I can't even call this a one-shot. It's a ficlet…asking for snow… PLEASE GOD LET IT SNOW…

And I'm done!

The Most Beautiful Thing

I found myself awake on Edward's black sofa. I was warm and so comfortable that I truly didn't want to move. But there was a sort of inkling in the back of my head that told me that I should sit up and really see what was going on around me. So I lifted off the blanket that covered me and looked around…

And there I saw him. He was facing away from me and staring out the window that was one of his very walls. I slipped off the couch and walked over to him. He wasn't surprised when I kneeled next to him, he turned to me and smiled softly and I gave him a warm smile back.

"Hey…" he said tenderly, nearly taking my breath away. He turned back and looked out of the window. I turned also and nearly gasped at the sight…

Snow covered every inch of the land it seemed. It just went so far it was astonishing. The snowflakes now just gently fell to the earth…giving it a calm feeling of complete peace. It was heavenly.

"Were you watching the snow fall?" I asked him, adjusting my legs to sit more comfortably beside him.

He nodded. "I was."

I smiled out at the view of the white world and he happily sighed.

"Bella, isn't that the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?" he asked me. I nodded.

"Isn't it the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?" I questioned him in return.

He turned me to face him, his eyes light and happy.

"Not quite…Bella."