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Faith watches them leave. She tries to sit up, but is interrupted by a stinging on her arm; it is now that she notices that there is an IV in her wrist. She proceeds to remove it and throw it on the floor. She then lifts herself onto her elbows and sits up. She whips the covers to the right side of the bed. She swings her legs over the side, only do discover, that they are beaten, almost all of her legs are purple, covered with stitches and medical patches. Faith proceeds to stand up. She staggers a while. Small steps at first, trying to moves her legs. She moves towards the door and closes it. After finishing her task, she moves towards the bed and notices the blood stains on both the sheet and bed. She grimaces at the sight of the blood. She shrugs it off and covers the splotches with the sheets. She looks at the bed.

Its all right I guess.

She notices a mirror on the table filled with assorted toiletries. Three bottles of shampoo and conditioner each. One bar of soap. Faith walks up to the table. She looks around the room.

Pretty bare.

She notices an incasing next to the door. She picks up all the toiletries and staggers over to the new incasing. She pushes open that door to realize that it's a bathroom. Complete with shower. She lays all of the toiletries on the countertop and looks herself over in the shower. Hair is blood drenched, has a nasty looking cut above her left eyebrow. Faith looks around the bathroom and notices some clothing next to the toilet. She looks them over. Leather boots, faded blue jeans ripped around her thighs and knees, a black tank top, and a long blood red duster. Faith looks down at herself.

Hospital gowns, not flattering.

She takes the shampoo and conditioner over to the shower. Faith throws them in, all landing upright, she notices. She turns the shower on and tests the water.


She discards the gown and steps into the stream of water. While the water is massaging her neck She thinks back to the blonde she had met earlier.

Betty? No... Bethy? That's not it. Maybe Bobbie? No. That can't be it. Oh!! Bunny. It was Bunny. No that's insane. Who would honestly name their child Bunny? That's just cruel. Hmm.. Buffy. Was that her name? What ever her name is she started crying. Maybe they do know me? No, just go with your instincts Fai... Fai? Fai?? Where did that come from? Great, you can't remember anything, but you have a pet name for yourself, that's just wonderful.

Faith picks up the shampoo bottle off of the drain. She notices her abdomen has a huge scar all the way across. She traces the line with her pointer finger.

Okay, that's really scary. What happened? Do I even wanna know? I'd bet Bunny knows what happened. I'm gonna hafta talk to her about that. Once I get this smell off me.

She fumbles, opening the cap a while. But finally gets it open. She quickly lathers her hair. Testing how far her arms could move while rinsing the shampoo out of her hair. She bends down to pick up the conditioner. She steps out of the steam of water. Faith then wrings the water out of her hair, and opens the container and puts the conditioner on.


She stands and traces the tile while it sets. After about a minute she steps back into the spray of water, not being a patient person. She rinses the conditioner out of her hair and shuts off the water. Faith wrings her hair once more and grabs the towel resting on the hook right outside the shower. She steps out of the shower and wraps herself up in the huge fluffy towel.

Pink isn't really my color. Okay, that's nice Fai. How would you know that? Well I'm still me I would know these things. But I lost my memory; maybe I do like pink. But I might not. Erg! Enough with the decisions okay! I've had enough of this mind crap. Shut up brain.

Faith takes a hand towel and wipes the mirror off. She stares at herself intently, while she picks up a comb and runs it through her hair. She sets the comb down and finds another towel and dries off her legs before slipping on her panties. Faith then drops her towel and puts on her bra. She then pulls on her jeans, and zips them up. Faith finds a studded belt on top of the pile of clothing, and pulls it through the loops of her jeans. She stares in the full-length mirror on the back of the door.

That's all right I guess. Love the belt. Wonder if this is how I dress? I'm sure that B…? Crap, I thought I had it a while ago. B? Come on Fai, you know this! Its just gonna be B then ya dope. I could always ask B if this is how I used to dress. Even if I don't trust her. Her and all of those friends of hers. Who was the other girl? And that dude said we dated. I don't believe that at all. I mean yeah, he's hot in an obvious way, but is that all I want?

Faith continues to take the hand towel and rub her head vigorously, trying to speed her hair drying. She takes the towel and lays it on the counter, she proceeds to take the bigger pink towel and hang it back up. She opens the door, watching as the steam escapes. She turns back around and picks up the pile of clothing on the floor. Faith takes them over to the bed and lays them down.

What am I doing? Just gonna camp out in a hospital room? I can't do that. I'm sure they want to keep me here though. But they can't. I'm my own person. Not sure who I am though. I might have to call B in fact.

Faith moves toward the door. Pulling it open to see if anyone was there. There were in fact, orderlies and nurses running around, to the left was a waiting room. Lots of people in there. To the right was a nurse's station. And in front was a hallway that looked to end with an elevator. Faith silently closes the door and steps back into the room. She looks at the bed, and walks over. She picks up the ankle socks and puts them on. Faith then puts on both boots.

Can't stay here. Gotta keep moving.

She finds a wallet on the ground next to her bed. She bends down and opens it and looks at the Identification in it.

Faith Lehane 16 years of age Sunnydale High Valid Parking Pass ID number: 03037307

Faith then pulls out a driver's license.

