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"Oh Bast!" Demeter cried running forward and pulling the queen off of the throw up covered tom. Quickly she towed the still regurgitating queen away into a hidden alley far away from the tribe. When she thought they were safely away from the tribe the golden cat began to screech, "What is your problem Bombulurina? We just spent three days working on your stinking rear end! Three days that I could have spent primping! And you puke all over our work!"

Bombalurina leaned over a small pale that was conveniently sitting near by and emptied the last bits of whatever she had been eating the past few days. Which had basically consisted of diet cat food Plato had stored away for cases like hers.

"What could possibly have possessed you to do something like that?" Demeter sighed, holding a paw to her forehead and shaking her head.

"mf tof ferrishng." Bomba mumbled wiping her mouth.


"He told me… he told me…"

"What did he tell you?" Demeter had to keep herself from slapping the queen before her, but her paw was raised none the less.

"He told me," Bombalurina gulped, "That I was… beautiful." And then she broke down in hysterics.

There was a smack, but instead of the golden paw landing on Demeter's forehead.

"Oh Great Everlasting Cat." She muttered. "This is bad. Bad bad bad."

Bombalurina sniffled a little trying to control her tears, "Why would it be bad? I thought this is what we were trying to do."

"Because Bomba, you are falling like putty in his hands just because he told you that you were beautiful. He doesn't go for those he can just get. You have to play hard ball. Otherwise, this would all have been a waste of time."

"Oh… Bast." Bombalurina covered her face in her arms. "What am I going to do?"

Demeter began to pace. Finally she stopped and snapped her fingers. A devious smile crossed her lips.

"We'll just have to get you to practice on some other poor little saps."