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Tales from the Digital Manifest: Chapter 1

It had been a month since Raven had left home to search for two kids that may or may not have disappeared into the digital world. If she had asked for an opinion the given response would be that she was running a fool's errand. The digital world is a big place, operating on multiple layers of data with each layer representing a different universe, and then of course there were the realms of the Sovereigns…

Yeah, Jane Dawn, better known as the Raven to her contemporaries, had her work cut out for her.

One month and she had nothing to show for her search except for a strange data reading that was so vague that if it weren't for the fact that it was similar in aspect to the signal that a digivice gave she would have given up a long time ago. It was her only lead, and it was nearly stone cold. The fact that she at least had a lead didn't comfort her, because if she could track them however old the trail was, she was sure that someone or something else could too; there were a lot of dangers in the digital world, and lately things have been getting just a little bit worse. Just yesterday she and her partner Munnimon had encountered something that the digivice couldn't even identify, and it called itself a Homa, no mon attached. A strange name, but then it was a strange creature, and powerful. Munnimon had to digivolve to Ultimate just to take it out! The only other notable thing about it was that it resembled a Griffin in appearance. There were things going on in the digital world that she didn't think were part of its normal activities, and while she hadn't visited the digital world enough to know what exactly passed for 'normal' but she was familiar enough with the place to identify discrepancies.

Like a shadowy cloud tangling with a thunderbolt as though they were enemies, and a herd of Bullmon running scared from it.

Okay, maybe it wasn't all that strange; she had seen the TV show and that had some strange stuff going on in it, but the sense that she got, even being a fair distance away from the occurrence, she got the feeling that there were forces at work; great and powerful forces. She had to remind herself why she had come to the digital world just to avoid investigating.

That was three weeks ago.


Jane stopped and looked up as her partner, Munnimon came in for a landing. The blue-colored bird digimon looked uncomfortable under the sun (it was a rather hot day out) and even Jane was coming to regret bringing nothing but dark clothing with her, but she couldn't complain now. The last alignment of data was three days ago, and until that data aligned properly again she couldn't go home. Too bad for her…

"What's up, Munnimon?" She asked her partner and friend. "Do you need to rest?" Munnimon nodded reluctantly. To her, Jane was always such a strong person who never seemed to show a hint of exhaustion. To not be able to match that kind of endurance made her feel as though she was slowing them down and she hated it.

"Alright," Jane said looking around. "This place seems to be just as good a place as any. Take five." Sitting down, Jane broke into her backpack and rooted through their supplies before breaking out an apple and cutting it in half with a pocketknife to share with her partner. As she bit into the delicious fruit she couldn't help but hope that there would be a data alignment soon so that she could use it to bus back between the worlds. Their supplies were running low, very low, and Munnimon was having a hard time finding any new sources of food. She couldn't help but wonder how those two kids, Ryan and Chris, were doing. They had been gone for so long now; their parents must really be wigging out. She once again thought of the enormity of her self-appointed task and groaned inwardly.

This is stupid. I've got no idea where they are really. The only reason why I think that they could be here is because I saw that Ryan kid with a digivice right before they disappeared. And then there's that weird signal that I keep picking up, but that could be just about anything. Probably a digimon that just recently digivolved or something, I mean they do share similar signals. Of course, Raven knew that wasn't exactly true. The signal had stuck around longer than it should have. A digimon that digivolved might sometimes have a data signal before it becomes integrated into the digital world's natural energy fields, but more often than not the signal would dissipate almost immediately, and if it did happen to stick around, it was almost certainly gone within days, a week at most. Jane had been following this trail for four, almost five weeks now, and it showed no signs of going away anytime soon. It was her only clue and she couldn't afford to pass it up.

It was better than aimlessly wandering and asking the digital pedestrians for help.

After Munnimon told her that she was ready, Jane repacked their supplies and they set off again. After a few minutes, her digivice started making agitated beeping noises. Pulling it out she called up the scanning program and gasped.

