Part One

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Harry Potter gave a bored yawn and stretched out on the couch in Chara's living room. He, Phyrrus, and Cyrrus were watching the little twins. River and Rayne were currently watching a movie and Phyrrus and Cyrrus had both fallen asleep. They had been putting in long hours on the family farm, which was in the United States, so constant continent travel and time changes had created a lot of difficulty where meals and sleep patterns were involved. Harry smiled at Phyrrus. On his fourteenth birthday, July thirty-first, they would have their one year anniversary.

In the last year they had been through so many troubles and difficulties, starting a relationship, being attacked at the school, nearly losing their souls, a few small fights, and just as many happy times as bad. There had also been a strange near-death experience at the end of the year, the extent of which were still a mystery to everyone involved. Harry grinned. This summer would be interesting with the Quidditch world cup in England, his first summer where he was wanted and welcome, with his guardians Sirius and Remus who lived only a few houses away, to the shame of Harry's Aunt and Uncle, who used to be his guardians. He would also spend some time on the farm he spent so much time hearing about and meet more of Phyrrus' family. He had met a few of them over Christmas, but with seventy four first cousins on Phyrrus' father's side alone, Harry had dozens more people to meet.

Phyrrus stirred, blinking open one fire-gold eye. Harry smiled. He and Phyrrus were so complimenting. Harry was small from his years in a cupboard and malnutrition. Standing only five feet three inches, he had finally caught up to Chara in height. Bright green eyes, ones that Phyrrus always claimed were the color was that of the finest emeralds in the world. Jet black hair, just as mussed after it was combed as it was when he rolled out of bed brushed his cheeks. He needed a hair cut, but he wasn't sure he wanted it. Harry loved it when Phyrrus ran his fingers through his hair and when it was longer, there was simply more for Phyrrus to run his fingers through.

Phyrrus, by contrast, stood six feet one inch, the last year allowed him to put on another inch of height (Harry was proud, he'd managed three), and his fire-gold eyes were still fierce. Harry loved the fire-gold of Phyrrus' eyes, so different from the wolf-gold of Remus', with their burning intensity. Fire-red hair fell to Phyrrus' waist, caught up in a topknot, with bangs in the front varying from nose length to Phyrrus' collarbone. He was tanned too, a difficult feat for a red-head, but Phyrrus had gotten lucky and gotten the proper gene for it. He also had a dusting of freckles across his nose. Harry smiled, he thought the freckles were really cute.

"Sorry," Phyrrus yawned, stretching and dislodging Cyrrus. Cyrrus and Phyrrus looked exactly alike, except that Cyrrus had auburn hair and dark indigo colored eyes. But otherwise, the two were almost twins. They acted like it too, Harry mused with a mental laugh. Finishing each other's sentences and mirroring each other's actions and movements. Cyrrus grumbled as he fell to the other side, waking up long enough to glare at his cousin-turned-brother.

Cyrrus' father was an alcoholic, and Cyrrus' step-mother hated Cyrrus with a passion. After a few years of abuse and neglect, Chara had petitioned for Cyrrus, and Alvin, Cyrrus' father, had granted it happily. Chara adopted Cyrrus over the course of the next few months, but Cyrrus had stayed with Grandma Lugovalos until school let out and then moved to England with Chara and her family. Harry liked Cyrrus, though he didn't know him well yet. Hogwarts had only been out for two weeks.

"You look deep in thought," Phyrrus smiled across the room at his boyfriend and Harry wrinkled his nose.

"Just thinking about the past year," Harry laughed.

"Don't think to hard," Phyrrus grinned. "Hermione's not here and we don't want you to hurt yourself."

"Shut up," Harry held back his chuckle, glaring at Phyrrus, but his grin made it less effective. Phyrrus made his way to Harry, pressing a kiss to Harry's lips and sitting down, cuddling into Harry.

Phyrrus yawned again and Harry sighed. "You can't still be tired," He frowned.

"Sorry. We've had some problems. I got in really late last night," Phyrrus yawned again.

Harry nodded, considering. "Why don't River and Rayne ever go with you?"

"They will, come fall, helping Grandma with the canning and stuff. They're to young to run the heavy equipment yet. We'll start teaching them next year, maybe. When they're nine or so."

Harry nodded, then smiled shyly. "When will I start learning?"

