Hey thereOkay, so here's the deal! This is the first story in the Miracles Collection and I don't really know how this came to be about...it was supposed to be funny...but...ah well I tricked myself...hopefully I'll do the same for you!



The shower felt so good. I was exhausted from everything that was going on in my life. Despite the fact that my dear Edward was back that didn't stop the flowing of time or my slow human body from keeping up with his…gifts? I suppose is a good term for what was going on now. He was so happy lately. I didn't really understand why with everything that could happen in just one moment that could take it all away from us. It was completely insane.

I stepped out of the shower once I had felt that I was done and picked up a towel from the back of the door. I slipped it around my body and made sure my hair was tucked inside to dry it off at least a tad. I opened the door and closed it, and when I turned around…

Down the towel went…straight to the floor.

And Edward's head turned towards me.

I couldn't speak, couldn't move and by his face I suppose Edward couldn't either. But suddenly, he leaped up off my bed I couldn't even catch the action, it was so fast. He turned around quickly and if Edward could blush I bet he'd be blushing like hell right about now.

"I'm so sorry!" I heard him say harshly, yet softly has to hide his voice from my father who had fallen asleep an hour early. "I assumed you knew I'd be coming…I didn't think…I…uh, thought you would have changed in the bathroom." He went on from there. Throwing excuses my way, thinking that this was some horrid crime.

I took a deep breath to regain my composure. "Well you'd have to see me naked eventually right?" I asked, completely out of the blue. I bent down and wrapped the towel around my head to dry my hair and walked casually to my draw where I kept all of my pajamas.

"What? Bella! What?" Edward finally asked as if he had just heard the words that very moment. He still didn't face me and I understood the reason why, but it still tugged at my heartstring…just a little bit.

I decided to laugh it off, "Once I'm turned…" I said, not failing to notice his shoulders slightly tense at the subject.

Once I was fully dressed, I went to my bed and stood behind him. I could tell he was still wary to turn around so I took the opportunity to wrap my arms around his neck and whispered in his ear, "I pray that's when you'll finally make love to me…"

I didn't need to be a mind reader to know that his groan was one of pleasure rather then distaste. I also didn't need to read minds to be able to know that he secretly desired the very same thing. But when it was mention it only brought up the one iffy subject to me…

"I want you to marry me." He said, a normal thing to ask of me now that I didn't even give it a second thought. I wanted to though…I wasn't that stupid. Its just if I had to leave my family, my wedding was something I wanted my mother to see, something where I wanted my father to walk me down the aisle.

The man at the end of the aisle of course never changed. I had dreams of my wedding to Edward. It was always beautiful and always happy. There was never a grimace on any of the people there and I knew in my heart that if I couldn't have a wedding like that, without happiness of all who attended…I probably couldn't go through with it.

"I will." I said quietly, pulling away from him and crawling into my bed. I didn't want to discuss the topic of our soon-to-be marriage anymore. I knew it was going to happen…and part of me couldn't wait for it…while the other part of me was dreading it.

I didn't listen to the sane part tonight. He finally turned towards me and smiled the most genuine smile I may have ever seen on his face. He crawled into my bed after I did and wrapped his arms around me, pulling me closer towards him.

"If I was to be completely honest with you Bella," He paused for a moment. "As much as I wish to let you keep you your humanity…I don't think I can keep my other needs hidden much longer." I felt him kiss the top of my head…and my selfish side wished he would continue downwards.

I didn't let my hopes rise to far.

"I've realized something." I softly said to him, turning on my side so I can look into his eyes. They were a warm butterscotch tonight; thankfully he wouldn't be leaving anytime soon.

"What have you realized?" He replied. His gave me a crocked smile and softened his eyes.

"We wish to much." I stated simply.

"Yes, I believe we do." Edward answered, his voice distant. "If you could wish for anything Bella, what would it be?" He asked now. I sighed, "Just one real, important thing."

