Brandon's thoughts

Here I am
brown hair
dark colored eyes
friend of Alex
yet a rival
I wanted to win
I did a stupid thing
Alex saved me
he didn't know how he did it
I ended up in the hospital
then we got candy from a stranger
a machine came out
and jumped on the screen
his name was DR.X
listened to his proposal
Alex wasn't interested but I was
so I tried it
raced against Alex
I won
i transformed into a monster more than once
Alex had to save me
Dr.X got me
I wanted to get him
so alex and I went to his lab
which was underwater
I saved Alex from debris
when the ground shook
we went in
hologram showed up
I wanted to go
I was scared of X
then some vines grabbed me
and took off Grinder's blocking singals
Then Dr.X arrived and transferred his progam into me
He used me
That was the last of me and so I thought
until i found out I was in a trilobug
I took over some trilobugs and attacked Dr.X
and his crew
I don't even know them
Alex allied with them
to stop the trilobugs
but couldn't
the trilobugs grew
and transformed into me
I was confused
lost like a puppy
not until I saw Dr.X
I shot at him
then two of his goons
one shot lightning
while the other shot arrows
I knock them out and then Intercept arrive
they moved me to the sea
I fed off knowledge.
Then I showed up at Intercept
I saw a boy
and a women
there was Dr.X
There was Alex
he was helping X
They jumped in my head
Alex found the bug
I shocked Dr.X
He was taking the trilobugs down
next thing I know
I wake up to be in a bed with boxers on
I see Alex, Fidget, Rikki and Grinder.

Nick Masters
Big ego
wearing a toupee
new reporter
I care just about getting news
about Action man
and blaming other people
when I could blame myself
have big anger
got in a feud with Templeton Storm
blamed him
ran a smear campaign against him
he turned into Tempest
who shoots lightning out of his body
almost destroyed Masterdome
and almost killed the gifted players
loved just the ratings
I'm a reporter
just my job
I'll never learned my lesson

Diane Zervas
Intercept agent
carries a gun
really serective
but not really
work for the government
met Team X-treme
and Dr.X
plus the members of Dr.X's doom council
Asazi is a hitman
Tempest shoots lightning
he could probably charge a car battery
Then Gangrene is a world threat
he can poison the world
shoots acid
Quake can break the world into half.
I must stop world threats
helping action man
Action Man is a team player
Rikki is really is a chicken
Grinder is calm and always ready
he's a mechanic and a good one
Fidget is a crazy girl with attitude
with Vinnie
which gave me the creeps
I'm an Intercept agent
and I will stop Dr.X
no matter what it takes