The Prologue of a story idea, this chapter is Amicruw looking back on her creation, and how her history ties with Cybertron.

She's looking back from shortly after the Cybertronians left to bring the Cyber Planet Keys to far off worlds.

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Planet Olietus


Where should I begin?

Well, I suppose the beginning is a good start.

Almost ten Billion years ago, before our dimension came into existence, the old dimension began to die; it was torn by war, creatures slowly devouring it. The survivors knew the only way to get rid of them was to destroy their dimension.

To survive, each of the survivors made their own dimension. Before the survivors went into their new dimension, they created scouts to determine the safety of their new home.

The survivor named Primacron created two scouts; Primus and Unicron. They were both under his control, despite having been given their own minds. Once Primacron felt safe, he moved to the new dimension. He then altered his creations, making them the first transformers.

Unicron however was not grateful, his spark and Primus' were designed the same, but Primus was a protector, Unicron a destroyer. They ran off, destined to battle each other for most of their lives. Primacron feared for his safety, so he created a being like the monsters that destroyed his own home, a creature of pure energy, Tornatron, who, alike Unicron, rebelled.

That was why Primacron created me; to protect him from Tornatron. After Tornatron was eliminated, Primacron granted me the freedom my brothers gained on their own; he merely asked he live on my Planet form.

I found Primus while looking around the dimension, and saw he had created transformers, and disguised himself as their planet to protect them from Unicron. I was awed; he put himself at risk to give them a shot at living, and I wanted to follow in his footsteps.

And I did.

Once Primus' transformers became at war with themselves, I knew I had to do something.

I sent one of my creations to Primus, to Cybertron, Eujiia Avert Micruw; the leader of my creations, to spread rumors of a place without war, a place where all Transformers could live in peace.

The Neutrals were the first to swarm to me, then, for a long time, Cybertron's inhabitants spent all their time and energy to fighting each other, so once again, I sent my creations leader, Eujiia Siege Micruw, and she found people of influence, and managed to get those who couldn't defend themselves, like the old and sparklings, not to mention other defenseless 'bots, and those who swore to guard them.

I hear that the battles on Cybertron have stopped, Eujiia Cavet Micruw, the current leader of my creations, is skeptical, she pointed out that they stopped fighting before, so we haven't told the refugees, most of them have lives here anyway, but we don't want anyone getting hurt.

I'll protect them as much as I can.

And I will.

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