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Harry Potter: A matter of force.

Part 1: Things that shouldn't have happened.

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No one really knows what happens when you die. All we really know is that all bodily functions cease, and you pretty much stop moving forever. Other than that, it's pretty much an open book. Some people believe that you end up in endless torment, or go to a place where you're just happy forever. Others think you're simply recycled as someone else, spit back into the planet in a never ending cycle of rebirth. Some who believe this think your actions determine who you become in your next life, others believe it's simply random, as if your spirit takes residence inside the nearest open womb. However, there's no guarantee of any of that. It's pretty much unknown what any of it means, or even if you appear in the same world the next time around. The universe is infinite, and infinite possibilities exist in either one.

Kyle wasn't exactly sure what had happened to him. All he knew was that he'd been driving along a dark curving road on a cliff side at night. The last thing he remembered was seeing the bright lights of a very large vehicle through his windshield on the wrong side of the road as he curved around a corner. He wasn't even sure what kind of vehicle it was that hit him, but he was pretty sure he'd been hit. There was a bright red light and a flash of brief pain. The loud twisting of metal was all he heard before the his world become nothing but a sensory overload for a few seconds.

He had no idea where he was, if he was still trapped in the crumpled wreckage of his car, or lying on a hospital bed somewhere.

All he knew for sure was that wherever he was was pretty dark. It seemed to be lit by candle light and he could only see the white spackle of a plain looking ceiling above him. He couldn't move very well, and was wrapped in a warm blanket.

He was disoriented, and something was making his ears ring. He couldn't move very well and seemed to have trouble even turning his head as he fumbled about a bit on what he had just realized was a soft mattress. His mouth opened to speak, but he couldn't manage to form words. A few garbled sounds escaped his lips as he struggled for a moment to figure out what was going on. "What the hell?" his mind was numb and still catching up. The odd ringing in his ears hadn't stopped , but he seemed to realize he could still feel all his limbs. As his initial shock began to wear off, he seemed to realize there was the sound of a screaming child next to him, the pungent odor of urine wafted up to his nostrils. It took him a moment to realize the baby was right next to him and bawling as loud as it could into his left ear.

He was having trouble getting a hold of himself as he struggled to find some sort of familiarity to his surroundings. Someone, anyone who could tell him what was going on. The child next to him was wet and irritated and he turned his head to look at it as best he could. He couldn't turn his head all the way to the side for a moment, but it fell over to the side almost as if none of the muscles in his neck were responding at all.

Sure enough, a red faced child was lying next to him with a small trickle of blood oozing down it's forehead from an open wound just below its hairline. It looked like something had hit it on the head, but he couldn't see the offending object anywhere nearby. He didn't feel that great himself, and noticed a new smell mixed in with the child's pungent diaper. It was as if the air had been electrified, the wafting light smell of ozone seemed to be lying just beneath the ammonia. His head was hurting and his eyes were watering, he wasn't sure if it was from the child or his injuries, and he didn't care.

He wanted to reach over and comfort the child, perhaps change it. Not because he particularly cared about the child's well being, but rather to quiet it down a little at least. He couldn't even sit up though and didn't have the reach to touch it. He wanted to speak, tell it to shut the hell up. Gently of course, scaring the child would only make things worse, but he couldn't do that even if he wanted to. All he knew was that he was stuck there until he could regain enough of himself to do something about it, or until someone else came along to take care of the problem. He couldn't move his head back up and simply squeezed his eyes shut.

After about an hour of sitting in immobilized silence, with the unwavering cries of the child next to him, he heard a new sound. The door to the home opened, and he could hear voices. A group of people entered the room, they were wearing cloaks and hoods, but none of them looked upset. They didn't try to speak with him, and he couldn't respond. They all had a somber, but nonthreatening look about them as they seemed to be looking around the home. Two bodies were covered and carried out and a hooded female looked down at him and the baby with a soft looking frown on her face. "Poor dears..." Her eyes drew down to the blood on the baby's forehead and she dabbed at it gently. "Oh. I should be happy. Still, someone needs a changing.

It was at this point that Kyle seemed to realize that something was wrong. She was huge. She reached down and checked his diaper and her hand completely covered his belly. Her arm looked to be about six feet long as she gazed softly into his eyes. "Poor dears." Tears began to well up in her eyes. "You've done a great thing poppets."

Kyle didn't scream, but stared up at her with wide eyes as he realized she was speaking to him as if he was a baby. Her touch seemed to spread a warmth through his body and he found himself able to look around a bit. He was a baby, not a newborn, but no more than a year old. The same age as the child next to him. It had calmed as well as the woman moved over and changed his dirty garments. The baby grunted as it looked up at her as she worked. Kyle watched this in a sort of fascinated wonder as he tried to figure out what was going on. He tried to speak, but his mouth wouldn't work. A few garbled grunts was all that escaped his lips and his mind cursed in frustration. "What's going on? Where am..."

He noticed the home was destroyed as she hefted him onto her shoulder along with the other child. Everything within was shattered or broken, and the walls were covered in fresh cracks and burn marks. The area where he and the other child were resting seemed untouched, but the rest of the home was pretty much ruined. "I suppose I shouldn't say you two are very lucky, but it's true. It's a great day for us, but for you two..." He found himself being handed off at the doorway to the home.

"Hagrid, do be careful."

The man she handed the two children into the gentle arms of a massive hairy man. He was about nine feet tall from the look of him, and wearing a long dark coat that hung off his shoulders. His face was covered in a scruffy black beard. It was difficult to tell where the beard began and his hair started.

"Right. I know what I'm s'posed ta do." The man nodded at her as his eyebrows furrowed as his lips turned down a bit. The other child was starting to cry again. Kyle was afraid, but remained silent as he watched unable to do anything about the situation. He couldn't even ask what was happening to him.

The man walked up to a large mean looking motorcycle with a huge basket tied onto the rear seat. He placed both children inside wrapped in blankets with a gentle softness that seemed out of place in someone his size.

"Shhh. There's a good lad." The other baby's cries softened as it found itself warm in the basket. Kyle was placed in second beside him with just as much gentleness. "There's a good lass. You're a brave one I think."

Kyle's desperate mind latched onto one word. "Lass? Hey. What the hell does..." It took a moment for his hand to reach through the mess of blankets as the man straddled the bike and started driving away from the home down a short dirt road. Kyle didn't notice the bike take to the air at all. He was to busy being horrified. "No!" His balls were gone. "What the? Where am I? What's going on...?" He was looking at the other child beside him, almost hoping for an answer to the question he couldn't voice from it. It was about that point that he realized that the wound on his forehead had a distinctive shape. It looked almost like a small strike of lightening.

"I'm dreaming. I'll wake up in the hospital in a while, they'll tell me I can't walk anymore and..."


