Why do you still read these? I still don't own GX or any of its characters

Chan: hey there. Course work from college is keeping me busy at the moment but I found a spare moment to write this in a literacy lesson when I'd finished all my presentation. I've always felt a certain amount of conection between myself and Bastion.

Paring: Sartorius/Bastion. I've been asked to do this for a while.

Warnings: yaoi. Suggestive ideas but nothing graphic.

Another night alone. No one noticed me today. My newly bleached hair stands out a mile and still no one even looks my way. Chazz has gone now, back to our friends.

Can I still call them my friends?

'No. Don't call them that. They abandoned you. They aren't your friends any longer.'

OK so they aren't my friends. So what? I don't need friends.

'Oh, aren't I your friend?'

Of course.


Why? Because you're the one that found me. You stuck by me. You're the only one. You care for me...don't you?

'Of course I do. Unless, for some reason, you decide to go back to those losers again. Then you're on your own.'

No! I'd never leave you.

'You need me'

Yes. I do.

'Show me.'


'You can start by opening your door. I told you to stop locking it.'

Oops, I just forget.

'That's O.K. Don't do it again though.'


'I'll keep you company tonight.'

I can hear him next to me in the darkness. His breathing warm on my skin. I can feel him to. His hands run over me, the only physical contact I have with anyone now.

'Relax Bastion. You're too tense.'

Sorry, master.

He holds me close, kissing my head, stroking my hair.

'White looks good on you.'

I glow at the compliment.

I love you.

It's what I'm supposed to say. It is true though, even so.

'Stay with me then.'

But Chazz...He says you're lying; that you lied to him to.

He moves back to look at me.

'Do you believe him?'

Of course not!

'Then don't mention it again. Ever. I mean it.'

And so I won't. It's better to keep quiet, if it means Sartorius will love me.

I'm first awake. It's one of the only things I'm ever first at. I'm nearly always second. Second best. Zane is smarter. Jaden is more popular. Even here, beside Sartorius I am not first. I'm not even second. Here, where both Aster and Chazz have preceded me. But now it's me he chooses. Pride fills me. A sense of where I belong.

Better if I pretend to be asleep again though, just so I can feel him gently wake me up.

'Time to get up, sleepy head.'

Too early. I roll over, pulling the sheets with me. This just gives him an excuse to catch me and hold me.

'Come on. I need you to be the best. That fool Chazz just couldn't handle it.'

Am I a replacement to him?


What am I then?

'You're mine Bastion. Just keep listening to me. Feel the light take over you.'

End One-shot

Bastion: oh great, that's another story of hers in which I suffer.

Chan: count yourself lucky. Yami and Chazz get about six of them. I was listening to a certain song while I was writing this. If you're interested I'll tell you which one in areveiw response.