Phyrrus grinned, his eyes lighting up. "After you meet some of the rest of the family," Phyrrus laughed. "You haven't even met half of us yet. Just both grandmas, and Cyrrus, and Uncle Leon."

Leon, whose real name was Leonardo, though no one ever used it, was currently in a relationship with Severus Snape. An odd pair, but since it put the dour potions master in a better mood, no one was ever going to complain. "Yeah, but I'll meet them over the summer," Harry reminded Phyrrus, snuggling closer. Phyrrus tilted Harry's face up, locking their lips together. They melted together, tongues dancing, and just holding each other.

The nature of their relationship often surprised everyone that wasn't fairly well acquainted with them. Both boys had been forced to grow up and mature much faster than most children their age. Harry being stuck with his relatives for his entire life, and the death of Phyrrus' father two years ago had changed them both. Neither wanted a simple fling, they had been abandoned in their own ways too many times to want a meaningless relationship.

Cyrrus growled at the two of them while Phyrrus' little sisters, twins River and Rayne, studiously ignored them. Phyrrus and Harry both blushed. "Sorry, Cye," Phyrrus laughed, rubbing his head sheepishly. Cyrrus snorted.

"Whatever." Cyrrus rolled his eyes.

"Let them be, Cyrrus," Rayne scolded. The eight year old looked up from her movie. "He and Harry haven't had any time together lately. We've all been so busy they haven't had a date since they came home." River nodded in agreement and they returned to their movie without another word.

River and Rayne were eight year old empathic geniuses. Long, jet black curls tumbled down their backs to their hips, making them even smaller looking. They were tiny for eight year olds, looking closer to five or six. Pale skin dusted with freckles added to their innocent looks, and the twins knew fully well how to use their innocent looks. The two empaths were good at manipulation, and when they teamed up very few people were safe from them. Mirror twins, both girls looked almost exactly alike, but River was right handed and Rayne was left. River's eyes were blue green jewel shades, but Rayne's eyes were pale, blue and green as well, but with pale grey mixed in. Their eyes, and their dimples--River's in her right cheek and Rayne's in her left--were their only real distinguishing features until people got to know them. To help the teachers at Hogwarts, the girls had worn colored hair ribbons. River's was purple, and Rayne's was pink, both in jewel tones.

Cyrrus, known as "Cye" only by Phyrrus, frowned at the little girls. "That doesn't mean they should suck face where I can see them."

River and Rayne both laughed. No matter that Cyrrus was trying to look angry, they could feel his amusement. "Sure, sure, whatever." Phyrrus waved a hand.

"Phy!" Cyrrus, the only person allowed to call Phyrrus "Phy," groaned. "Stop encouraging them!"

"You started it," Harry reminded Cyrrus.

"Argh!" Cyrrus threw up his hands and made his way towards the kitchen only to crash into Sirius and Remus. "Shit!"

"Sorry, Cyrrus." Remus blushed. He, unlike Cyrrus, had not fallen. Sirius had caught him. Remus was only five and a half feet tall, with hip-length tawny gold hair and wolf-gold eyes. The slender man had rebounded off Cyrrus and Sirius had only just caught him. "We just got in."

Sirius had restarted his career as an aurorer to help protect Harry while at Hogwarts since he had been unable to help as a teacher. Remus had also quite his position to help Sirius. Together the two were an unbeatable team. Some people had reservations about allowing a werewolf in the department, but those who remembered Remus knew he was a hard worker and were more than happy to have him back.

Cyrrus, who had ended up on the floor from the collision, blinked up at the small man. "Aw, it's all right. Just surprised."

"Surprise isn't the word I would use," Sirius snorted. Sirius was the tallest of the group at six feet four inches with his black hair pulled back in a tail a hand-span in length at the base of his skull, his pale blue eyes glittering in laughter.

Cyrrus scowled and rose to his feet, dusting himself off. Sirius laughed as Phyrrus and Harry appeared. Harry blinked. "You're home early."

"Yeah," Sirius shrugged. "Not much to do today, apparently. They sent us home. Remus had some research to do, but since the incident at the end of the year people have been to scared to commit crimes. Out of control dementors are not something most people want to meet."

Harry had to agree, and smiled at Phyrrus and Cyrrus. "We're going out for supper. I haven't had a chance to talk to them since we got home either. I'll see you lot tomorrow, all right?"