Five years had passed since the first night she could remember. It wasn't a pleasant memory now that she had most of the details down. It wasn't difficult to figure out once she'd arrived at her current location. She was hiding behind an easy chair in number four, Privet Drive. Harry Potter, her twin brother, was opposite her giving her hand signals that told her that the Dursleys were all in the kitchen, and that the coast to the front door was all clear.

She smirked. She was a five year old girl with red hair that was cut down to her shoulders. She was lanky and looked like the tomboy she was. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail that stuck out the back of a Boston Red Sox ball cap. She'd found it outside somewhere and cleaned it up herself. A few of the neighbors had relatives from overseas that visited as little as they could. Privet Drive was nothing but a row of homes with people just like the Dursleys in each one.

The family wouldn't bother with buying her new clothes any more than they would Harry. She was wearing their much larger cousin's old clothes. Dudley was a huge spoiled boy, and would be bully. She motioned her brother towards the door and within a moment they were both in the yard.

Once outside they both relaxed quite a bit more. Any chance to escape the home's residents was relished by both of them. She'd done her best to get out as much as possible and keep Harry active. They spent a lot of time running around outside. To Harry, he was playing with his sister. To her, it was another matter. The games they played all taught Harry a useful skill. He was getting quite good at sneaking around unnoticed by the adults. Fooling the Dursleys wasn't much of a challenge.

"Anna, what are we gonna do now?" Harry had a huge grin on his face as he looked at his sister.

"Come on." The girl pulled a long stick from a hidden place in the garden. Since she and Harry were both treated pretty much like house elves, she found hiding things in any place that required work to keep up was effective. She handed it to her brother and grabbed another like it from the same place. "I'll toss a few rocks your way by the pond. Auntie Petunia will be mad at us if we get dirty." She frowned a little as she thought about it and started walking away. Harry couldn't see her face as he kept up behind her. Why would it matter if she got her clothes dirty? She was the one who had to wash them, she also cooked all the meals, and did most of the house work. Harry was doing things in the yard and making repairs. Any small job that required any effort was their responsibility as soon as their hands were capable enough.

A short time later they were standing in front of a small pond. Anna was tossing rocks at her brother, small ones. He'd swing and knock them out over the water on occasion, but he missed most and ducked a few with relative ease. She'd never hurt him in the game, but it did help his coordination quite a bit.

His stick cracked and a small stone sailed out over the pond and into the middle of the water. It was little more than a retention pond for storm drains in the area. Still, there was no threat of breaking others' property in the area. She tried to avoid the attention of the Dursleys whenever possible. Harry was starting to catch on to that as well, and got in less trouble on his own as of late.

The boy smiled with pride as he peered out over the water. "Wow. That went pretty far!" He seemed pleased with himself.

The girl smiled at him and nodded. "Good one."

"You want to have a go?" He seemed to be having a good time.

"Sorry, we've got to get back. It's almost time for us to go to our room for the night." She looked a little down as she said this.

The boy got a similar look on his face and sighed. "S'not so bad with you there."

She returned a weak smile. Harry wouldn't know what a house elf was, but she did. She and Harry came home with bumps and bruises all the time. They spent a lot of time running around outside. She wanted to do more with him, but they'd already been out earlier. She was teaching him to fight as well. She had started sparring with him a few months ago. It was a light and easy game so far though. For the most part they dodged Dudley and played games with him that left him feeling tired and worn out. If she over did things, it might cause problems with his growth. The Dursleys tended to ignore how tired they were when they wanted something done as well.


Uncle Vernon was livid.

Anna was looking up in frustration, and Harry looked about ready to wet his pants he was so afraid. They were both sitting on the floor, with a few small blocks floating in the air between them when he'd walked into the closet. They were sitting cross legged on the ground facing each other playing yet another of Anna's games.

"I won't have any of this in my home!" Vernon reared his meaty hand back and whacked the boy hard enough to send him into the wall. He turned violently towards Anna ready to do the same as she stood up in alarm.

She could still feel the energy coursing through her. She only wanted to learn a little control before they went to Hogwarts. Enough to keep herself and Harry out of trouble from accidents in the future. She'd only played this with him in the closet, and had warned her brother that he needed to keep it a secret, and confine it only to the room under the stairs. She felt her anger surge up inside her and backed against the bed as Vernon grabbed the front of her shirt.

"I know this was your idea. I won't have any of this in my home!" He was glaring at her in unbridled rage. His hand reared back to smack her with the back of his palm.

Anna didn't know what to do. She wasn't willing to give up, but Vernon knowing about it would make things harder. She reached her hand up and waved it across his line of vision. It wasn't meant to be an attack. "Just forget about it."

She waited for the strike, squeezing her eyes shut and bracing herself as best she could. It never came.

Vernon gave her an odd glazed stare and nodded. His anger faded and he stood upright in an almost mechanical way. "I'd better not hear any noise out of here!" He closed the door and left them alone.

Anna was staring at her hand in confusion. "Wha? It..."

"Are you okay?" Harry was picking himself up. He'd been sitting against the wall waiting for his Uncle to leave the room. "I don't suppose we'll be going out again tomorrow."

Anna looked at the door. It wasn't locked. Vernon always locked it when he was angry. "I don't..." She wasn't expecting that to work at all. In fact, she was berating herself for being so stupid and waiting for an even worse beating. Vernon should have brought her across his knee and laid into her. She was still looking at her hand with a rather blank expression on her face. "I'm fine."

Harry's eyebrows furrowed and he backed away from the grin on her face as she looked at her hand. "Are you sure?" He looked nervous and worried. "We get a good beating whenever you look that way."

"Don't worry about it. Come on, Uncle Vernon won't bother us about this again. Don't let him catch you though. Especially if I'm not around." The glare she gave him was rather serious.

The boy nodded and looked a bit pensive. "Please don't get us in more trouble Anna."

"No worries Harry." She grinned at him and sat back down. "I think we'll be trying a few new things soon." She looked pleased with herself and motioned for him to sit down.

He stood there and looked down at her with an uncertain frown on his face. "Are you..."

"We'll be fine." She narrowed her eyes at him. She could beat his ass and he knew it.

"Fine!" He looked frustrated and annoyed.

She smirked as his eyes closed and the feelings seemed to melt off as he meditated in front of her. She'd been doing this with him for as long as she'd been able to keep him still and interested for long enough. Given the amount of contact the Dursleys gave them, it hadn't taken much. She and Harry were connected somehow, and she was taking full advantage of that. Moving small objects around in the air was just one purpose of the 'game'. She was also prodding at his mind with her own, while defending against his mental attacks a the same time. The boy was doing the same thing, just as they did every night, and sometimes when they were near to each other in the outside world. They didn't even have to be looking at each other to do it, and no one else could see what they were doing. Anna knew that she'd needed both of their mental defense at it's best when they reached Hogwarts. No one was getting inside the two of them with a mental probing of any kind.

