Action Man thoughts:
using my amp factor
fighting against Dr.X
Tempest and Asazi
plus Quake
and Dr.Gangreen
saving the world
sometimes working wit Intercept
having to deal with Rikki's complaining and nagging
I got used to it
Fidget with her camera
Grinder is a great pilot
they are family to me
Nick Master is a strange person
always insult people
such as Templeton Storm who became Tempest
and myself when Dr.X and Tempest worked together
Team X-treme works like a team
figghting against evil
with Simon Gray at our side
meeting new people
getting new rivals
meeting villains
making a plan
finding a distraction
using the impossible
to make it possible

being a pilot
able to take on Dr.X
Not afraid
to take on challenges
I'm calm
and relaxed
Rikki can not stay relaxed
Fidget is a bit hyped up
Alex and I are like brothers
we fear nothing
We take care of each other
Team X-treme is a family
we save each other
and we care for each other
we are all friends
we stick together
come up with plans
fighting against
Asazi, Dr.X, Tempest and Quake
and also Gangreen
being stress free
well that is me