I'm revising all my stories and rearranging the collections. The "Events Best Left Forgotten" collection has the old versions of my Naruto one shots. As I revise them and post the new versions here, I will delete them from the other collection so that nothing is double.

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The reason why Itachi pokes Sasuke on the forehead: a fluffy story about little Itachi and baby Sasuke.

Forgotten Events

Event 01: Poke

"Why do you always poke me on the forehead? I'm your little brother, don't you like me?" Little Sasuke asked.

"I poke you because I care... I guess you wouldn't remember," Itachi replied.

The young Uchiha boy smiled and repeated his name once again for his little brother. "Itachi," he said it slowly pausing after every syllable "I-ta-chi."

The baby sitting on the floor in front of him giggled. "Achi!" He cheerfully squealed. "Achi! Achi!" He extended his little arms towards his older brother waiting to be picked up.

"You can't even say my name right," Itachi smiled amused. "You sound like you're sneezing when you try to say my name, little Sasuke." He sat down on the floor near his baby brother.

"Achi!" The baby boy repeated happily. It was the first word he had ever said. As their first word most kids say 'mom' or 'dad' or a variant of those words like 'mama' or 'papa', but not Sasuke. The first person Sasuke identified with a word was his brother Itachi aka 'Achi'. He picked up a plastic toy kunai and threw it at his older brother hitting him on the forehead.

The kunai bounced off Itachi's forehead and fell on the floor next to him. "That's not very nice." It wasn't long before his baby brother picked up another toy, this time a plastic shuriken, and repeated the action. "Sasuke, don't do that," Itachi tried to make him stop.

"Achi!" Baby Sasuke giggled and continued throwing everything he could get his little hands on at his brother. The little guy could throw pretty hard for a baby.

"Seriously Sasuke, you need to stop doing that" Itachi's tone wasn't as soft as before, now he sounded annoyed.

Sasuke wasn't sure what was going on but he knew he did something wrong. He didn't want his brother to be upset so he did the only thing he could think of to make things better. He crawled to Itachi and gave him a hug.

Itachi couldn't help it but to smile as every hint of annoyance quickly disappeared from his face. He hugged his baby brother back and suddenly his world seemed perfect. Regardless of the pressure he felt being the Uchiha heir who was pushed to be perfect. Even if he was never given any room to make mistakes and even if the pressure would eventually break him, at least for now he had his little brother. Sasuke was just a baby but Itachi felt he understood him better than anyone else ever could.

Then unexpectedly Sasuke picked up the little kunai toy and hit Itachi on the forehead with it as hard as he could.

"Sasuke!" Itachi rubbed his forehead and looked at the smiling face of his baby brother. "I guess that means you care."

End of Event 01

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