"Sure, go on." Phyrrus pressed a kiss to Harry's forehead. "You owe the twins a day in the park and a movie."

"What? I did that today!" Harry scowled.

Phyrrus grinned. "Okay, you owe me a date."

"Fine." Harry smirked. "But not today. Besides, it's not I need your permission to go with my guardians."

Phyrrus laughed outright. "And people wonder why I love you."

Harry only offered a raised eyebrow and kissed Phyrrus good-bye, trotting off down the street with his guardians. It was strange for Phyrrus and Harry to sleep in two different beds, and two different rooms. Both missed holding the other, just holding, in the dark of night when nightmares came out to play. But slowly they were getting used to it. Harry waved as he left, smiling at Phyrrus with a wide grin, and Cyrrus smirked.

"Harry and Phyrrus sittin' in a tree,
First comes--Shit, Phy, don't do that!" Crashing resounded in the small Lugovalos home and Harry winced. "Dammit, Phy!"

"Fuck off, Cye!"

"Mom said you weren't 'posed to use that word--!"

"Not again," Sirius groaned. Sometimes, on rare occasions, he would be sad he wasn't born part of the Lugovalos family. Then something would happen and the moment would pass. Usually it involved some form of a fight. Because no matter how much they loved each other, fighting just seemed to be how all differences in the Lugovalos household were solved.

"He's going to have a black eye tomorrow," Harry predicted. "So, what's for supper?"

Remus blinked. A werewolf with no family, he was unused to such animosity taken so lightly. Of course, the Lugovaloses were insane. . .

With that in mind, they headed down the street, laughing and joking, the Lugovaloses put out of their mind for the moment.

Chara was finalizing plans for everyone that was headed to the family farm for a few weeks over the summer. All of the Lugovaloses currently in England would be going, though Chara would be unable to stay for the entire time. A long week-end would do the overworked medi-witch good, though.

Harry, Sirius, and Remus would, of course, go. The trio were excited beyond words, and Harry had never been to a farm before in his life. Remus had lived on one, briefly, during his wanderings while Sirius was in prison. Sirius, like Harry, had also never been on a farm. Chara gave an evil smirk. Both of them were in for a shock.

Severus was already there, he had shipped off as soon as school let out to spend the summer with Leon, and had written them fairly regularly. From the sound of it, he was happy there. Chara smiled, remembering his last letter, filled with awe about the farm. Severus had so little happiness in his life that he deserved it all the more, now.

Lucius and Draco had chosen to go at Grandma Lugovalos' invitation. Lucius was curious to see the United States, British wizards and witches didn't travel a great deal out of Britain, and Draco was just anxious to see his first, real friends. Slytherin was not a great environment for making close friends since many of the current Slytherins were as likely to hug a person as to stab them in the back. Probably not what Salazar Slytherin originally intended from his house.

Hermione would also go, and she was as excited as Harry. Unlike Harry, she had seen a farm in the past, but she had never had the opportunity to go to America. It would be a new experience for her. Hermione was always one for the new and exciting, as long as she could learn from it, Chara reflected.

Neville was going, though his grandmother had reservations about the farm. No farm was ever perfectly safe because of all the heavy machinery they used at any given time. But Chara had managed to convince the old woman that Neville would be fine since everyone one the farm had been living on it or near it or helping out at it their entire life, or something close to that (entire married life counted, right?). And if that hadn't convinced the old woman, Chara said that a few English wizards would be there too. Finally, Neville's grandmother had relented. Chara wrinkled her nose. That was one woman she never wanted to deal with again.

Grabbing her list, Chara looked it over. Who did that leave? Oh, right. All the Weaselys. Although Molly and Arthur were not going, Percy, Fred, George, Ron, and Ginny would be. Chara had been tempted to leave Percy at home after the way he'd treated her children, but decided it would be a good experience. Besides, Chara suspected that Percy would rather like one of her fiercely stubborn nieces or nephews.

"Mom!" Phyrrus shouted, making his way through the house. "Ron's called! His mom has a question for you!"

Chara groaned and put down the list she was making. They only had a week before they were going to leave and Molly had asked for a packing list, which Chara only just finished. Making her way to the fireplace, she grinned at Ron's floating head. Harry had gotten very used to the sight over the past couple of weeks they had been home because people kept calling Chara to the hospital and didn't understand the wonders of the telephone yet. "Hey, Ron. What'cha need?" Chara knelt by the fireplace. She was getting too old for that.

