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"And the winner is" The contestant announcer said. "Team Get Right." Everyone started cheering and the leader of team Get Right came up and took the trophey. Her name is Kagome Higarashi and her team is the unbeatable Hip Hop dance team in Japan no one has ever beat them.

"Thank you everyone for voting for us" Kagome announced. "We really couldent have done it without ya'll." Everyone started cheering . her team came up and lifted the trophey up in the air.


"Man Miroku we need to find some fine ass dancers for my party and my mom won't let me have any exotic dancers." Inuyasha said eating some Ramon. "Hey what about team Get Right." Miroku said looking at a list of dance teams. "Are they any good?" Inuyasha asked. "It says here that they are the unbeatable Hip Hop team in Japan they won 42 Dance compitions." Miroku said amazed. "Cool call them and ask how much to perform at my party." Inuyasha said.

"Ok team ya'll did a great job as always so just for that everyone has a week off to do whatever thay want." Kagome annouced. "Yes thanks Kagome." One of her teammates Hitomi said. "Yall deserve it." Kagome said.

Shake ya money maker like

Somebody bout to pay ya

I see you on my radar…

'Hello Kagome speaking.'

'Hi I'm calling to see if you could perform at our party.'

'Well when is it?'

'This weekend'

"Do you guys want to perform at a party this weekend?" Kagome asked her team. "What kind of party." The Co-Caption and best friend of Kagome Sango said.

'What kind of party is it'

'Highschool party'

"A highschool party." Kagome said. "Hell yea!" Her whole team screamed. Kagome started laughing.

'Yea we can go'

'How much will it cost?'


'No really how much'

'Free, when we do parties its free'

'Oh well ok the party is going to be at the Takahashi Mansion,Do you know where that's at?"

'Yea we do'

'Ok see you Saturday'


"Oh my god were performing at the Takahashi Mansion on Friday!" Kagome squealed. "YES!!!!!!!!!" The team yelled.


"So can they come?" Inuyasha asked. "Yea" Miroku answered. "How much will it cost?" Inuyasha asked. "Free" Miroku answered. Inuyasha gave him a skeptical look. "No seriously." He said. "I'm serious they say they do parties for free." Miroku said. "Well then my partys all set." Inuyasha said walking up to his room.


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