Okay, this is just a little blurb from inside the mind of Ultra Magnus moments after the last chapter, kinda the "ultamit betrayl" from a brother sorta thing. Really Sorry it's taking me so stinking long to post- I keep getting ahead of myself, and don't get around to writing the chapters. Enjoy!

Planet Olietus

Silent Confession

I feel like such a fool- I should have known Optimus wouldn't stay dead; yet I…

I of all bot's should have been most loyal to him in his death; he will be my brother much longer than either of us function, but I still…

I can't even look directly into his optics, he might somehow know. I should never have betrayed the trust of the dead. Now my guilt can fully take hold, I should just thank the matrix I don't speak each of my thoughts.

I remember the cycle I found out he died, the cycle I betrayed my own brother, like it were just last cycle…

I was bringing Elita-One some energon, she had locked herself in her garage for a while, and was worried about her.

Oh how things may have been different if I had already met my Auror, if I had my one then, then perhaps-

No sense in thinking that. Seeing her broken on the floor, broken and grey bonding bracelet in her hands, I doubt Auror could have done anything to stop it.

I remember grabbing her shoulders, listening to her describe his death, just trying to comfort her.

I have no clue how it happened.

How I ended up in her bunk that night.

But I did.

I interfaced with my brother's one.

The last thing I should have done.

I feel more guilty than I could have imagined possible before this.

I'm not even allowed to tell him she's alive.

Besides, if he did know he's wring my neck, and I'd never live to meet my own sparkling- not that he's getting to know who his own are.

He met he son and is oblivious to the similarities between them.

Though he'd likely recognize his daughter as soon as he would look into her optics, not to mention she is so alike him.

Brother; I'm sorry I betrayed you the way I did, you would be less insulted if I had shot you in the back, it was a foolish mistake, and Primus keep you from ever finding out.

If you didn't get what Magnus did- I'm not telling you. Hope you enjoyed!