Being a baby had not been easy on Anna. She'd gotten very bored with it before she'd grown enough to act like a normal human being. She couldn't move much, couldn't talk to anyone, and wasn't lavished with huge numbers of toys. Well, sort of. The Dursleys had caught onto the fact she picked things up quite a bit faster than either of the other children. The family was her favorite toy, the game of how to avoid and control them started right away with her.

Their guardians didn't care for her anymore than Harry though. It was obvious they were desperate for Dudley, their son, to somehow be superior. He was the perfect child in their eyes, and pushed both of them around. She knew better than to try and defend herself with any real force. She'd seen to it that she and her brother were faster. She and her brother had been the first to walk, despite Mrs. Dursleys ignoring them. Harry had been a handful at first. Their foster parents firm discipline curbed that. She'd been smart enough to know to avoid them. After all, she had read the story before.

That had brought her original problem to bear. She'd figured out she had died in that accident. Somehow she'd been reborn as Harry Potter's twin sister. That in itself was a bit of a quandary to her. It hadn't taken much thought to realize what happened to Harry had somehow woken him up.

As near as she could tell, she was the only one there. It was still hard to think of herself as a girl, and she knew how young she was. The memories were still there, as clear as last summer was to her. It didn't change her position. She was aware that certain things were very real in the world she'd found herself in.

She wanted both of them to be as ready as they could be. What lay ahead was a very nasty road.

Harry knew about their past, as much as she could teach him before Hogwarts came around if she had any choice. She also knew that things might not be quite the same regardless. She'd been born and changed things, regardless of how they went with or without 'him' involved.

Her head cocked a little She could tell small objects were spinning around her head, her brother was doing it. She'd been caught up in the big question so much she'd forgotten what she was supposed to be thinking about. This new development with her Uncle. She'd been into martial arts in his old life, he'd even spent a few years as a soldier. Just how far could she go with this anyway? She'd read the books, but this was more like what his old martial arts instructors talked about as fantasy and myths of the art. She didn't even have a wand, and she had no idea how to make one. Still, it left her to think about what other possibilities there were. It was going to take some serious thinking about ways of testing what 'rules' could be bent.

By Harry Potter magic standards as she knew them, what she had done was impossible. It was just the perfect time to try and be a wise ass to her Uncle, and she didn't even know it. She opened her eyes and found herself eying a nearby flashlight with a peculiar smirk on her face. "Now you're dreaming." Her shoulders slumped a little and she sighed. The two of them would be damn good martial artists. That also meant teaching Harry enough self discipline to keep him away from the Dursleys, Dudley in particular.

She had a lot of work to do, but all the time in the world and nothing but housework to do. She smirked to herself, it still needed a lot of refining, but that would abate somewhat as well. She had to be careful though, it wouldn't do to become reliant on it. She didn't want any one of the other family to catch on. That wouldn't bode well, but it could make her work with Harry much easier. It was almost too perfect, and that's what bothered her. "How the hell did I end up here anyway?"

"Mum and Dad died." Harry's answer didn't sound much like an emotional response. It was just the right answer to him.

"Right, nothing more to it than that right now is there? Probably all there ever will be."

"Anna? What's a Yank?"

"Huh?" that caught her a bit off guard. "An American."

"Uncle Vernon says we sound like 'Bloody Yanks'."

Harry had pretty much learned to speak from her. It left the Dursleys somewhat confused and irritated. The two adults couldn't figure out where they had picked it up. It was a tiny bit of pleasure on Anna's part. Harry had no idea, but it wouldn't be productive to let him in on too much.

"Oh. I suppose we do then." She shrugged and noticed everything was back where it belonged. Harry was rubbing the side of his nose and looking at her rather with the vacant void of bored five year old.

"Let's go to bed." Anna stood up and climbed onto the cot on one side of the room. Harry's was on the other. Harry would have had a bed of his own at least without her, but they managed to survive anyway.


Harry Potter and his sister were putting out breakfast as the Dursleys came down the stairs. They each took a small plate of food each with them as they left the room That was what the Dursleys liked, none of that foolishness. Both Potter children would make wonderful house servants for someone some day, and make poor but reasonable salaries. Even Dudley was content to leave them be on their own.

It hadn't taken long for the family to reach that mindset, as both children seemed to be doing what was expected of them. Staying out of the way and not making noise. As far as the Dursleys were concerned, all of the things that happened around them were what they should be.

Anna smirked as she looked at the family around the table one last time before disappearing under the stairs with her brother.

"I don't relish eating a meal with them, Dudley's birthday especially." Harry frowned as he looked down at his plate. He was shoveling it into his face a moment later and not looking up at her.

"We have to eat. I don't use it when I don't need to, I told you." She was reclining in the shadows and glaring at him over her fork. There was a piece of fried egg hanging from the prongs that dripped onto her knee. She wiped it off and then rubbed her finger against the edge of her plate in disgust. "Really, Harry. I'm the one in charge of that. I still can't figure out why you're so picky about how we get the things we need. It's not like we can go to the store and buy food. We're still wearing Dudley's old clothes, and I'm not about to go in there and apologies for changing their mind about a few little things. These aren't comfort issues Harry."

Harry was frustrated with her again. He'd fooled all of them the same way at times. "Why are you in charge anyway?"

"Because I'm smarter. I know what I'm doing." She pulled her old ball cap over her skull and pulled her hair through the back. She still kept it in a short ponytail. It was ragged, but still whole. Both of them were still thin and of average height. It was easy to tell they were related, despite Anna's red hair.


"I have special mind powers. Okay?" She glared at him and shook her empty fork at him. "I've been teaching you too you know. Don't act like I'm holding out on you or anything."

"How do you know all this?" Harry had caught on to the fact that his sister knew more than she should. She could remember the day their parents died as far as he knew. He could barely remember being five. "I'd like to go to the zoo today too."

"With them? Naw, it'd be better to wait and see for ourselves." She nodded and relaxed back into the cot. She pulled her cap down and settled in to wait for the Dursleys to leave. "Something bad might happen if we went with them."

"Another prediction?" Harry didn't sound any happier.

"Yep." She sighed and feigned ignoring him.

"I suppose we will have the run of things for a little while." The boy sighed and hung his head. "I'd like to try and talk to a snake." She'd always told him he could do it.

"They'd be behind glass anyway." She laid back with her hands behind her head and seemed to brush it off.

She could tell he was peering at her over his arms in anger as he rested his arms on his knees. "Still."

"Look, don't worry so much. I wanna show you something cool after they leave anyway. You're gonna like this. I promise."


Harry looked at the odd flashlight in his hands and frowned. He'd turned it on and found it put out a green light. His little sister had made it, she had a way of disappearing for a while at times. He knew her little mind trick wouldn't work on him very well. It only seemed to work on the dull witted. The Dursleys all qualified. Along with Dudley's large dumb friends.

