My Space?

Summary: This is the sequel to Pennywise for your thoughts and No Click Flick Moments. Back by popular demand… and a really good muse. Tag for Crossroad Blues. What exactly is My Space?

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Dean sat in front of the new laptop computer that Sam had acquired for them. He flipped opened the screen, blinking as the bright LED display lit up his corner of the room. He shot a glance over at his brother's bed, sighing quietly in relief.

This was one mission that he didn't need help with, especially his geek boy little brother.

I mean, come on, he thought, not everyone lives on the internet like Sammy-boy does. I mean, so what? So, I don't know what the hell 'My Space' is? It's probably some little site that only geeks visit.

He logged on the system using their mother's birthday as the password. Waiting, he glared at the "Welcome" screen as the Windows XP based software began to load slowly. The loud chime that indicated that everything had loaded correctly had been previously muted, thank god, by Sam the night before. Rolling his eyes through the 'Would you like to update your system?' messages, he clicked them off and waited for the hard drive indicator to calm its blinking.

Finally, after what seemed like all night, he was able to click on the Internet Explorer. He stared at the Google home page, then thought better of it. When in doubt, Dean thought, Ask Jeeves!

Placing the mouse on the address bar, he highlighted the Google address to type in the www address for "Hey," Dean said, then quickly slapped a hand across his mouth, before making sure that Sam hadn't been startled awake. Huh, I wonder where the old guy in the suit disappeared to? He was always on this site before… I wonder when they changed that.

The search bar was the only thing on the damn page now. Well, I'll miss that old guy. He quickly typed out "What is My Space?" in the search bar, and only after a half a second hesitation, pressed "Search".

Dean's mouth flew open for the second time as he discovered that the search was "Showing results 1-10 of 155,650,000". What the freaking hell?

He took a deep breath, gearing up to giving himself a pep talk. Okay, Dean, you can do this. You DO NOT need Sammy to search for a website. The first answer was strange…what the hell is a Cubensis friend anyway? The secondand third were literally about space, and for some odd reason, The Food Network. Ah, he thought, its lucky number four! 'MySpace - Meet people from your area in the country and keep in touch. Includes blog, forums, email, groups, games and events.'

Okay, I get the meeting people part and keeping in touch, but what's a blog? Or in that matter a forum? A forum for what? Well, there's only one way to find out…

He clicked on the link in hopes of finding more clues. That only led to more frustration, because every link led to the exact same place… Join MySpace here.

Rubbing at his chin, he was about to give up—he just wasn't as good as Sam with these things. Sam! Sammy's probably got one of these accounts. He clicked on "Log-in" filling out Sam's email address and of course, his usual password: thundercats. Smirking at his little brother… only he could have the same password since the age of ten.

He frowned as he stared at the site. The thing was colorful, had lots of pictures. There was a section for "Friends Only", of course. The last update was –yesterday? No way? Seriously? Whatever…

Searching through the rest of the page, he'd laugh when he read a funny comment one of his geek boy friends wrote. He scanned the page, picking up many things to rag his little brother about. He was laughing quietly, reading the shit that Sam and his 'friends' from Stanford University discussed. Ivy League, my ass, Dean laughed. You'd think these losers were from the Bimbo's School of Drop Outs.

One "entry" was from months ago, he guessed it was called was labeled "Adults Only…Not for the faint of heart." Ha! I knew it. It is a porn site! Dean shot a look at his baby brother. So much for the goody-goody attitude; I always knew he was a closet- pervert.

He clicked on the link. There were over twenty comments made on the image that was loading slowly.

Sitting back, he began reading the comments made. Hell, by the time I get finished reading all of this—the damn picture will finally download completely.

User comments:


Redwinged Blackbird: That's horrible!

JPFan: hahahahaha. NAKED PICTURES! LMFAO! LMFAO--???Is that some nerd language?

Halcyon Impulse: That's Hilarious. --What's hilarious?

Lady FoxFire: Hey Sam! Can I get a copy of that photo? He's HOT! ??? – HE'S HOT? Why the fuck would Sam have pictures of naked guys? Shit.

Rose Carter: omg, the picture on your cell phone...I have no words except one...brilliant! lol

JadeAlmasy: LOL I feel so sorry for him! Can I nurse him back to health? --What the hell?

TangledPencils: I nearly peed myself laughing. --Hurry up you stupid computer! Just load the damn picture!

SpookyClaire: And the tom cruise dude, that freak is NUTS was great! I was laughing my ass off!

Psychokittyuk: Awesome! Love the NAKED photos you have, Sam!
Maybe you can send them to me, too! ;) --Wonder if Sam's got her number…

LeanneB: I was totally feeling the brotherly love and it all goes flying out the window! lol :) --huh?
StealerofDreams: You are such a perve! Eww. --Hee!

-more comments-

He moved the scroll bar up to the top again to read what Sam had originally posted. "This is what happens when you tick me off. Warning: Don't Do It. Or I'll find you…" There was a picture of a fake-red headed chick kneeling down in a bathroom, wagging her finger at a guy in boxer shorts sitting on the crapper.

Dean's brow furrowed with confusion. I still don't get this frigin' site.

Finally, he pulled the scrollbar down so that he could see this picture everyone was laughing about.

It's a naked guy on the crapper.

He blinked at it a few more times, before the man's face finally registered. He literally felt the blood flow out of his face…the same face that was plastered on the internet, naked on a crapper!

For a moment, he couldn't breathe, couldn't think, couldn't do a single thing but stare at the screen in complete horror. He felt a myriad of emotions: shame, embarrassment, anger, fear, pain, and betrayal.

The memory was blurry in his mind, but he remembered that he'd been really sick. Sam had told him that he nearly took him to the hospital…he was nearly delirious with fever. And Sam had—he'd taken care of him. The both of them fought, but at the end, Dean let go; he trusted Sam to care for him when he was down. How could he do this?

Staring at the still sleeping form, he did what he always did when his brother hurt him.

He shut down.


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