"Yes?" Raimundo prompted. Kimiko muttered something that he didn't hear. "What did you say?"

Again, she murmured something indistinct. "Girl, you'd better speak up, or forever hold your peace," deepening his voice at the last part to try and make her laugh.

She didn't, but it brought Kimiko back to her senses: where they were, and why she was here in the first place.

"Rai, you can't get married because I love you!" She said in a rush.

"What did you say?"

"I said, I love you, you jerk!"

He grinned widely. "Now there, that wasn't so hard, wasn't it?" he said a bit smugly, extending his arms wide.

With a cry, Kimiko ran to him and embraced him hard. "But it wouldn't work, you know," she said, her voice muffled in his shirt.

"Why wouldn't it work?"

"Because you're getting married today, jerk! And your bride is there beside you and probably on the verge of tearing me to pieces because I'm hugging her groom in front of the guests and…" Suddenly she blinked. She looked up at Rai, at the crowd, and then at the three people who were with them at the front and were staring at them open-mouthed. She blinked again. She noticed Rai was standing a little to the right side instead of dead center. Who stood there were the minister she yelled at earlier, a dark-haired, petite, pretty lady in a bridal gown, and a man who looked like an older version of Raimundo. She suddenly realized what was going on.

"YOU JERK!" She yelled, hitting him on the chest. Several of the guests winced, but they were getting used to Kimiko's tirade.

"Girl, I've said it before and I'll say it again: you hit hard!" Rai said, rubbing the spot where Kimiko punched him but looked like he was trying hard not to burst into laughter. "Didn't I tell you she's feisty, Ricardo?" He said, grinning at the man, obviously his brother, beside him.

"She certainly is, urm, unique," Ricardo said, looking at Kimiko uncertainly. He had heard countless stories from Raimundo of his time at the temple with the Xiaolin warriors, but especially about a certain pigtailed girl. His brother described her being beautiful, gentle, kind-hearted, and sweet. "Wouldn't hurt a fly… unless it's Jack Spicer using the Manchurian Musca," Raimundo said proudly to his brother. The beautiful part he can see, but unless his brother knew two Kimikos, this one seemed just a tiny bit… different. Wisely, however, he didn't say anything.

"Why didn't you tell me you were just the best man and not the one getting married?" Kimiko said, punching him again, her face bright red. So much for first impressions, she thought embarrassedly. This wasn't how she imagined meeting Raimundo's family would be like.

"I tried to tell you at first, but you didn't let me finish! And I never said I was the one getting married!" Raimundo said, grinning from ear-to-ear now. "You just assumed that I was!"

"But you said you have Master Fung's blessing!"

"I had his blessing to attend this wedding! I didn't say anything about being the one who gets married! And I asked his blessing because I wanted to know if I can get married!" He looked at her significantly.

"You're still a jerk!" Kimiko said, punching him yet again, ignoring the fluttering sensation in her stomach at his stare. "Why didn't you tell me when you realized I was making a mistake?"

"It got you to admit your feelings for me," Raimundo gloated, "and," he continued, ignoring Kimiko's glare, "It was fun to watch." This time, he couldn't control himself, and he burst out laughing.

"AAARGH!" Kimiko said, running again in the middle aisle, but this time, away from the altar. In a flash, Raimundo caught her wrist.

"Kimi, I'm sorry for laughing and for pulling that stunt," he said, instantly apologetic.

"Let me go."

He forced her to look at her. "Why did you assume that I was the one getting married?," he asked softly. "You didn't get my note?"

"What note?" Kimiko asked, confused.

"The one with the invitation. Not unless you burnt it to a crisp," Raimundo said, joking. Seeing red spreading on Kimiko's cheeks. "Whoa! You did incinerate it! Hahaha! Typical Kimiko!" slapping his knee in laughter.

"Shut up!" Kimiko said, her face heating up all the more. "It's not funny!" She said, covering her face with her hands.

"Aaaaw, come in Kimi!" Rai said, still laughing, and pulling her hands down with his own.

