Silent Ravencroft


Sometimes I love my power

I relish it

Other times…

I wish it were gone

I hate it

I could destroy everything…

My friends, my life, the world

It could all be gone

It could all just disappear…

The whole universe





It scares me…

When I lose control

A part of my mind worries

A part of me screams

But I don't stop

Because I can't

I can't stop myself

That is why I am afraid

Why I hide

A part of me wants to laugh

To cry

To dance

To love

Another part is afraid

Afraid that I could lose control

And all would be gone

Like it had never been

Never existed…

If I lost control

If just for a minute

I could injure, destroy…

I could kill

I lost control

I nearly killed him

Nearly killed the one I love

It was my fault

I lost control

I was responsible

Now he is paying

Sometimes I love my power

Today though


I hate it…