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Chan: This is gonna be a collection of one-shots based around some of the more…-ahem- 'unconventional' parings of Yu-Gi-Oh GX.

The warnings are: yaoi, student teacher relationships, swearing and just plain weirdness.

This one-shot's paring: Crowler/Zane …… Holy duel monsters….I don't know what possessed me to write this. This is Crowler's thoughts during his duel with Camula and the reason why he was so angry when she said she would let him go if she could duel Zane instead. Just don't read it if you are creeped out by weird stuff. Enjoy.

You Bring Out the Best in Me

I watched him that first day, in his first ever duel at the academy. I knew he'd win right away. He knew it too. He oozed confidence in everything he did. I swear he does it just to drive me wild. So unlike his worthless younger brother.

He told me about Syrus once, when he was curled up next to me in bed. I wondered if Syrus was anything like him. But then I ran one finger down the soft, silky skin on his chest, and knew that no one could compare with him. There was certainly something special about him to set him apart from anyone else. I often dislike (if not hate) the new students, but my Zane was different. He was never a stupid, slifer red. I don't think I could ever bare to see him wearing one of those stupid blazers. Red was never his colour. He started out in Ra yellow but it wasn't long before he was an obelisk blue. The way that blue and white jacket looks on him….I get short of breath just thinking of it. The first time I saw him wearing it, it was all I could do to stop myself from ravishing him right then and there.

But no. I waited. It was difficult to wait so long; Zane was perfect, never getting into trouble. But then he turned up late for class and I jumped at the chance.

"Detention." Was all I said but my heart was doing a victory dance. He turned up for detention like the good boy he is. He sat there in silence and I watched him. I've never been in a detention as enjoyable as that one. All he did was sit there and it was enough to send shivers of happiness and anticipation down my spine. I could barely contain it. The minuets ticked by and eventually I told him he could leave. I got up, held the door open and then, right before he left, I grabbed him.

He jumped out of his skin yet not nearly as much as he did when I placed my lips against his. Even now, whenever we kiss I keep my eyes open just to watch his beautiful eyelids. I watched that first time as his dark, dark, green eyes widened and then slide shut. We moved apart, me smirking while he looked like a bucket of ice had just ran down his back. I watched him pull out of my grasp and run, whispering under his breath what sounded like 'Fuck, fuck, fuck'. I really should wash out that dirty mouth of his.

The next day he could barely look at me, unlike me who could barely take my eyes off of him. I handed him back his marked homework and as he went to take it I kept it gripped between my thumb and finger. He tugged it to get it out of my grasp and I tugged back. His eyes flickered to mine. I smirked and ran my tongue over my bottom lip, making sure he saw. His eyes widened just like the night before and I let him have his homework back. He got perfect marks, as always.

After the lesson he came and stood in front of my desk.

"You're sick." He growled. "A sick, twisted perv." I ignored this and merely reached over and took his hand, which he had lent on my desk, in my own.

"Am I now?" I purred slightly, rubbing his hand with my thumb. He wrenched out of my grip.

"y-yes." That is one of the only times I've heard him falter. It was the first time I'd seen him blush. Still, no matter what he said it didn't stop the fact that over the next month or so he started to get more detentions. Each time he would sit in silence and each time he would let me give him a goodnight kiss. It took a while but eventually he started kissing back, started to enjoy it. Even now he still admits that he doesn't know why he loves me.

"I never thought I'd taste another boy's tongue." He told me just a few nights ago.

"Who are you calling a boy, boy?" I hissed back.

"The name's Zane, Vellian."

"That's Dr. Crowler to you." I snapped back, tugging on the end of his smooth hair. How I love to run my fingers through it. Sometimes he doesn't let me, says it'll mess up his style, but that's never stopped me before. On those nights, I wait until he's asleep, then I carefully wrap a strand of his hair around my finger. I do it to tie me and him together even if it is only for the night. I don't have to tie him to me but I still do so. I don't know if he notices my hand the morning after. He's never said anything.

I know what you're thinking. You think we're both mad, and maybe we are. You're thinking we're crazy to think this will last but that's where you're wrong. Like I said, I don't need to tie him to me. His love has already done that for me. Because now I know that this is love. I used to think it was just some stupid crush he had on me, and he'd leave for one of the Rhodes siblings. But then he said the words I'd been longing for. 'I love you'. Those three words mean everything to me coming out of his lips. They're the reason why I never fall asleep alone. They're the reason why I woke up this morning to someone stroking my face and when I opened my eyes and there he was. God, he's beautiful. He handed me a cup of coffee and then sat there to watch me drink it. Somehow we always end up sharing. He does so every morning. This is a side of him I know only I'll ever see. It's the same side of me that he'll only ever see. It's our caring side that we keep just for each other. I feel honoured that he lets me witness him like this.

'I love you'….that's why I'm here. That's why I'm doing this. That's why I'm in this mess. I hear Camula talking, and I just want to kill her. How dare she? How dare she even think that I would ever compromise Zane's safety just to save myself? No. I won't. I'm going to loose this duel but I don't care. I'm willing to give up my soul just so long as he has one more day with his. When I fall, he's the last think I think of, before my mind goes blank.

See you around, Zane, my baby.

End One-shot

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