"What did your note say?" Kimiko said, determinedly looking at her toes. When she didn't get answer, she peeked from her bangs. She was surprised to see that Raimundo was blushing to the roots of his hair. "Rai?"

"Well, that is, I… er… urm…" He mumbled. He began scratching his head.

"Yes?" This time, it was Kimiko who was amused. She knew very well that Raimundo scratches his head when he's nervous or embarrassed.

"Iwndtskyousogaveyouinvitationsoyoudbmydate," Raimundo blurted.

"What was that?" Kimiko understood every word he said, no matter how garbled, but she certainly wouldn't make it easy for him. A little payback never hurt anybody. She thought wickedly.

"I said, the reason why I left an invitation was because I wanted you to go with me. I wasn't able to explain to you because I had to leave earlier because my brother needed me and…" He stopped suddenly. "You're enjoying this, aren't you?" Raimundo groused.

"Yep," Kimiko affirmed, nodding her head.

"Come on, Kimi, you've had your revenge!" He looked wildly at his relatives, who were grinning widely at him. It wasn't everyday that they saw young Raimundo Pedrosa turn beet-red for a girl. It was usually him who had that effect on females.

"Let me decide that, huh? Anyway, what were you saying?" She grinned wider, and ruffled Raimundo's hair. If there's one thing Raimundo Pedrosa hated, it was getting his hair messed up. That's one reason why he loved his wind element, because it means it would never blow away what he devoted a major part of each morning fixing.

"I was saying that I wanted you to go with me to my brother's wedding," he said, indicating their surroundings with one hand.

"What? Like a date?" Kimiko said innocently, twirling her hair with a finger and making circles on the floor with her foot.

"Girl, you're not making this easy for me," Raimundo growled, but secretly enjoying the sight of Kimiko's eyes lighting up in mirth.

"I know," she said flippantly.

"Very well then," Raimundo squared his shoulders. "Yes, Kimiko Tohomiko, as a date. I know this isn't a typical date setting, but…" He blushed again.

"But what?" Kimiko asked, this time curiously. She knew that Raimundo wasn't the type who did things without a purpose. If he wanted their first date to be to attend a wedding, then he must have a very good reason.

"I wanted you to see what I want for the two of us in a few years' time," he murmured very quietly, but Kimiko heard him. She couldn't speak though, and just stood there with her mouth forming an "O", her cheeks stained a light pink.

Taking that as a good sign, Raimundo pulled her in his arms. "Te amo, Kimiko," he murmured in her hair. Instead of answering, she burrowed her face on his coat, wrapping her arms around him. Fuzzily, she thought she saw a cowboy and a little bald, yellow cheeseball creeping up slowly, but Raimundo's arms tightened around her and all thoughts flew out of her head.

For his part, Rai was feeling quite contented and happier than he ever felt with Kimiko in his arms, even if there was a little lizard trying to crawl up his leg (Dojo had arrived while they were yelling, commanded by Master Fung to find the two Dragons before they did something permanent to each other). He wanted only to drown in Kimiko's warmth, something that he often sadly thought he would never get to experience. How many times he had dreamt of this, how much he wanted it, and now it's there, literally in his arms. Kimiko burrowed even closer to him, as though never to let go, until…

"Can we go on with the wedding now?" The minister's quavering voice broke the silence. Everyone grinned. Yep, they can definitely continue with the ceremony.


Five years later…

Bells rang as though in joy as a couple walked out of it, showered with petals. Dojo was curled up on Omi's head, once again polished to a blinding sheen, the owner of which who was propped up on a cowboy hat which was on Clay's head. Jack Spicer was bawling at the side, both the bride and groom's families were beaming (Ricardo finally meeting Kimiko in a less tense situation), and Master Fung smiling proudly at two of his protégés. His charges, however, were oblivious to anything else but each other.

"And I thought you said marriage got in the way of Dragon duties, Mrs. Kimiko Pedrosa," Raimundo said mischievously to the bride in his arms.

"Hmmm… Mrs. Kimiko Pedrosa. I like the sound of that," she said, snuggling up to her husband.

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