He was standing in the yard with his sister looking at it. "Great. I like it." He seemed pleased with the gift, just the fact that it was a gift was enough. It looked like she'd made it. It was a slim piece of metal with a crystal inside one end. The other side was a small light bulb powered by a battery that charged when you shook it. "How did you..."

"I got the Dursleys to buy a few cheap parts a little at a time." She shrugged.

"You shouldn't have." Harry frowned at her. "You're the one who's always going on about..."

"I'm not the boy who lived. I like your attitude and I want you to keep it. I'm another matter though, it's my job to keep them distracted and away from us while we do what we need to." She seemed quite sure of herself.

"You can't see the future, Anna. Just let it go." Harry seemed irritated. Everything else his sister had shown him so far had panned out. Her predictions were often questionable.

"Yeah? Well, I've got another cool trick to show you." She pulled out her own flashlight, it was making a blue light as she flicked it on. She held it out in front of herself and closed her eyes for a moment. "Once you figure it out, it's real easy. Just push it through the flashlight and pull the light real close together."

Harry's jaw dropped as a solid beam of light formed on the end of her flashlight. It was about four feet long and made of blue light. She swung it around and sliced though a twig sticking out of a nearby bush.

"That looks dangerous!" He eyed the weapon on the ground and picked it up. He took his time standing back up and looked down at it with a frown on his face. "We could kill someone with this!"

"Only if you use it that way." She turned the switch off and the blade vanished. Harry could still see something without the light. She swung it at him and he felt a tingling sensation. "It only works with the light. If you've got it turned on, you should be using it."

"How..." He sighed and scratched the back of his head. "I should have known you had something like this planned. It's not like you to do that just to get out of a trip."

She shrugged. "You'll live. It's not hard. You're not going to hurt anyone with it unless you hurt them really bad anyway. Once you figure it out you'll be able to make it so it won't hurt anyone even with the light. You gotta be careful though, it's got a middle ground and it'll burn someone real bad if you're not careful. Took me maybe ten minutes to figure it out once I got it. I dunno why, but you need the light if you want to hurt something with it."

"How did you get it to hum like that?" Harry was glaring forward and holding it in front of himself. He looked quite serious.

"That's the sound of the air around it frying." She narrowed her eyes at him and turned her nose away. She didn't want to say anything, but it just wouldn't be right without it. She had a feeling she'd had something to do with it, but she wasn't sure of that.

"Are you going to show me how, or just gloat about your new idea some more?" Her brother's patience was wearing thin. It was obvious she could tease him quite a bit more though.

He always took everything so serious, he agreed that the Dursleys should be avoided, but she took things to the edge of extremes every once and a while and it bugged him. She was always going on about the Dark Side, and inner peace to him.

"I already have the temperament to not do something stupid if someone pushes me around a bit."

"I don't?" He was getting irate again.

"No. You've still got a bit of a temper. If I show you too much, you're likely to kill someone if they push you a little too far. You're far too emotional to let you get your hands on that kind of power." She nodded to herself and closed her eyes.

"Yeah. I'm sure you're so mature Anna." He rolled his eyes at this. "What's this then?"

"You're getting better." The girl shrugged and walked over to his side. "Do you want to know or not?"

He hung his head and related. "Yes, please teach me." He didn't look pleased to be saying it and stared at the ground the whole time with the flashlight hanging in his grip at his side.

"See. All of that nonsense for nothing." She put her hands on his shoulders. "You've got to push the Force through it from your hands and out the end. Then you use it to hold the light together. S'not real hard."


"I'll go keep an eye out for the Dursleys while you practice. Note the neighbors while you do it. Use the Force."

She laid on her back in the yard and put her hands behind her head as she watched the clouds beside him.


The twins birthday had arrived. Harry wasn't pleased about not having their letters. They'd gotten several in the mail, and it had only irritated and panicked the Dursleys. Anna made a point of forcing him to let it be. She'd had to stop him from using his power to get the letter. Vernon's paranoia had landed them where they were sitting.

The twins were sitting in an old shack in the middle of nowhere. It was cold, wet, and storming outside the two room hut on the shore. The conditions were miserable, and things were going in a rather disturbing way as far as Harry was concerned. One of Anna's predictions had come true. They were siting in the old shack in the room with the Dursleys. The family looked miserable, and Vernon looked angry and nervous. They were all sleeping, moving about in discomfort, and snoring. It was a rather messy looking pile on the other side of the room.

"Waiting will pay off Harry." The girl smirked at him. She wasn't in the best of moods and had to force it. It wasn't a comfortable place to be, still, the time was drawing near.

"Are you sure we'll get that letter tonight?" Harry looked pensive.

"Yes. Hagrid's gonna give it to us." The girl stated this as a fact. "Don't worry. I know you're anxious. We'll be going to Hogwarts soon."

"You made that up!" snapped the boy. He was trying to convince himself more than her. She could see it in the way he was staring at the floor. "I'm not five Anna..."

That was when the knock came.


Vernon was shaking with a rifle in his hands. It was pointed at the floor as he backed away from the door with his family cowering behind him. "Who's there?! I'm armed!"

Anna smirked as she stood up and pulled Harry to his feet. The boy was watching the door in a sort of dubstruck awe. "It...it..."

"Yes. I'm afraid it is." She looked quite pleased with herself as she crossed her arms as the door slammed down.

"You knew about this?!" Vernon was angry and turned to look at her. Then he was distracted by the giant in the doorway.

He looked the same as before. A massive man in a heavy coat. Water was dripping all over the floor as he walked in and dripping wet from his whiskers to his boots. He turned and lifted the door and put it back into the frame with no real effort. His head was only a few inches away from the ceiling as he stood there smiling at them all. "Couldn't make us a cup o' tea, could ya?"

He walked over to the sofa where Dudley was seated and looked down at the boy. "Budge up, yeh great lump."

The boy scurried behind his parents with fear clear on his face. He peered from behind his mother's back with wide eyes at the giant. Petunia was still cowering behind the shaking Vernon.

"An 'ere's Harry." He smiled at the boy and waved him closer. "Anna too!" He nodded at her in welcome as well. She walked up behind her brother.

"You're real." Harry was a little more than dumbstruck. Shock was clear on his features as he stared wide eyed at the giant.

"Las' time I saw you two yeh was only babies." The giant slapped his palm on the boy's shoulder and grinned at him.

"I remember. You're the one that brought us to them." The girl smiled at him cheerfully as the boy's head whipped around to stare at her. "Hagrid."

"Er, right. Rubeus Hagrid, Keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts."

"Hogwarts?" Harry was staring at the floor in stunned silence. "You mean...my sister is..."

"All the crap I showed you and you still didn't believe me? C'mon Harry." She was more annoyed than anything.

