Title: A rose by any other name is...Sarah Author: Daphne Saxton Email: Archive: Just let me know where My website: My group: http://tv.groups. I don't own them and I have no money, so don't sue me )
Category: H/M Rating: T Summary: Harm studies a rose Spoilers: None really Author Note: Thanks to Sarah!

I don't know what possessed me to buy this rose from the street vendor. I originally bought it to put by Dad's name, but, now i find myself sitting on a bench, staring at the delicate flower in my hand. I went through all of them until I found the perfect one. Now I find my thoughts drifting to Mac. It seems so fitting that we met in a rose garden. Mac has so much in common with the flower. She's beautiful, that much is obvious. And to the naked eye, roses are just simply beautiful. No one takes the time to notice the complexity behind the beauty. I know that man men over the years have made this same mistake with Mac. They see her as a beautiful and physically perfect woman. But they never take the time to get to know anything behind that beauty.

I study the rosebud. It's so delicate, so frail. If the rose's not taken care of, the petals wilt. But given the right amount of love and nurturing, the rose blossoms into something even more beautiful. No one's ever taken the time to give Mac that love and nurturing. I want to be the one to do it. I want to take care of her.

My eyes drift down to the thorn infested stem. The thorns have always intregued me. They provide a defense for the flower. Mac has numerous thorns. She readily gets into relationships, but never lets people get too close or personal with her. The fear of getting hurt is too great for her. But, I somehow manage to get close to her. And everytime I get too close, I get pricked by a 'thorn' as she does everything she can to push me away. If we get too close, she'll begin to pick fights or claim she has to work late. And at times, she's even resorted to dating another man just to keep me away.

Another similarity between the two? Dependence. After a rose is separated from the bush, it doesn't last long. And as much as she may say otherwise, Mac doesn't do well on her own. She needs to be with someone...to be loved and cared for.

I can't help but think of the line in Romeo and Juliet, "A rose by any other name is...Sarah" I smile faintly and stand. It's time to push the subject with my rose. I'm not going to let her thorns keep me away anymore. I walk quickly back to my car and drive to her apartment.

I swallow hard. I have to let go of my own thorns in order to get passed hers.

My heart aches when she opens the door. She looks tired. I hold the rose up. "It reminded me of you."

Her amused, but curious smile helps me to relax.

"Can we talk?" I ask gently and she takes the rose, smelling it before stepping aside to let me in.

I just hope that I can get into her heart as easily as I can get into her apartment.