I'd wish it is mine, but sadly it's not. Warner Bros. owns this great series.

Stop the Wedding!

"What's this?" Kimiko asked herself as she espied a cream-colored envelope on top of her pillow. Opening it, she pulled out what looked like an invitation the same color as the packet.

"Wonder who sent this to me. I don't know anyone celebrating their birthdays, anniversaries, or whatever. Maybe Dojo's finally found a lady dragon to spend all his millennia with – dodging Chase Young's attempt to turn them into soup." Snickering softly at the thought of a Dojo-look-alike except wearing a blond wig and bright red lipstick, she glanced at the paper in her hands. What she saw suddenly made her eyes bulge and turn her face the same shade as her temple robes – and drive all thought of cross-dressing dragons in her head.

"NOOO!" A piercing shriek rose in the air, startling several meditating monks from their upside-down position and making them topple on their backs.

"How dare he?" Kimiko thought furiously as she looked at the two names monogrammed on the paper. "How dare he?" Barely glancing at the rest of the contents, she found what she was looking for at the bottom of the page, an address to a hotel in Rio de Janeiro.

"Surprising us, will he? We'll just see about that! Dojo! Where are you?" Kimiko screamed at the top of her lungs. Not finding him, she stomped off to the Shen Gong Wu vault and began slamming drawers until she found what she was looking for.

"GOLDEN TIGER CLAWS!" she yelled, jumping into the portal.

Dojo slowly slithered out of the pot he was hiding in. A furious Kimiko wasn't a passenger he wanted to carry, because she tended to dig in her heels sharply at his sides when she's angry. And I bruise quite easily too, he said to himself, preening. Looking at the small pile of ash on the floor, which was all that remained of the paper Kimiko was holding earlier, he saw a piece that somehow escaped her wrath. Fishing it out, he read what it contained, and his eyes went wide.

"Maaasteeer Fuuung!" Dojo wailed. He slithered away as fast as he can to prevent a potential disaster from happening.

As he wriggled past, a breeze blew out the ashes and the small piece of paper. No one else saw what the paper contained. Kimiko was right when she assumed that it was a wedding invitation, but she was dead wrong about the couple who's getting married.

Pedrosa – Garcia Nuptials.