"Well, you've got to admit it's..." He trailed off and looked at the giant. "We'll be going to Hogwarts then?"

"Right you are." Hagrid seemed quite pleased. "O'course you would. Yer parents made arrangements. Quite natural I think."

"I've only heard my sister talk about it..." The boy hung his head a little. He was far from unhappy, but somehow felt a little numb.

"Well, they certainly weren't going to tell us." The girl was standing beside her brother, a little further away from Hagrid. She seemed quite pleased with the development.

"Eh? What yeh mean?" Hagrid's head reared back. He had started making tea for himself and was frying sausages in a camping cook wear set he'd pulled from his pockets. He seemed to recall something and pulled out a wrapped package from his pocket covered coat as well. He handed it to Harry because the boy was in front of him. "Make sure yeh share with yer sister now."

Harry unwrapped it on the spot and blinked as he looked down at the large sticky chocolate cake. It had 'Happy Birthday Harry and Anna' written on it in green icing.

"I had to tell Harry about our parents and Hogwarts. They've been trying to hide it from us."

Vernon's face was turning red as he glared daggers at the girl. His jaw was working open and closed. "You...you can't have..."

"I remember being a baby." She shrugged at them. "I remember everything from that night, too." She stared at them. Her eyes weren't angry, but rather vacant. "I won't let you ruin this for us. We're going home, as soon as we're old enough we'll never darken your door again. Be content with that."

Hagrid looked rather uncomfortable with the conversation. He handed both children a sausage and they both ate it as fast as they could. Anna wasn't finished yet though and started talking again. "When they took us in, they swore an oath to stamp our magic out of us. Tried pretty hard to do it too."

"You're darn right! You're not going!" Vernon glared at both of them.

"Ha! I'd like ta see a great Muggle like you stop 'em."

"Biggest muggles you ever laid eyes on," agreed Anna. "Aunt Petunia has jealousy issues. It's rather sad. I'm afraid they don't like us much."

"WHAT?!" Hagrid's eyes went wide. "Now see here young lady, yer..." His eyes moved over to the cowering Dursleys.

"They told us our parents died in a car crash." Anna kept her cool gaze on the cowering Dursleys.

Harry looked over at his sister with wide eyes. After a time, he'd grown to accept that as real truth. His sister could do amazing things, but once he'd gotten a little older he'd stopped believing in her wild tales of magic schools and evil wizards. He was getting worried that her powers had made her a little crazy. Maybe it was her way of dealing with their parent's deaths. He felt his cheeks flood as he realized he'd called her a liar to her face a few times as of late. She just turned her nose up at him for a moment and ignored it when he went off like that.

Hagrid seemed upset as well. "What?! James and Lilly..."

"He had me around to set him straight." The girl grabbed his sleeve and he calmed. "We like them about as much as they like us I'm afraid."

Harry looked like he disliked them quite a bit more now. He was glaring daggers at the family, Anna turned him away with a gentle tug and they both looked up at Hagrid again.

"Right. Yer famous an all. So I suppose..."

"We are?" chimed both children at once. Harry's head snapped around to glare at his sister. It was easy to see she wasn't surprised. Hagrid didn't seem to notice.

"I am not paying for..." Vernon got enough nerve from his anger to speak up. His cheeks flushed and his eyes went bloodshot.

Anna whirled around to face him with a fierceness in her eyes that silenced him. "You don't have to lift a finger, and you can't stop us. Our parents took care of everything already."

"Right yeh are lass. Yer names 'ave been down ever since yeh were born." Hagrid nodded and stood up. He pulled an owl out of his pocket and a pen and parchment as well. He wrote a note that Harry could read upside down: "Dear Professor Dumbledore, Given Harry and Anna their letter. Taking him to buy his things tomorrow. Weather's horrible. Hope you're well. Hagrid."

He walked over to the door and offered the parchment to the owl. It gripped it in its beak and flew off into the storm. The giant turned back to the twins and looked down at them. "Well, it's getting late and we've got lots ta do tomorrow. Off ta bed with yeh." He took of his coat and tossed it into them both. "Yeh c'n kip under that. Don't mind if it wiggles a bit, I think I still got a couple o' door mice in one o' the pockets."

Anna shrugged and looked at her brother. "Want me to knock you out now?"

"Toss it Anna." The boy gave her a somewhat tired looking frown. Everything that had happened had left him wanting sleep despite his excitement.


Harry woke up and frowned as his sister dug around in Hagrid's pockets. He sat up and frowned at her before whispering as harsh as he could. "Anna! What are you doing?"

She ignored him and found a handful of coins. The girl poked around in her palm humming to herself and pulled out five knuts before replacing the rest. Her hair whipped around as she walked over to the window. An owl was perched there with it's leg extended with a small pouch hanging from it. She shook the coins and put them into the sack. The bird fluttered away leaving a few feathers in it's wake as it swooped away. "Paying for the paper."

"What?" Harry seemed confused.

"You'd better get used to it. See, I told you I was psychic." She was hugging her knees and grinning at him with a more sunny disposition than she should have.

"Great. You're going to gloat about this for..."

"Until I'm done." She nodded once and turned away. He could see Hagrid lumbering towards the door.

He had a huge grin on his face as he jumped to his feet. Anything would be better than more time with the Dursleys.

"Best be off, lots ter do today, gotta get up ter London an' buy all yer stuff fer school." Hagrid set the door next to the frame and strolled outside into the sunlight.

"Do you think it'll take all day?" Anna arched her eyebrows a little at the grin her brother had as he walked up to Hagrid as they left.

She seemed to think about it for a moment. "I certainly hope so. This is the part with the goblins in it too."

That gave her brother a bit of pause. "Goblins?"

Hagrid was looking at Anna with an odd looking frown on his face. "Right. Gringotts. Yer a pretty sharp lass."

The girl had a huge sunny smile on her face that didn't look at all sweet. Hagrid wasn't sure just what was wrong, but something was off. "I'm psychic. I can see the past and the future. Tee hee!"

"Wha?" The giants eyes went a bit wide.

"Are you crazy?!" Harry was alarmed and shocked at his sister. "What are you doing? You shouldn't go around..."

She turned her head towards him and her cheery grin faded in an instant. Anna tapped his cheek with her fingers to stop him from talking. "He's not a muggle, don't worry."

Hagrid was somewhat confused. "Well, that's s'posed ter be a rare talent that is. I wouldn't know much 'bout it." He started moving again.

"Yeah." She looked up at him with her false cheerful grin as he moved away.

Harry was confused as well. Anna never acted like this, it was strange. "Are you feeling all right?" He scratched the back of his head and walked up behind her with a somewhat careful manner about him.

She glanced back at him and frowned a little. "I need two faces to do my job."

"What the hell does that mean?" The boy narrowed his eyes at her a little, but relented. She was up to something, and he wasn't being let in on it yet. He seemed to remember something. "Wait. Goblins? Are you sure?"