Expires 03-03-06 N8039730 CLASS: C






Faith puts both of them back into the wallet and skims through the money.

'Bout three hundred dollars, not to shabby.

She puts the wallet in her back right pocket. Faith stands back up and grabs the tank top and puts it on. She walks back and fourth from the bed to the door, looking at herself in the mirror every once in a while. Faith stands in the middle of the room, looking at the window to her left, then to the door on her right. She straightens her back while spreading her legs shoulder-length apart. She took a deep breath before bending down and touching her fingertips to the floor. Faith moves her hands toward her right leg. She pulls herself down on her leg, her left leg slides down on the floor. She squeals lightly as she falls to the floor. Once she is on the floor, she continues to stretch her legs. She flips and is in pushup position. Faith hesitantly does a pushup. She smiles and does twenty more easily. She adjusts herself now with only her left arm on the ground, the right behind her back. She does ten pushups with her left arm then switches and does ten with her right arm. She rolls onto her back staring at the ceiling. Faith adjusts herself so her feet are on the bed, and is slanted with her hands on the ground. She does an inclined pushup. She does ten before her arms give. Faith lets out a squeal while falling on the floor. While pulling herself into a sitting position, She wipes the sweat off her forehead. Faith stands up and pulls herself to do a summersault. She stops halfway through and pushes herself up by her arms. She adjusts herself and moves her right arm in from of her left, then moving her left. She 'walks' over to the wall. Faith leans against the wall with her body. Her arms are extended fully shoulder-length apart on the floor. She hesitantly pulls herself down to the ground, when her head touches the floor she pushes back up. She moves her body away from the wall now going up and down all on her own. After a while she is breathing heavily and sweat is dripping off her forehead. Faith drops down and lies looking at the ceiling. While trying to regain her breath Faith notices her shirt is clinging to her stomach. Faith gets up and moves toward the bathroom mirror and plays with her shirt before sliding down the wall and panting. She crawls to the middle of the room, and lies on her back. Once regaining her breath, Faith pulls her knees up into sit-up position. She places her hands crossover her chest, holding onto her neck. She does a sit-up easily. She does twenty more. Now in-between each sit-up she punches twice, first with right, then with left. Then she switches. Faith leans back after around 100 sit-ups. Her legs slide down on the floor. Faith is panting. She pulls her legs to her chest and in one fast move is flipped up standing. Faith walks into the bathroom. She takes one of the disposable cups and fills it from the sink. She throws the cup away after drinking.

So I'm in shape. That's a relief. I like that flipy thing must have been hard to learn. Oh well nothing I can do about it now. I gotta get out of this place.

Faith closes the bathroom door, and looks at her reflection in the mirror.

Damn, I'm not too. Now . . . what's here that they won't miss?

Faith rummages through the drawers in the bathroom. Out of the top drawer she pulls out toothpaste mouthwash and a toothbrush. In the second one down she finds a toiletries bag. Finally in the last one there is a box of tampons.

Hmm . . . Can't hurt.

Faith rips open the box and empties it into the bag, throwing the toothpaste and mouthwash as well. She moves over to the shower and grabs the soap, shampoo and conditioner; she adds them to her bag as well. Faith strides out to the bed, she looks through the drawers in the side table, all she finds is a pad of paper and three pens. She slips on the duster, completing her outfit. She puts the toiletry bag in the hidden pocket of the duster. She puts the pens and paper in her front left pocket. She moves over to the window. She undoes the latch and pushes it open. She looks down.

Hmm, Phone line, Electrical and . . . what is that? Cable? I'm gonna go with cable.

Faith swings her left leg over the windowsill and looks back toward the door. She pulls her leg back in and shuts the window. She walks over to the door and puts her hand on the handle.

Screw it.

Faith walks briskly toward the window, lifts it up and slides her right leg out the window. She sits on it windows frame testing it then pulls her left leg through. Faith having a vague notion that she was athletic too . . . Jumped out and spun as her hair whipped around in the air, duster flipping around. She does a twist and summersault before landing safely on the ground below, in a crouch position. She jumps up and looks behind her, seeing a Dumpster, Faith runs toward it. She runs up and lunges toward it throwing her hands out and doing a cartwheel on top of the Dumpster. Faith jumps up and curls up like a cheerio, she twists in mid-air, coat and hair fluttering behind her. She lands square on her toes; she slips off her duster and sets it on the ground. She runs toward the wall switching from running and cartwheels. Once Faith reaches the wall she stops and extends her arm latching onto the fire escape with her left hand. She reaches with her right hand and grips on, pulling herself toward the side. Faith hangs for a minute swinging back and fourth, after about a minute she has stopped swinging. Faith pulls herself up, doing a pull-up. She smiles as her biceps flex with each move. Faith easily does twenty pull-ups. Faith relaxes her arms, panting. She takes her left arm and wipes the sweat from her forehead, before putting her hand back on the pipe. Faith hears a sound in the distance, and immediacy drops from the pipe. She sprints back to her duster that she left on the ground unguarded. Right as Faith slips the duster on two large beefy men walk toward her.

Look its beer gut and bald guy.

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