That Day


Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, but I WROTE the song.

A songfic about how Sakura feels after Sasuke leaves to defeat his brother.

She tried to discover,

Why her heart was shattered,

It hurt to think of why,

Why she wanted to cry…

Sakura was broken. No other way to explain it. He had finally left and the cold truth left a big dent on the young ninja's heart.

She felt like crawling into a hole and die. She wanted to disappear and then maybe he would come back.

She dreamed of him every night after that. Of him coming home, of him never leaving again, and then…she would dream of the news that he died.

Sometimes she wished someone would come to the village and tell her that he had died. Just so she could grieve and then move on, but Sakura was smarter than that. She knows that she would not give up so easily. She would not let his death not effect her. It would probably destroy her.

She's broken,

Fading away,

She's trying,

To get back,

What she lost that day…

Sakura would usually lie in bed rather than train. She would usually eat a meal a day and then confine herself to her room. And she would probably write a million lovesick letters to him, begging him to come back.

But, in the end, she would throw them away because she either didn't know where he was or she was to weak to send it. Probably both.

Everyday began to blend with the last. It was the same routine. Wake up. Shower. Eat. Sleep. Have Naruto or Ino try to get her out of her room. Write two or three letters to him. Eat dinner. Then cry herself to sleep.

It was like clock work.

She's running away,

Tired of living,

Whenever he walks away,

Because she wanted him to stay…

She remembered how she would try to win his heart. How it was in vain each time. And how each time she would loose another piece of herself, for one boy.

She sometimes gets pictures out of the old training days with Kakashi and Team 7.

Sometimes she would laugh and sometimes she would cry. Usually, she would cry.

She's broken,

Fading away,

She's trying,

To get back,

What she lost that day…

She looks out her window everyday. Hoping he would walk through the gates of Kohana. But everyday she would be disappointed.

She lies in her bed and prays over and over again, that he will come and stay. She's tired of breaking. And tired of waiting.

Once again, she tries looking for what she lost. She's looking for her broken heart, but realizes that Sasuke took it with him, when he left that day.

She's trying to pick up the pieces,

But it's hard to fix what's broken,

When it was taken away,

From that day…

The End

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