"We'll be fine, no worries!" She slapped his shoulder and almost marched after their guide.


The boat ride was a nice quiet place for Anna to torment her brother by bringing up things she'd 'seen' in the past. Things he'd been discounting as fiction since he was about nine. He'd even given her a 'real world' speech last year. "This year we'll get to see a troll! We'll get to see all sorts of cool things up close and personal! An army of giant spiders! A dragon, that one takes a bit though. What else? Oh yeah! The giant poison snake next year!" It irked her a bit that Harry didn't take her for her word on that. This was her way of getting back at him for it.

"I ain't sure about all dat now lass. Sounds like a good time to me though!" Hagrid seemed pleased with her enthusiasm.

By the time they reached shore Harry Potter didn't look like he was feeling well.

"Harry, it's still much better than the Dursleys." The look on her face told her brother she hadn't meant to make him quite so nervous.

He flashed an angry glare back at her. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah." She seemed to be looking forward to the mess that was coming to them. Harry was pretty sure she was telling the truth now, and it made him even more nervous.

That statement caught him off guard and his anger faded away.

Anna had planted lots of little seeds long ago that would pay off later. She had a bagful for later as well. She'd found it was easier to remember things as the time grew nearer, seeing things happen tended to jog her memory of events in the near future. She hadn't given him any details, but had made mention of several key events in his life later on. It was fun and much easier than going around telling people she had read this book a few times in a past life. In her mind, it amounted to the same thing. She was also going to milk it for as long as she could. Never knew when a reputation like that might come in handy. It wasn't like he couldn't trust her or anything. She was pretty sure things would be the same as before at first at least

The Leaky Cauldron stood before them in all it's glory. It was a greasy dirty looking pub that was ignored by everyone walking by but the three people standing in front of it.

Anna snorted as she stared at the building with her arms crossed in front of her chest. "Charming."

Harry was a little confused. "This place is famous?"

Anna got an odd look on her face as she seemed to remember something. "He's here."

"Sure it is," Hagrid seemed a bit put off by the reaction the twins gave the place. He seemed to notice the girl's stance change. He could tell the hairs on the back of her neck were standing up straight. "Somethin wrong?"

She seemed to compose herself in an instant and looked over at him. "I sense something, a presence I've not felt since..."

"Well, this is prolly the first time yeh been around so many other..."

"Voldemort. I can feel him nearby." She looked at the giant with a serious looking frown on her face.

"Gah! Do'n be sayin things like dat!" Hagrid was bolt upright and rushing them into the pub. Inside was a dark and shabby looking establishment.

"What the hell are you doing?" Harry noticed his sister had that cheery grin on her face again. He was starting to get embarrassed already.

The girl shrugged her new grin not wavering in the slightest. "We're closer than you think too."

"Enough o' that! He's gone! Ain't no way..."

"It's not him as you remember, just a part of him. He's hiding inside someone in this room. Hiding and waiting, wants to have a look at us I think. While he's here on other business."

Hagrid was getting uncomfortable with being around the girl. "Ain't sure what yer talkin about. Only good folk in 'ere right now. You shouldn't go round sayin that sort o' thing either. Might cause a panic for no good reason."

"Cut it out. If you've got any more stupid visions just keep em to yourself all right? You're driving me mad!" Harry was getting nervous. "I'm sorry I didn't believe you, all right? Just let it go."

"For now." She nodded and relented with a bit of reluctance.

"Hagrid! The usual?" The bartender noticed the giant and excused himself from his conversation a patron in a large top hat. A group of old women were sitting off in a corner drinking sherry.

"Can't Tom, I'm on Hogwarts business." He clapped his hands on the children's shoulders. Both kids blinked a bit at the sudden impact of the rather large weight.

The bartender's eyes went wide as he looked at the two children. "Good lord! This is...can this be?"

The whole bar went silent around them. Harry and Anna both looked a little uncomfortable with all the scrutiny.

"Bless my soul! The Potter twins! It's an honor to meet you both!"

Anna allowed her hand to be shook by the man, but it was easy to tell he was more interested in Harry. She kept her vapid smile in place through it all. Everyone wanted to shake his hand. She was given polite acknowledgment, but was ignored for the most part. Even though she'd known him since they were both babies, it was a bit odd. They looked like they wanted to ask for his autograph.

A pale young man moved froward, one of his eyes was twitching. He looked very nervous, to the point of being paranoid. Anna's eyes locked on him the moment he came into view, his hair was covered by a turban that kept his scalp from view. "So, this is the face of my enemy is it?" She smirked to herself as she noticed Harry start a conversation with the man. Hagrid had introduced him as Professor Quirrell. The rest of the mob wouldn't let them speak long and Harry was shuffled towards the door with her along side him before long. The adults seemed to have enough sense to make sure they stayed together rather than push her aside from him.

Harry was rather flustered and they both heard Hagrid over the crowd. "Must get on...lots ter buy."

Once outside and into the alley the two children were both rather impressed by what they saw. "Looks rather primitive." Anna blushed as she realized she'd said that out loud. Both Harry and Hagrid were looking back at her with small frowns on their faces. "Sorry, I just meant it looks a lot more like the past than the present. You know, thatched roofs, no cars, hoods and robes. Sort of like a renaissance fair." She was poking her foot at the cobble stones and thinking she was only digging the hole deeper with every word from the looks on her companion's faces.

Harry seemed to reconsider. "I suppose so. Still, primitive?"

"What would you call it then?" snapped the girl in irritation.

"Grand!" the boy had a huge grin on his face as he said it.

"Der ya go Harry!" Hagrid seemed pleased with the boy's reaction.

"I didn't say it wasn't cool." Anna seemed annoyed at the both of them. She was feeling a little annoyed by her brother being such a sap about it. He did deserve it though, so she refrained from making him regret it.

"All right, we'd best be off to Gringotts." Hagrid sighed. Harry was looking around at the nearby shops as they walked. Anna was more interested in the bank ahead.

The giant prodded the children along walking behind them and talking as he moved. "I told ya yer was famous. Even Professor Quirrell was tremblin ter meet you. Mind you, he's usually tremblin."

Harry continued to converse with the Giant about the good professor while Anna continued to watch the populous around her. They didn't seem any different, and moved in clicks and groups through the alley. The bank was the easiest thing to pick out in the alley. It was built like a fortress, and was quite a bit larger than the hovels and antique shops around them. It's what they looked like in her mind.


Harry and Hagrid stopped to look at the plaque on the wall outside the bank. Anna was more interested in having a better look at the building itself, though she did give the plaque a look over before her eyes wandered.

Once inside they were surrounded by lots of shiny things, with lots of short nasty looking creatures with elongated fingers and toes. Hagrid had to dig around in his pockets and irritated the goblin helping them by getting lots of odds and ends on his accounting book. He came up with the key and the goblin seemed a bit relieved.