"Mum's asking about that packing list again," Ron shrugged. "Have you got it done?"

"Yeah, hold on, let me get it." Chara chuckled. She was going to get to make Ron eat paper. That was a good way to lift her spirits. Disappearing into her room for a moment to fetch the list, Chara groaned. She had thirteen people going with her, plus her own family, plus the lot already there, and a crapload more. She was lucky there were so many cousins. . .

Re-appearing before the fireplace, she held out the paper. Ron took it in his teeth and his image wavered as he pulled it out and handed them off to someone else. "Thank, Mrs. Lugovalos."

Chara wrinkled her nose. "Mom Chara, at least. Or just mom. Or even Aunt Chara would do."

"All right," Ron's eyes glittered with mischief. "Auntie Chara." He disappeared before she could hit him with anything. Harry laughed from behind her. He must have walked in just in time to hear that last argument.

"Why can he call you Aunt?" Harry wrinkled his nose.

"I didn't think you'd want me to after how nasty Petunia was to you." Chara shrugged. "Besides, I prefer Mom or Mom Chara."

"You're strange," Harry shook his head.

"Thanks so much, kiddo," Chara laughed. "Phyrrus and Cyrrus are out back."

"I know. I wanted to see if you wanted to help with an ambush." Harry held out several water balloons as an unholy glee spread over Chara's face. Taking half the water balloons, they stalked to the back door and crept out, hiding along the bushes. Harry nodded and Chara pounced.

"BONZAI!" Chara screamed, leaping out at them and throwing them at her sons. Cyrrus gave a rather unmanly squeak and dodged, but ended up wet. Phyrrus just grabbed the balloon from the air and sent it flying back at Harry. A second made it's way to Chara.

"That's just not fair, Phyrrus!" Chara whined, shaking her soaked hair from her face. Phyrrus smirked, but Chara had distracted him long enough for Harry to peg him with another balloon. Phyrrus shrieked at the feel of water on his head and growled.

"This means war. C'mon, Cye."

Cyrrus nodded in agreement and whirled. "Gelu imbuo!" Water streamed from his wand and hit Chara in the chest. Chara yelped at the coldness of the water, then retaliated with her own spell. Harry dodged the spell Phyrrus sent at him and replied in kind. The four continued to trade shots of water, running about the small, fenced in yard. Anyone in the street probably thought they were using squirt guns.

The four spent nearly twenty minutes firing spells at each other, and then trooped inside, soaked and laughing. A few quick spells had them dry instead of dripping all over Chara's carpet, and Harry's smile grew wider. The difference between the Lugovaloses and the Dursleys was astounding.

If Harry had entered the house dripping wet, Petunia would have scolded him and made him clean it up, no matter the reason, and Vernon probably would have dragged him up to his room and locked him in for a few days. Even Dudley had gotten scolded for dripping on Petunia's carpet (they had gotten caught in the rain coming home one day from school when they were about eight) and the explosion was terrifying. Harry had caught a dreadful cold from the incident because he'd been locked in his cupboard for three days and had been cold.

"Come on, Harry, let's go to the park," Phyrrus grinned. "Cyrrus and Mom can watch River and Rayne once they get home."

"Yeah, sure, go on." Chara waved at them. Phyrrus grinned and grabbed Harry's hand, hurrying from the house. Harry snuggled into Phyrrus' side and smiled.

"So what's the rush to get out of the house?"

"Aside from wanting to actually have some time to spend with you? Sirius and Remus are bringing the girls back soon and Sirius always feeds them sugar." Phyrrus bent to press a kiss to Harry's lips. Harry smiled dreamily up at his boyfriend.

"I see." Harry caught Phyrrus' hand, twining their fingers together, as they continued on, just chatting and enjoying the company. A game of tag on the playground equipment ensued once they made it to the park. To tag the other, they had to give them a kiss. Harry suspected that he caught Phyrrus as often as he did because of it.

After their game of tag, the two retreated under a weeping willow to relax in the almost-shade and enjoy the patchy sunlight that made it into their sanctuary. Harry pulled Phyrrus to him for a kiss, which the other responded to enthusiastically. Lips parted and tongues warred as Phyrrus bodily lifted Harry onto his lap, nuzzling and kissing him. Both moaned at the contact, and Phyrrus' large hands drifted under Harry's shirt to rub his back.