Data's aligning itself! It looks like we'll be able to make a pit stop back home! Grabbing Munnimon by a wing she closed her eyes and concentrated, focusing her will through her digivice and envisioned her room in her mind. "Hang on Munnimon," she told her partner. After a couple of seconds Jane opened her eyes and frowned. Nothing had happened.

"Oh, come ON!" She shouted up at the sky. Munnimon looked up at her worriedly. She knew what her partner was trying to do, but why nothing was happening was beyond her.


"Just a second, I'm going to try again." She closed her eyes and slowed her breathing; her thoughts almost seemed to melt into a fog as she drifted in her mind. Still nothing. Jane bit back a curse.

"Maybe the digivice is broken." Munnimon offered.

"I really hope you're wrong, 'cause if you aren't we're in trouble. What I don't get is why it's not sending us home. I mean, it's still doing everything else so far, and it's not like I dropped it or anything…"

"Didn't you once compare it to that cell phone that you dropped from off a Farris Wheel? How it kept working until it fell off your desk later on in the day?"

Jane scowled before looking back at the digivice. "I don't think that it's quite the same thing in this case," she said scanning the data patterns once again. "I don't get it, the pattern is the same one that we need to reenter the real world, so why isn't it responding to my digi…" she paused. The scanner was showing a different perspective now, one that she hadn't seen before. It still showed the data patterns, only now they looked as though they were being pulled towards a specific location.

Wha…? That's different? And what's the deal with that pattern? She pulled up a map and combined it with the scanner, pinpointing the location where the pattern was being drawn to and checking it with her own location. Surprisingly it wasn't too far ahead, just on the edge of a forest over near a forest, probably about ten or so miles distant. Rocmon could easily make that trip no problem. She caught a bolt of lightning in her peripheral vision off in the direction where that her digivice showed her where the pattern was bending to. She looked over to Munnimon.

"It looks like something's decided to hijack our ticket home and I want to see what. You ready to digivovle?" Munnimon's smile was answer enough, and Raven's digivice glowed.



The dark-blue sphere of data that had surrounded Munnimon shattered, and revealed a massive bluish-black bird with white tinted wings. Climbing aboard Rocmon lifted off into the air and flew towards the disturbance, which had now taken on a completely new look as the air began to warp and tear in places, light streaming through the cracks in the digital walls that divided the two worlds. As they closed in, Jane could pick out a figure. It was humanoid in appearance, and wore white and blue armor that otherwise would have been obscured by the brown cloak that it had draped over its shoulders. She almost could have believed that it was human, if not for the fact that it was seven feet tall. Jane suddenly had an idea as to who it was, and if not, than whom it owed allegiance to.

"HEY! Do the Aesir know that you're out?"

The figure turned towards her voice. She couldn't see its face through the hood, but she would've bet that it was smiling.

"Why Jane," the figure said in a voice that was neither male nor female. "I didn't expect to run into you this early in the game. Count yourself lucky that the Aesir have deemed you off limits; otherwise I would have come after you the instant you touched down in the digital world. I must search for prey elsewhere now."

"Whatever. And don't call me Jane! My name's Raven to you! You haven't earned the right to call me by my real name! And just what do you think you're doing? I thought that you weren't allowed to be out on your own!"

The being chuckled. "Yes, imagine that. A digital deity actually – what do you human children call it? – Grounded. Almost hilarious when you think about it, but then you're not the one in that position…"

"You're dancing around the subject, doofus!"

"You wound me Raven. And here I thought we were friends."

Jane scoffed. "Friends don't try to kill each other." The being laughed heartily, as if at an old joke.

"Come now, there's no one closer than an old enemy. After all they're the one's that hold your life in their hands! Oh well, enough idle chitchat. The data has stabilized enough for me to use now. Good-bye my dear. I have a date in the real world, and I do not wish to be late." And with that he tore a hole in the air, revealing what looked like a wooded area belonging to a park. Jane brought out her digivice.