"Ahv also got a letter from Professor Dumbledore. It's about the 'you know what' in vault number seven hun'red and thirteen." The giant seemed to be trying to hide this from both children.

The goblin verified it somehow or another and called a goblin named Griphook over to lead them into the vaults.

Harry started to speak up and ask Hagrid a question. "What's the..."

Anna slapped him on his chest as they followed after Griphook through a large archway. "I'll tell you later."

Harry scratched his head and jogged after her. "Oh, bugger." He slumped his shoulders down and sighed as he found himself being led to a cart of some kind on an underground railway system. Everyone was climbing in to one of the carts.

"I hear you've got a dragon here? Any chance we can swing by and take a peek on the way if possible? I've always wanted to see one." Anna was up at the front of the cart looking forward to a fun ride.

The goblin blinked at her and chuckled. "Sure."

Harry and Hagrid were both looking at each other in mild surprise. "I've always wanted one o' those."

"Really?" The boy seemed confused.

"E'er since I was a lad!" Hagrid seemed quite proud of it.

"I thought you said it would take a while?" Harry narrowed his eyes at his sister and grinned at her.

"I said that about up close and personal." She arched her eyebrow at him as one of her lips curled up a little.

He backed off and swallowed a little at that.


They were rocketing through a twisting and turning maze of railways that passed by far too fast for them to get any bearing on where they were going. The goblin pointed its finger off to the side as they took a hard sharp turn quite suddenly. To the right, through the stalagmites, and across a small pond was a giant reptile with it's maw open spewing flames into the air of it's cave. It was chained to a great door just in front of a huge vault. They only had enough time to take that much in before it was gone again as they shot through the maze of tunnels again.

"Yer sister ain't bad at all. Had me right worried fer a moment." Hagrid seemed to forget about his motion sickness for a brief moment before putting his hand back over his mouth.

The goblin unlocked the doors to the vault a few moments later as the group stood in front of the Potter family vault. Green mist crept out from the vault as it opened. Both kids were a little wide eyed at the volume of gold, silver, and bronze in the room. Hagrid helped them collect a small amount into a bag as he explained the wizarding system of money to them. Within a moment they were back at the cart, moving towards the next vault. It was even deeper underground, and the air grew colder as they sped towards their destination.


Once at the new vault, they had to wait for the goblin to open the door.

The creature stroked his finger across the door to open it. "Anyone but a Gringotts goblin tried that and they'd be sucked into the vault and locked inside."

"How often do you check the vaults?" Harry seemed to be trying to scare himself now.

"Once every ten years or so."

The vault was empty, save a small wad of dirty looking paper on the floor. Hagrid snatched it up and turned away. "Come on, back to this infernal cart, and don't talk to me on the way back, it's best if I kept my mouth shut."


Once outside Hagrid seemed a bit more relieved than the children to be back out. The fresh air was helping already to curb his sick feeling. Well, until the girl opened her mouth, just before the goblin who had led them out turned back inside.

"It's called the Philosopher's Stone, and tonight someone is going to try and steal it from Gringotts. It'll be gone though, and no worries."

The goblin was looking at Hagrid with it's jaw gripped tight. "No one would be so foolish as to..."

The girl cut him off. "The man's name is Voldemort, he's trying to use it to bring himself back to life. He has a hand in the land of the living now. Good luck with it, I'd suggest bumping up security in that area. He's quite wily, and doesn't want to stay dead." Harry noted she had that odd grin on her face again.

"I didn't tell yah nuthin? Did I?" Hagrid looked alarmed.

"No. It's like I've read it in a book before, and I remember part of it just before it happens." Her sunny disposition left Hagrid dabbing at his forehead with a handkerchief.

"Well, I ain't so sure of that. Sure are an excitable lass..." muttered the man as he straightened himself up.

"What book would that be?" asked the Goblin from the doorway. He hadn't turned to face them again.

She shrugged. "Just an analogy."

The door closed and the goblin vanished back into the bank again.

Hagrid was more than confused. "You sure about that? Someone robbin...wait, what am I sayin. Ain't no way, he'd, not like he could anyway."

"Sure he can." Anna started walking away towards the shopping area with Harry on her arm. He seemed reluctant to let her drag him through the alley, but relented without resistance in the end.

Hagrid's stomach needed calming more than ever. "If you two don't mind, I'll be off to get me a little pick me up. My stomach can't take much more o' this one." His finger pointed at the red head as he seemed to lean over to catch his breath. "You two go on ahead and git yer uniforms." He indicated the correct shop and they moved off in the right direction.


The children entered and found a cheerful squat witch standing behind the counter. "Hogwarts dears? Got the lot here I'm afraid. Another student in the back right now."

Harry paused. Maybe his sister wasn't so weird after all. She had that vapid smile again as she turned her gaze towards the other student in the back. "Draco Malfoy. Won't care much for him." She nodded her head at the boy. "Catch a look see. Find out what you're in for."

Harry walked up to the boy. He was being pinned up for his uniform by another witch. "Hello. Hogwarts, too?" The other student had blond hair and a sharp nose, his skin was pale and his frame thin. The witch who had led them in put Harry on a stool next to the boy, with Anna sitting on a stool against the wall behind them waiting her turn.

"Yes." The Potter boy looked a bit uncomfortable, having never been fitted for anything before.

"My father is next door buying my books, and mother is down the street looking at wands. He had a bored drawling tone about him. "Then I'm going to drag him off to look at racing brooms. I don't see why first years can't have their own. I'll bully my father into buying me one and smuggle it in somehow."

Harry was hoping Anna would be wrong, she had been before. It seemed to be her day though. "Good luck with that."

"Have you got your own broom?" The boy was looking down his nose at Harry and seemed to notice his clothes.


"Play quiddich at all?"

"Not really." Harry knew of the game, but had never seen a match.

"I do...Father says it's a crime if I'm not picked to play in my house, and I must say, I agree. Know what house you'll be in yet?"


Malfoy sneered at that. "Well, no one knows until they get there, do they?" The boy chuckled a bit at that. "I'll be in Slytherin, all my family have been...imagine being in Hufflepuff? I think I'd leave, wouldn't you?"

Anna spoke up from nearby, flipping through a catalog without touching the pages. "You're right about a lot of that Malfoy. I'm sure you'll end up in Slytherin, and play on the Quiddich team."

"What would you know of it? You'll be attending as well?" The boy seemed to just notice her.

She nodded with her sunny grin still greeting any who would gaze upon her. "Call it a gift. You're Slytherin material if I ever saw it. I look forward to the coming semester."

"I certainly hope you're picked for a better house than Gryffindor." The boy seemed satisfied with that answer and looked ahead as the witch continued to work. "Where are your parents?"

