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Genre: Romance/Drama

Summary: Sometimes I wonder if the Fates aren't purposefully torturing me, and then I think long and hard on it, and come to the same conclusion every night...I was meant to be alone. E/B

My Immortal
By: Dark Huntress

Did anyone ever notice how many choices we make in life, and how many we come to regret? Its surprisingly high, how many decisions that we make that later come back and haunt us. Its almost unreal the large quantity of human imperfections that everyone possesses, the imperfections that lead those to make those said decisions and incorrectly take the path that should otherwise remain untrodden.

Was the path easier to take? Was it simpler because it did not require us to delve into our own souls to look at the faults that lay so open? The path that was so smooth and unmarred, the one that many traveled upon was the one that led to such heartache later on in life. The one that seemed so clear and natural to take, yet later when we looked back, found that the hidden trail, so full of holes and foliage, was in fact the one that had been correct. So why, time after time, did we find ourselves taking that same one over and over? Could we not learn from our own mistakes? Were we all a doomed race from the beginning, but even more pathetic, had we doomed ourselves?

Consequences were ridden so hard within our lives that one would think after a time, we would learn to avoid the harsher ones. So why was the majority of our existence littered with the painful happenings of one of our easy outs? Were we an ignorant race, fully intent on destroying ourselves before anyone else could possibly be able too?

The choices we made, whether bad or good, would always be there, waiting around the corner to spring forth and grasp once more. No matter what life we took, and what path we decided upon, forever would we be doomed to follow the example of our history. We should learn from our pasts, from our forefathers, from the world around us, but no one ever did. If anyone did, then the world would be a much better place.

The pain we cause ourselves is indescribable. The pain we cause to others is unforgivable. We are naturally a selfish race, but a few times we try to do the noble thing, and end up doing wrong then as well. Do we ever know the path to take? Be selfish, hurt yourself and others that care about you. Think slow and hard, deliberating all the outcomes, and deciding the one that we believe to be the best for another, and the turnout is no different. So, what is the right decision? Which is best? The cement path so smooth and wide that it welcomes everyone to the meadow that surrounds it lovingly? Or the narrow dirt trail that winds through the dark forest, vines reaching out to trip you before you can reach the end?

I had never been one for making decisions, always afraid of the outcome I would bring upon everyone around me. I had never been very talented either, always making the choices that would irreversibly harm myself and the ones I cared the most deeply for. But no matter the times I have tried to avoid these outcomes, I always return to the same thing, and am found traversing the path that I cannot leave.

Sometimes I wonder if the Fates aren't purposefully torturing me, and then I think long and hard on it, and come to the same conclusion...I was meant to be alone. I was worse at choosing the path of righteousness and happiness, damning me to a life of pain and torture. I was meant to be alone.

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Dark Huntress