Like hell you will, she thought. Rocmon tensed as Jane's digivice began to glow. The figure before them, sensing the gathering of energy turned back and fired a bolt of lightning at Rocmon before stepping through the portal. Rocmon easily dodged the lightning and looked at the portal in time to see it begin to close.

"JANE!" She shouted. Without replying Jane held out her digivice, and its glow, temporarily dimmed when Rocmon outmaneuvered the attack, burned with the fury of the sun. The closing portal suddenly halted in its progress, and went into reverse, enlarging to the point where Rocmon could fly through with ease. Wiping her brow, Jane and Rocmon took off after their quarry.


A few minutes earlier in the real world…

"William… can we please get an ice cream cone? It's hot out!"

A red – haired boy in a gray shirt and a dark-brown jacket looked up annoyingly at the blue – furred creature that he had perched on the back of his neck. "No Bill, and I'll tell you why. Because you can't sit still long enough to pretend to be a stuffed animal. I'm still having a hard time believing that old lady didn't up and have a heart attack when you actually talked to her. I didn't think that she'd ever stop screaming…"


"N-O, Frank."



The blue furred, glove wearing, dog-like digimon shut up. Once Will used his real name the discussion was over. This was an old game between them Gaomon once told William about how he once lived in a village of Gaomon that looked just like him, and Will had asked how they could tell each other apart. Gaomon had replied that everyone knew everyone in the village so it was never a problem, but William hadn't gotten it, so he came up with the idea of giving his partner a name. When Gaomon had protested, Will had continued on anyway, with Gaomon reviling each and every name that the kid bestowed upon him. Since then Will just called him any name that he thought of at the moment, only resorting to his real name in moments of stress or agitation. Such was the case now.

"I said I was sorry," Gaomon said after a few minutes.

"I know, but you should tell that to the old lady. Oh, wait! You can't 'cause she'll freak out again and try to beat you to death with her purse. I swear I must've done something really bad in a previous life to deserve you. Aren't you Gaomon supposed to be fiercely loyal, calm and quiet?"

"What can I say? I was the misfit in my litter."

"Obviously. You're about as calm as my baby sister on a sugar high…"

The two shared a hearty laugh at that, as both were very familiar with the little girl who bore a personality that far outmatched anything that Susie Wong could dish out. If they had ever met Henry's little sister, they would thank their lucky stars that Rachel hadn't invented her own version of the Princess Pretty Pants treatment to try out on poor Gaomon. Her only saving grace apparently.

Suddenly the air behind them tore open in a flash of light. Spinning around and wincing against light, they could just make out what looked like a cloaked figure. Any other details however were lost, at least until somebody turned off the light show.

Oh this is just great! My day just took weirdness to a whole new level. Maybe if I pinch myself I'll wake up in my room and all this will be just a dream. Yeah, that's it. And I'll buy Gaomon that stupid ice cream cone he's been begging for 'cause that incident with the old lady didn't really happen and…

William felt very strong hands grab him by his shirt and haul him two feet off the ground, Gaomon falling off of his shoulders and landing heavily on the ground in the process. Jeez, maybe I'll just buy this guy an ice cream, he thought ludicrously. He seems like he could use a good sit down.

"The Mjolner, boy," the figure in front of him demanded. "Where is it? Give it to me!"

Mjolner? What the…? What's a Mjolner? "Dude, I don't know what you're talking abou…"

"PUT HIM DOWN!" Roared Gaomon as he jumped up towards his friend's assailant. "GAO RUSH!"

The figure simply turned his head towards the little blue dog, and fired beams of violet energy from his eyes. The beams smashed into Gaomon and threw him to the ground. Gaomon coughed and tried to get up, but failed.

