The title pretty much explains it all...

If people like it I'll continue!

1. Every time she steps into any room grandly say "MAKE WAY FOR PRINCESS AZULA! DAUGHTER OF FIRE LORD OZAI, AND LADY URSA, SISTER OF THE exiled PRINCE ZUKO!!!!!!" Scream it even louder whenever she's trying to be secretive in pursuit of the Avatar/ Zuko or entering the bathroom.

2. Hold a hamster race; whose ever hamster reaches the end first will get the Avatar. Contestants should include Zuko, Long Feng, even make up non -existents like (the ghost of Zhao, Muffy, Angelina Jolie, etc.) Make sure Azula's hamster is paralyzed.

3. Every morning tell her she's going to die in seven days.

4. Ask her if she enjoys looking like a man.

5. Whenever she says "Avatar", correct her, saying: "You mean the divine medium that has descended upon the mortal world to save us all from destruction?!?!!?!?!" When saying the word destruction, look pointedly at her.

6. One day, when she's practicing her firebending, convince her that lightning bending is the "girly" version of REAL firebending.

7. Cook her something involving broccoli, then tell her that having something green stuck in the middle of her teeth will not help her capture the avatar.

8. Make fire-proof dolls that resemble team avatar- place each one in unexpected places (under her pillow, in her pockets, in her scrambled eggs…)

9. Huff loudly whenever she enters a room and whisper to the nearest person "She HAS to come down whenever we're trying to have a good time…"

10. Write a fake diary and, pretending its Azula's, mail it to the whole of the fire nation. Write something like: "Dear Diary, today I saw my one true love, my pukie- wookie, and the sole of my existence: KING BOOMI!" Outline his name in tiny little pink hearts.

11. Ask her if she thinks her name is derived from the Spanish/Latin word "azul", meaning blue, or from the Hindi word "asura", meaning demon. Say you think she's a blue demon.

12. When she's sleeping draw a big brown arrow on her forehead, sit on her back and cry "YIP YIP!"

13. Every time she eats something exclaim how fat she is, and how a fat cow like her should be milked.

14. Read her your ZukoXOC fanfic (describing how Zuko teams up with the avatar and gang and gets married), making the OC sound exactly like yourself, then call her "sis" by accident.

15. Tell her that you're her new "mommy" now, wink at Fire Lord Ozai, then send her to boarding school.

Comments and suggestion would nice, but a million dollars would be better... ; P