Life is a battle field
men are dying
some wounded
carrying guns
fighting for future
fighting for survival
In a war,
survival is one thing
being brave is another
sacificing is a hard risk
men die because of it
doctors try their best
some live
some die
War is hard to handle
shelling surrounds you
guns being shot
soliders trying to get out
some cower
some take the chances
war is never happy
mind plays trciks thinking you won
then you die
can't face it
I'm a solider
wounded from battle
I learned the hard way
the way that nearly cost my life
I am glad i lived
but my buddies are gone
no one to talk to me
except a priest and some doctors
know how life is?
It's like a game of cards
when you lose, you die for it
you win and you'll be honored and live
what horror
kids die
women and men die
things go ka-boom
and a life is sold to god
or to the devil
Survival is a hard thing
when the enemt tries to kill ya
It hurts alot
I feel pain
and I wince
darkness fails
light wins
I live for now
this is the second time I been shot
I risk it all for freedom of others.
I'm not selfish
I care for the future
for the kids future
I lost my leg in battle
here I am at home
bad things return
The war is over and I go back to where the war was.
I look around and see the damage
the damage cause by enemies and us.
i am an American
I represent all that has happened
my dad died and I lost my mom
my sister lost her life
I hate the war.
So many lives gone
thanks to that war.
was it to happen
It's been a long time since the war started and ended
I'm no doctor but I know some pulled through.
I nearly died
I do not lie
I tell stories to kids
who need to learn this
so that the future will change and carry on.
I'm a captain in mental pain
I'm not crazy but emotionally hurt.
I have no daughters or sons but now a dead wife.
She died while I was in war.
I feel sorry for all that died
but that's sucide and stuff
It's painless
you can not hear the bullet but sometimes you do.
War and life is a battle field
ive your life well for you see when the next war comes
How hard it was
for a captain like me.