"GAOMON!" Shouted William as his gaze turned to his partner in fear. What the heck does this guy want with me? If I knew I'd give it to him! I don't want to see Gaomon hurt because of me! The digivice clipped on Williams's side began to glow, and the figure that was holding him looked down at his waist, noticing the light emanating from within his jacket. The light grew brighter, and then burst out with a small explosion of white energy. The figure holding William screamed in surprise and pain and dropped him to the ground. William stared dumbfounded at the situation and then seeing as how his attacker appeared to be stunned, he decided that now was as good a time as any to beat a hasty retreat. Grabbing Gaomon he prepared to beat feat and leave a cloud of dust in his wake when another sound caught his attention. Overcoming his better judgement Will risked a look.

Oh, for the love of…

What he saw stopped him dead in his tracks. What had to be the largest bird he had ever seen in his life just tore its way out of thin air and latched onto the cloaked figure with one claw before hauling it up into the air. Afterwards came a girl with her dark hair tied in a ponytail, wearing a white t-shirt and a black fleece jacket. Looking up she raised a device that bore a remarkable similarity to his own and the bird's form suddenly glowed and changed. During this process that held William spellbound, the bird shouted:



The bird that emerged from the light was one of the most beautiful he had ever seen; certainly one that would have birdwatcher communities drooling and gossiping for months if they ever had a photo of it. It reminded William of a Phoenix the way its orange and crimson feathers rippled with energy. Looking at it, William felt as though life, as he had experienced it up to this point, was just a black and white picture while this, this was color and plasma TV.

"Whoa…" said Gaomon with wide eyes.

"Yeah…" responded William.

"Whoa…" Gaomon said again.

"I know…"

The figure now burst free from the bird that had held him. The two did nothing at first, but simply stared at each other. After a minute, the figure spoke.

"Off limits is off limits. But don't think that this is the end. Things are coming to a head now. There will be a manifestation; a rebirth, and not you, or the Sovereigns will stop it! Not even the Aesir know…" the figure caught himself. "Well, you'll just have to find out on your own won't you? But know this, the pits of Tarturus will seem like a heaven to you both when the Manifest occurs." And with that he tore another hole in the air and prepared to go through it.

"No you don't…!" Began Humamon, but her opponent blasted her with a bolt of lightning, sending the great bird down. Without a second to lose the cloaked figure entered the portal and sealed it behind him.

The girl rushed over to where the great bird lay, calling out her name. Humamon sat up with a groan, but told the girl that she would be all right. William looked at the two.

"Um… someone care to explain…?"

The girl looked up at him, her eyes held a cold look to them that gave him pause. "Never mind kid. Just forget what you saw here 'cause it doesn't concern you." William blinked.

"Now hold on," said Gaomon angrily. "I definitely think that it does concern us. That guy just attacked my buddy, and I think that we deserve an explanation as to why!" the girl looked at Gaomon as if she had just realized that he was there. Her eyes widened slightly, but did not lose that cold look to them. She looked over to where she had appeared and then looked at her digivice. She bit her lip as if debating something. She looked back at them.

"I can't talk right now. I'm already in the middle of something, so just…stay on your guard. If you see that guy again just turn around and run! Got it?"


"Humamon? Let's go!" Running off towards where she first showed up, the girl disappeared, and was soon followed by the giant bird. William briefly considered following them, but the sound of sirens changed the course of that thought process. Still carrying Gaomon Will ran off, heading towards home.

Cripes, what'd I just stumble into? I think I'll just buy Gaomon that ice cream cone anyway, 'cause suddenly that episode with the old lady doesn't look so bad! Oh man, what am I going to do?

The sound of approaching sirens gave the young boy his answer as his pace quickened.

Mom is going to be really cheesed when she hears about this…


Jane frowned darkly as she watched the portal close. She wondered about a lot of things now. Things about the Aesir, about the Juten, about those two kids that she was trying to track down. She couldn't help but wonder if they were already caught up in whatever this Manifestation thing was.

Terrific, something else that I need to worry about; just what I needed. As if things weren't already hard enough.

She wondered what course she should pursue now. Should she continue looking for Ryan and Chris, or should she try to track down an old friend of hers who could possibly shed light on her discovery.

Decisions, decisions…