and friends of those friends, showed me a whole new part of life that should be experienced.

My story all happened around the time Willow overdosed, Buffy fell in love, Faith got in a car accident. Spike, Gunn, Angel and Fred saved the world. And about the same time three different prophecies had us on our toes every step we took. Well, if I'm gonna tell it, I'd better do it right. To fully understand my story, I have to take you back to the day that The Burkles moved in.

Buffy's bedroom.

It was a beautiful day outside. Buffy lies sleeping in her bed. Unknowingly to her, Her best friend was climbing into her room via the window. The young woman climbed in the window with ease. Her pitch-black hair went to the middle of her back. She had on tight leather pants, and a bright red halter-top. She was carrying a black leather jacket.

She was very much the complete opposite of Buffy, whose beach blonde hair, just barley came down to her shoulder. Buffy woke up with a jolt, when her intruder turned on the radio. The sound of Bon Jovi filled the house. Buffy sprang up in her bed. Her lifelong best friend has done this every Saturday sense she could climb up to the top.

"Faaaith Lehaaaaane!"

Buffy screeched as she moved to close the window, wearing flannel "yummy sushi" pajamas. She moved to the closet to put some clean clothes on. Faith took that opportunity to turn off the music, and back away from Buffy's bad mood, she really didn't like waking up. But yet Faith loved doing it every week, after all it was only 7:30 in the morning. Buffy came out of her closet, wearing red leather pants, and a lavender long sleeve shirt. Buffy and Faith go to Dawn's room, the task always falling on them to wake up the kiddies. They would have to go do the same for Willow. They moved into

Dawns room.

"Down like a rock" Buffy whispers.

Faith just glares at her. They go to both sides of Dawn and start shaking the bed. Dawn just groans in response to this.

"You grown like your sister groans" Faith whines.

"And you whine like mine whines." Buffy replies.

Faith goes to take the covers away from the teen. She pulls them down to her ankles. Dawn is wearing a pink camouflage tank top and a long light pink skirt. She jumps out of her bed, and pushes the intruders out of her room, as she turns on the radio and the light. The house is now filled with the sound of Madonna's Die Another Day. Buffy and Faith run out to the street to escape the sound.

They get to the sidewalk.

"Look at that B." Faith says pointing across the street, Where a moving truck and workers are unloading furniture. Buffy and Faith exchange a glance, and start walking to the house. They don't notice their boyfriends walking up behind them. They continue walking up to the Mustang that pulled up. They walk up to the bright red car. There is a man driving wearing a bright green undershirt, with a silk over shirt, and nice black dress pants. The woman who looked around 20 in the passenger seat has long brown hair, pulled back into a ponytail. She was wearing a brown suede halter top, with a tan mini skirt. The boy who looked around 18, sitting behind the driver was wearing a tight black muscle shirt showing off his enormous arms with faded black jeans, and big sunglasses. The other boy who looked around 16, was wearing surfer shorts, and a bright yellow shirt that could blind you if you looked directly at it.

Buffy and Faith stared at the boy with the tight shirt. The car pulled up to the curb Faith struts over and starts chatting up the boy.

"How did you get so hot? And why don't I know you?"

"Excuse me?" He looks up from a notebook that he was doodling in.

"Whats your name?"

"Xander. You?"

"Call me Faith. Everyone does."

"Is that your name?"

"Could be. You moving in?"

"Just in the sense of yes."

"Why you hitting on my girl?" Gunn says walking up with Scott. Faith turns around and starts blushing. Gunn sweeps her up into a kiss. Scott went over to Buffy, and puts his arms around her waist. The woman gets out of the car; Scott looks at her legs. Buffy slaps him for this. Spike and Angel, Willow and Dawn are sitting on the porch of The Lehane's house. The kid in the back of the car gets out, and starts helping the movers. The woman goes over to Gunn. Xander gets out of the car as everyone moves back to the Summer's house. The man in the Mustang puts the top up. Then steps out and go into his house with his youngest sun.

Xander and his older sister walk with Faith, Buffy, Scott, and Gunn. They go over to the lawn. Faith sits on Gunn's lap. Buffy and Scott sit on the swing. Xander and his sister just stand.

"So. You're moving in?" Gunn asks to Xander and the lady.

"Yeah, You are gonna be neighbors to our girls, You better look out for them." Scott adds.

Buffy and Faith both hit them for that.

"Yeah, We're moving in." Xander adds.

"That your girl?" Gunn asks.

Xander looks behind him, looking for his girlfriend. Not seeing her, he turns back around with a confused look on his face.

"Who?" He asks.

Gunn points to his sister.

"Eww! Fred is my sister!"

"Fred? Sister?" Faith asks

"Yes. And Yes"

"That doesn't sound like a girls name." Faith replies

"It's a nickname"

"For what?" Faith asks again.

"Her actual name." This chick was getting on his nerves.

"Which is?" She was going to hit this hot dude.

"Winifred" A small voice came out from the woman standing next to Xander. On instinct Xander pulled her close, she hid her face from the people that she just met. Spike, Angel, Dawn and Willow walk over to their families. Angel moves to sit with Scott. Buffy doesn't approve of this, so she gets up. In doing so, she caused Faith to get up off of Gunn also. The opposites go over to the other swing. They all get seated, or positioned around the deck just as a woman comes out of the Summer's house. She is wearing a nightgown and her hair is up in a messy ponytail. She is wearing bunny slippers. Buffy, Dawn, and Angel look up to her Buffy and Dawn run to her side.