"What is that?" He wondered, almost as if he didn't except what would come from my mouth.

"To be with you forever."

He laughed quietly, "You all ready have that, why wish for it?"

"Because…it's all I really want." I told him honestly. As much as I wished to be a vampire and to live with him immortally, just to be with him is all I really ever needed. "What about you?"

"To be with you…as a human." He smiled at the thought of it and closed his eyes. "I…I want all the things humans go through…and I'd give up my speed and grace and my strength just to have it." He was dreaming of it now, and I didn't dare break the thought away from him. "I want to take you out to dinner and actually be able to eat, even if it was detestable…and…and I want to go to a crowded beach on a hot summer day with the sun shining brightly…maybe even get a sunburn.

"Maybe I'd even like to catch a cold…let you take care of me for a change. I know you'd get a laugh out of that. I'd like to sleep again. Just to jump into bed and let my world fade out to black and then…to dream! That's what I want too! I want to dream again, give me dreams or nightmares I don't care," He chuckled, "I'd probably drool in my sleep too…"

I couldn't stop the sudden tears that escaped my eyes, I made sure he didn't notice, "You know what else?" he asked me swiftly.

"Hmm?" I answered, barely speaking because I was sure my voice would betray me. I felt so selfish for never realizing…how much was taken away from him.

"And, after we get married…I want to start a real family. I want to go through the anxiousness of waiting for my child to be born…and I want to hold your hand through the entire thing. I want to raise them and, and…watch them smile at me for the very first time, and tell them no and see them get angry with me, and you can bet I'd ground 'em too! I'd like to watch them grow up and…I want to have grandchildren too, so I can be there to watch that processes all over again…" He laughed now, enjoying the world that was playing out in his mind.

"I know there'd be some pain…and I know that'd I'd have to cry once in a while, and eventually I will die…but…I think that'd be worth it. So much good against a natural thing, that's what I wish…" He drifted off and opened his eyes.

He saw me crying…crying for him…

His face changed so swiftly to worry and sorrow that I felt like stabbing myself in the heart for ripping him away from happiness of his daydreams.

"Bella, what's wrong?" He pulled me so close to him that I wept even more so then before. He was trying to comfort me when he had all this pain within him.

"I'm so sorry," I said weakly. "It's so hard to say I'm sorry, but I am!" I managed to say, I look up into his eyes…those oh-too-beautiful amber eyes and cried more now.

It wasn't that he didn't want me to be with him, I realized, he just didn't want me to lose the little things in life that made an ordinary human's life so happy.

Edward wanted to sleep and to dream and to be a father one day…and it was tearing my heart in two that I couldn't give him those things. "I can't…" I stopped, the words caught in my throat, "I can't make you really happy…can I?"

He gasped and shook his head, "No!" He said almost too loudly. "That's not it! Is that why you're crying? I'm sorry…I didn't mean it like that…it's just-…"

"No! I can't make you happy in the way you really want to be Edward! I can't give you a…a family or take care of you when you're sick…or…or…"

"Bella, don't cry…it's not your fault." He kissed the top of my head, "Even if I wasn't with you…" He paused, "It would never be possible." He tried the best he could to make his voice light to cheer my mood…but he failed horribly.

"It's not fair!" I nearly shouted into his chest. His arms held me closer to him, trying his hardest to comfort me when I felt it was him who need my comfort…my compassion! Why was I like this? Why could I be strong from him…just this one time?

"I know…that's why I wish I didn't have to take you away from it…" He let his tone wander away from him.

He wanted what I had. I knew that…

"I know Edward…but I don't think I could live much longer if you can't enjoy it with me…" I looked up into his eyes again…if he could cry…I knew he would have…

"I…" Edward Cullen was speechless.

If Edward had the choice…to stay a vampire or to become a human again, I know what he would chose…

I wish he had the option…

But maybe…

Sometimes even the most foolish wishes somehow come true…

I call them miracles.