"You are incorrigible." He had been going at it for the past hour. Couldn't he see that she had had enough? Hermione was trying to go through her chores that day and all he could do was follow her around in nothing but a shirt, underwear and socks. Normally, this wouldn't be such a bad thing, but the timing is so off. It was the start of the day after all.

"What the hell does that mean?" He pouted at her.

"Pick up a dictionary and find out." She laughed, putting more clothes in the washing machine. It was not fair. He was getting too monotonous. This had been going on for three days.

"You are changing the subject." He shook his head in frustration. "Now, will you please pick a tie for me?" He was hopeless.

"You have eyes, can't you do it yourself?" Hermione shrugged at Cedric as she loaded the washing machine with more whites. He was distracting her all too much parading without his pants on. If she accidentally put a red shirt with those whites, she wouldn't be held liable to whatever pink garments he might find himself owning.

"But I can't! I can't pick." He blocked her way as she headed for the door.

"Since when have you been all indecisive hmmm?" She smirked at him. Cedric was like a little child whenever he was like this. He was as persistent as a kid who wanted a pony for his birthday.

"Since I married you." He nodded. "Ever since then, I became this irresolute little boy that values your every opinion. Enough side-tracking! Pick a tie so I can go to work. Please…" Was he really that hopeless now? He needed her decision for everything. Shirts, pants, ties. Every decision he made had to have her stamp of approval. It was all too silly for her to keep up with, but then again, he was amusing.

"The blue one I guess." She finally gave up and picked the blue striped neck tie. The truth was, both ties looked exactly the same to her, the only difference was that one was in a lighter shade than the other. Leave it to Cedric to be perplexed by identical ties.

"You sure?" He asked as he walked to the Hallway mirror to put the tie on.

"You ask for my opinion and ask me if I am sure?" She raised an eyebrow.

"Nevermind. Blue it is." He briskly finished the knot on his tie, very sloppily might I add.

Hermione walked behind him and snaked her hands around his shoulders. She stood on her toes and carefully fixed the knot on his tie. Seriously. He was an adult male and yet she was more capable of knotting a tie. "Now get to work…you are late as it is." she kissed his cheek.

"Fine, but if someone laughs at my tie…"

"…I will beat them up like a good wife." Hermione smirked.

"That's my girl." He laughed and exited the door.

Hermione went up to their room and opened the closet. She pulled out a pair of pressed black pants and went down stairs again. Hermione stood in the hallway and leaned on the wall. How long would it take Cedric to realize that he had forgotten to put on any pants?