"You shouldn't be walking around now."

They both say as they help her to a seat. Spike, Faith and Willow walk back to their house as their father poked his head out of the door. It was time to make the trip to get breakfast. Everyone went back to his or her separate houses.

See everything looks just like a regular day in Sunnydale. This is where it starts getting complicated, even if it doesn't seem like it.

Now this is the part where I need to be clear. If you don't pay attention to this next happenings, you won't understand anything that I will show you. So if you don't understand, read it again, because you have too. I need you to understand that.

A couple of minutes pass. Buffy and Angel came out of their house, right as Faith and Spike came out of theirs. Buffy is now wearing a black knee-length leather skirt, and a red T-shirt. Spike and Faith seem to be arguing about something.

"It's bollocks, Fai! It's your brand of bollocks from the first to last." Spike yells coming out of his house

"No, you can't ever see the big picture. You can't see any picture!" Faith retorts

"I am talking about something primal. Right? Savagery. Brutal animal instinct."

"And that wins out every time with you. You know, the human race has evolved, Spike!"

"Oh, into a bunch of namby-pamby, self-analyzing wankers who could never hope to—"

"We're bigger. We're smarter. Plus, there's a thing called teamwork, not to mention the superstitious terror of your pure aggressors!"

"Plus we don't' have to cheat to win." Buffy tries to help Faith

"Yeeeaaah" – Faith recognizes Buffy is backing her up but the argument is kinda weak.

"It figures you'd take her side." Spike adds

"Well duh!" Buffy is taken back that Spike didn't know that

"Well I prefer to back winners." Angel says getting in the game

"Oh yeah you would, that's cause when it comes right down to it you guys all think alike. You think brawn always wins." Faith is getting mad

"Well it does" Spike replies

"Exactly." Angel helps

"But sometimes if you can get the right combination – and our guys are really big this year we look really promising." Buffy adds while moving to Faith's side

"It doesn't matter what year. They will never win. it's just the truth… Now you are starting to sound mamby-pamby." Spike says while looking confused

"What, why? Because I like their helmets? And the uniforms are cool. We have history behind us, we've learned from our mistakes and we're building a really well rounded game plan. It's about offense and defense. What is your team – huh? All brute and brawn and ooh ooh chest thumping male bonding power. Come one." Buffy babbles a little

"See B's on board here. We have tools. We can totally cook your guys with our gadgets and stuff"

"Yeah, but in the end, they're still a bunch of losers and they are never satisfied with what they have." Angel replies

"Losers? No way they are totally smart. They can make stuff happen – precision strikes and careful planning to draw the enemy out into the open."

"Yeah but in hand-to-hand they don't have a chance. When they're down in the dirt our guys will beat the snot out of your guys every time. And they have fire." Spike adds

"Yeah but our guys can get fire too." Buffy replies

"It's not like they don't know how to use it." Faith adds

"Not sodding likely. They have totally quote unquote grown past that. Lost the primitive drive, the hunger to survive." Spike is getting at something now

"But we draw up a nice game plan and take advantage of opportunities we create. Yeah every once and a while you might get a lucky punch in or a freak accident, but a good solid game plan is the key." Buffy is getting cocky

"But in the end Buff, it's who comes out the winner. Playing a game well doesn't necessarily mean you win it. You have to beat the guy down, take advantage of his weaknesses. Show no mercy." Angel really wants to win

"So what, you think mercy is a weakness?" Faith asks

"It is." Spike replies as Angel nods in agreement

"No its not." Faith says

"You just want it to be the way you want it to be." Spike adds

"It's not about what I want!" Faith screams

"I like their outfits better. Plus blue, pretty." Sensing the tension and trying to add comic relief, Buffy adds.

"Wait, what?" Faith is confused. Everyone then turns and looks at everyone else, very confused

"Blue, huh?" Spike asks.

"What are you talking about?" Everyone says at the same time

"Astronauts and cavemen" Faith says while Spike says

"Cavemen and astronauts" Spike says while Buffy says

"Charges and the Raiders" Buffy says while Angel says

"Raiders and the Chargers" Angel says

Because everyone was talking, nobody clearly understands anything anyone said.

"What?" They all say again

"What are you talking about B?" Faith says while looking at Buffy

"Football, you know sports, big sweaty men, helmets and a ball. You?"

"Astronauts verses cavemen."

"Oh bollocks!" Spike says while walking back towards the jeep.

"total waste of time." Angel follows Spike.

Everyone begins walking towards the jeep, they still have to go pick up some breakfast for the other people living on this block. As they walk faith mutters something unintelligible. Buffy looks at Faith as they walk

"I can't believe we just did that." Buffy says

"Me either. Your strategizing argument was quite persuasive though. And I can't believe we didn't figure it out when you were talking about the helmets." Faith adds

"Well it did kinda tie in when I was talking about the chest thumping. Astronauts wear helmets." Buffy replies

"Yeah, that was good, and did you see how mad Spike was. I though he was gonna pop his bloody noggin."

"Oh please don't you start doing it now." Buffy whines

"What?" Faith is confused again

"And what about Angel – he was all 'Mr. I'm going along with Spike guy' What's that about?" Buffy asks

"He's just a freak. But what do you expect? He likes Barry Manilo." Faith adds while getting in the jeep.

Yeah, I know Cavemen vs. Astronauts. It's not the smartest thing in the world. But it is very important for you to know about. I also just want to add that even though it seems like Angel is a suck up; there is a reason behind it. I'll explain that next.