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Chapter 1:

"If I asked you to... willy ou run away with me?


I winced as I rubbed my arm. Another shot. What's this pain in my back?

"You ok Max?" Dark hands reached through the bars of my dog crate in an attempt of comfort.

"Yeah Fang, I just want to go away."

"We already did that once, remember?" The dark hands clasped around mine and brought it to the bars. I felt lips press gently against my slightly wounded hands. "We'll run away Max, just hold on and know that I love you."

"Love is a funny word." I pulled my hands away. "But we'll run away together, right?" I looked up with hopeful eyes in the darkness surrounding me.

"I promise." Fang saw my eyes.


"Ow!" I clutched my head, pain searing throughout my head. I glared at the window. "Learn how to drive Nick!" I growled.

"There was a pothole Samantha!" Nick replied in the same manner. He knew I hated to be called Samantha.

"Jerk." I scowled.

"Witch." Nick shot back.





"Wanna say that again?" I seethed. I grabbed his steering wheel and jerked it hard to the left.

"What do you think you're doing?" Nick yelled fiercely. A car was approaching us. A split second later his truck was in a ditch, the approaching car passing us by. "Now who's the jerk?" He asked, is midnight black hair covering the left side of his face.

"You." I grinned. The dream kept playing in my mind, why was I being called Max and who was Fang?

Half an hour later Nick and I were able to push his truck back onto the road and he drove me home.

"You'll be fine right?" Nick asked as he pulled to a stop in front of a classy house. I messed with the black bracelet Nick made me. I wanted to stall, knowing my mother was throwing a hissy fit at home and Dad would try to calm her down. He was so whipped when it came to her, always trying to play the nice guy. I fiddled with the leather bracelet that covered my wrist, an inch or so wide. I felt Nick's eyes boring into me before I looked up.

"When haven't I?" I grinned, knowing this façade was something Nick always saw through. "Just remember what you promised, 'k?" We banged bracelets (he had a similar one to mine) before I jumped out of his truck and ran into my home.

"Hey Maxi." I grinned as I opened the door to my home. A small lab, barely three months old greeted me. I picked up the beauty and cradled her. She was my graduation gift from a few weeks ago.

"I'M TIRED OF THAT DUMB DOG LEAVING ITS BUISNESS IN MY SHOES!" My mother yelled. My mother hates dogs with a passion but she wasn't yelling at me but Dad.

"Then why don't you do something about?" My father, Jeb, replied calmly.

"YOU do something about it!" My mother slammed the door to my parent's bedroom.

Later that night (midnight actually), I was talking with my Dad in the backyard, tossing Maximum a ball every now and then. "If you had named yourself, what would your name be?" Jeb asked me.

"Maximum Ride." I grinned.

"Sounds like a plane." Jeb laughed, taking the ball and tossing it.

"It's not. It sounds like the ultimate freedom." Jeb just shook his head at my answer.

"How's Nick?" What was with the change of topic?

"Good, he likes to drive me everywhere. But I get to drive starting tomorrow, I don't understand why you wanted me to start driving on my eighteenth birthday, which I might add, IS OFFICIALLY HERE!" I grinned. I yawned a little while later.

"Well, Maximum," Jeb grinned as Maximum looked up at as he referred to me, "why don't you head on up to bed? I have a surprise for you in the morning." I nodded, giving one more toss to Maximum.

I opened the blinds in my room, looking over the backyard from the second floor. I watched as Jeb threw the ball and Maximum caught it. I saw him petting her but why did he look so sad?

I gasped in cold realization of what mother told Jeb before we went outside, Mom hates dogs so much –


I wished I screamed. A lump stuck deep in my throat, tears streaming like crazy. Maximum was gone, her adorable face, gone forever.

I fumbled with my phone, punching in Nick's number. "Hello?" Came Nick's sleepy reply. I sobbed as quietly as I could, I could feel his awareness jump from zero to a hundred. "Sam, what's wrong?"

"If I asked you to… will you run away with me?"

"Yes." Came Nick's firm reply. "I promised remember?"

"Good." I grinned through my tears. "Meet me at the park in three hours."

"Wait, Sam, what happened? Sam tell – "

"See you later." I clicked off the phone before throwing my largest duffel bag onto my bed and filling it with clothes.

I stuffed my sketchpad and journal in my batman backpack along with miscellaneous jewelry that I could hawk off later if I ran out of money. I walked out of my room, lugging all my things to the stairs before venturing into the game room. I took the portable DVD player, a laptop, along with my Ipod. I stuffed those into a smaller duffel bag.

I quietly snuck down the stairs with my things, dumping them in the hallway. A white box was sitting on the dining table, I ignored it ad I went sitting around the house for the hidden stashes of money. 300 in the knife drawer, 150 in the laundry room behind the detergent, 700 tucked away in a sandwich bag sealed envelope, wedged between a pipe and sink. There were many other places, after all, both of my parents are scientists.

I came across the white box again after I stuffed the money away.

'To Maximum Ride'

I hesitantly opened it, half expecting to find Maximum, dead inside. A debit card was inside titled 'Maximum Ride', along with a driver's license with a recent picture of me, money, three sketchbooks, a cell phone, and keys with a note.

'it was supposed to be for your birthday tomorrow (or today) but I figured you'd need it now, with the promise to Nick and all.


Ps. Good luck'

I put the cards in my wallet, the cell phone and keys in hand before tossing the box in my backpack. I opened the door and saw a large silver tucking smiling at me. I would have been excited if it weren't for the fact I had lost Maximum.

I threw all my junk into the bed before climbing in. To my surprise, in the passengers seat, buckled in was a stuffed 'Winnie the Pooh'. I wanted him for my birthday.

I jammed the key in the ignition and sped off towards the park.

Nick was already there when I arrived. He hugged me the second I stepped out. "We have to go far away." Nick nodded at my words.

"My truck or yours?" Nick questioned, eyeing my new truck. He looked at his slightly older truck.

"Yours but lets hawk mine when we get far enough ok?" Nick nodded. "I'll take point."

I climbed back in, wiping away my tears. I should be happy I was leaving that spoiled life behind. You heard right. I was spoiled while Nick was poor, he lived almost on the other side of town, just outside of the ghettos. But I never wanted to be spoiled. I knew I lived the perfect life, I just… hate perfection. Now I'm running away, throwing perfection out my rolled down windows, along with the pinned down feeling I had with my mother.

We sped off watching the sunrise on the highway, music blaring in my truck along with wind blowing through my hair to erase the fact that Mom made Jeb kill Maximum.

But now I would take Maximum's name.

And now, forever more, I will be

The indestructible, the ultimate

Maximum Ride.

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CHALLENGE TIME! What other story have I written ( it's incomplete) that's similar to this one? (remember I have many other categories that I write in)

Preview for Chapter 2:

Rainy Season

"So you changed your name to Maximum, or Max?" Nick asked me. I nodded. "Good, in that case, I want to change my name too."

"So what should it be?" I asked, glancing at the rain dripping outside.

"Fang." Nick grinned. I vaugely remembered my dream from a few days ago... what had Fang said in my dream?

"Cool." I could only grin back before we wrapped the warm blanket over our shivering bodies and watched the rain fall.