Harry was too busy playing with Phyrrus' hair to repeat the gesture. Careful to ensure they went no further, no matter what their hormones were pleading for them to do, they broke the kiss and Harry rested his head on Phyrrus' shoulder. "I love you so much, arudo," He murmured.

Phyrrus tightened his grip. "I love you, too, baby." Harry had invented Phyrrus' pet name last year, taken from a Latin word meaning fire or flame. Phyrrus had just always called Harry baby. Most people might have been offended, but Harry didn't mind. It was so sweet and loving that Harry couldn't bring himself to protest. But if anyone else called Harry baby, they'd really be in for it. Ron had, teasingly, done it once. Hermione had to unstick him from the ceiling. It was a great lark later, though.

Harry rested his head against Phyrrus' chest and smiled up at the other. "Do you think your family will like me?"

"You got approval from Grandma. That counts for a lot. And besides, I have no doubt they'll love you almost as much as I do." Phyrrus smiled. "Some might love you just as much, and that'll be really creepy."

Harry smacked his boyfriend's arm and laughed. "I'll give you creepy," He playfully told Phyrrus, poking his sides. "Oh damn, I forget you aren't ticklish."

Phyrrus threw back his head and laughed at Harry's pout. In desperation to shut him up, Harry kissed him. Phyrrus wasn't going to complain, just allowed the gentle contact, enjoying the feel of Harry's lips on his own. Harry, too, was enjoying it, but broke away after a few moments, rising to his feet. "Come on, arudo. Your mother'll kill us if we're much later.

Phyrrus pouted, but followed Harry away from the weeping willow and into the park proper. "It's the freaks!" Dudley's stupid voice made both of them stiffen. "The fairy freaks!" One of the downside to living in his old neighborhood was living so close to his relatives.

A rather insulted look crossed Phyrrus' face. "Okay, that is it! I have had it! If he's going to insult me, he's going to learn to do it properly."

Harry raised an eyebrow. "You're insulted because he insulted you badly?"

Phyrrus blinked and shrugged. "Sure. It's an insult to my intelligence, insults that bad. I lose part of my IQ by hearing them." Phyrrus stalked over to where Dudley and his friends stood.

Dudley looked up and laughed, his voice dull. "What, you think you can take us all out?"

Phyrrus was taller than Dudley by several inches with muscles built from years of martial arts and farming. "I'm not here to start a fight, you bawdy fat-kidneyed boar-pig," Phyrrus hissed, eyes practically glowing. "I'm here to tell you that if your going to insult me at least get enough brain cells to rub together first. That one in your head must be getting lonely."

Dudley blinked stupidly, obviously not understanding the insult. Phyrrus rolled his eyes. "I just called you a stupid, fat pig. Understand? I think you are as stupid as the insults you throw. And believe me, they're stupid."

Dudley gave a low roar of rage at being called stupid and swung at Phyrrus. The taller teen caught the fat boy's fist easily. The others gaped stupidly for a moment before jumping on Phyrrus. Harry kicked one that tried to hit Phyrrus in the back of the head as a roundhouse kick took down half the group. The remaining boys glanced at each other and took off. Phyrrus kicked the downed Dudley and snorted. "Pathetic."

Taking Harry's hand, Phyrrus walked easily away. "I'm sorry, Harry."

"For what?" Harry tilted his head.

Phyrrus sighed. "I know you hate it when I fight. I can tell by the way you look at me. I'm sorry I fought with your cousin."

"It was kind of funny," Harry admitted. "I just hate thinking you might get hurt."

"It's good for me, every now and then," Phyrrus laughed. "But I promise to try to reign in my temper better."

"Judging from what Mum Chara says, you're doing pretty well," Harry pointed out. "As long as you don't raise a hand to me."

Phyrrus shook his head. "May I die if I ever do, baby. I never want to hurt you."

Harry smiled gently and nodded in reply, squeezing Phyrrus hand to let his boyfriend know he understood. And Harry knew if Phyrrus ever did abuse Harry, not only would the Weasely's and Hermione be after his blood with Sirius and Remus, but Chara and the rest of the Lugovaloses would probably kill him too. Harry had seen how they dealt with abuse in the Lugovalos family with Cyrrus and Harry had no doubt that if Phyrrus raised a hand to him, he'd have the same happen.