"Dead." Harry seemed to be getting irritated.

"Sorry, they were, you know, our kind right?"

"Yes." Anna intervened before her brother could open his mouth.

"Good, I really don't think they should let the other sort in, do you?"

"There's more strength in numbers." Anna yawned a bit and stretched her arms. "Keeping it tied to old families and hoarded to ourselves would be counter productive, it increases the chances of new magic being developed out of general knowledge and hidden away. Much easier to keep things contained the way it is. Not to mention a wizard with Muggle parents can be just as dangerous as one born within a wizarding family with proper training. A significant advantage to give up for something as petty as pure blood mentality. Doesn't make much sense at all really."

This caught the boy off guard and he glared at her. "That's foolish."

"Makes sense to me," agreed her brother with a shrug.

"We'll see. I didn't catch your surname?"

"All finished." The witch helping Harry interrupted. Anna walked up and stood on the stool as he moved off to wait for her. Malfoy was finished as well and walked by him.

"I guess I'll be seeing you at Hogwarts then." With that Draco Malfoy was out the door.

Hagrid was trying to get their attention outside the window, holding three ice creams in his hands to show he couldn't come inside.


They moved about the shops getting what they needed for school. Both children were starting to collect quite an armload, which they seemed to be having no trouble with.

Outside the Apothecary, Hagrid checked the twin's list again. "Just yer wands left. Oh yeah, I haven't got you two yer birthday present."

Anna unhooked her light saber from her belt and turned it on. A short seven inch blade popped out and she pointed it towards the shop. "Will this do? Harry and I both have one."

Hagrid's eyes went wide as he looked at the metal rod in her hand. "I suppose it might. Best let an expert check it out first if yer not sure."

"We'll get yer present first, tell yer what. I'll get yer animals. Not a toad, toads went out er fashion years ago. I don't like cats, they make me sneeze. I'll get you both an owl. All the kids want owls, they're dead useful, carryin yer mail and everything."


Twenty minutes later Harry and Anna came out of the show with large snow owls in cages on top of their stack of things. Anna had a male she had already named Carrot.

Harry hadn't named his owl yet and scowled at his sister's unusual name. Both Children thanked Hagrid quite a bit and he chuckled, pleased with the reaction. "I don't imagine yer had a lot of presents from them Dursleys. Just Ollivanders left now, only place for wands, Ollivanders, and yer gotta have the best wands."


Inside the shop Hagrid ushered them inside and they moved towards the counters while he sat near the entrance on a stool to wait. The man behind the counter stared with bulging unblinking eyes. He looked both children up and down. "Eh? Behind the strange man were shelves with thousands of small boxes. "Yes, yes. The Potter twins. Thought I'd be seeing you both soon."

Anna stepped forward. "Will these do?" She pulled out her light saber again and pointed the blade at him. It wasn't dangerous to anyone at the moment.

The man simply nodded. "Yes. It should suit your needs quite nicely. A wand you make yourself is always better than you bought from another. Not many possess such a skill though. I'm almost tempted to ask how you did it." He eyed her checking her up and down a few times with his unblinking eyes. "You're a strange one."

"Harry has one too."

The boy nodded and showed him without igniting it.

"I remember every wand I've sold. Both your parents, he who must not be named. I've never seen anyone as young as you with a hand made wand. Try it out first. I'll let you know."

The girl shrugged and gave it a wave. A spell in the room made it shoot a few sparks out of the end as she shook it. "What is it, some kind of ward on the room that does it?"

"Not really, It's a spell we wand makers use. It's me, not the room. Call it a proprietary secret." The unblinking man nodded at her work. "Fine quality. Interesting construction. Never thought of making one out of light before." He nodded and Harry did the same. His wand shot out a few more sparks than his sister's did. He seemed a little surprised at this. "Well suited. Interesting, the first wands I didn't sell I'll remember." He nodded to himself and they paid him a few sickles of silver for the consultation. After that they were bowed out of the shop and looked on as the afternoon sun hung low in the sky over the alley.

The twins sat at a small Hamburger stand in the station waiting on the train to arrive. Hagrid was with them both looking rather cheerful as they both ate.

Harry knew what he was famous for, but he wasn't expecting the reaction he'd gotten. Was not dying really that great? He was chewing on more than just his hamburger as he sat there with his two companions.

"What's on your mind?" Anna leaned into his shoulder a little so he couldn't ignore her. "You're being to quiet."

"Nothing, just not used to all that attention." He was blushing a little.

"Well, I'm not jealous. It'd drive me mad after a while. Best to keep grounded, we've both got a lot to learn." She seemed pleased with the events at least.

He was as well and grinned a bit.

"Not so bad, eh Harry?" Hagrid was enjoying the moment as well. Harry's little sister was a bit strange, but seemed to know what was important anyway. Not a bad girl at all.

"Not bad? It's great! I was really starting to think it might not be real." He seemed almost relieved.

Hagrid seemed surprised. "Really? Don't worry, you'll have a good time at Hogwarts. I did, still do in fact."

The boy nodded and seemed to relax a little more. Things were almost going to well.

Hagrid stood up as they finished and pushed them along. "Best be off, don't want yer ta miss yer train."


He handed Harry an envelope for the two of them after he'd helped them load their things onto the train. "Yer tickets fer Hogwarts. First of September, King's cross. It's all on yer ticket. Any problems with the Dursleys, send me a letter with yer owl. She'll know where to find me." With that he left them to their seats.

The train pulled out a moment later. Anna pulled her brother back into his seat. His face was pressed against the window as they pulled away from the station. "That was nice."

"Yeah. I can't wait until September now!" Harry was thrilled so much he was having trouble sitting still.

Anna rolled her eyes and relaxed into her seat. She didn't want to let on how excited she was either. Anything to stop dealing with the Dursleys all year. Who knows, after a long break, she might start looking forward to coming back and manipulating them. That was a ways off though.



I've been a fanfiction writer for a number of years. My other stuff is all anime related, but I haven't been able to 'jump back on the horse' as of late. A fresh setting and new characters to play with seems to be helping. I've not given up on some of the unfinished work, but I think I need to expand a bit into something new to get myself going at a resonable pace again. So, I've decided to start a HP fic.

If you've ever read one of my stories before, you're in for an interesting ride once I get this going. Anna is less a SI as she is a collection of personality traits from other characters. I don't wan't to spoil it by giving too much away. As this is the first chapter, there's a lot of Anna, as I had to set up her character a bit. Harry's part is much more central than this first chapter lets on, but if you're reading this, you should already know the backstory that gets explained in the first book/movie up to this point.
Harry isn't a tag along and Anna isn't about to become the 'leader' of the troop he collects at Hogwarts. Nor is she planning on inducting them into any sort of personal army. She likes to be secretive and is to independent to lead a mob. She knows Harry is 'the boy who lived' and doesn't want him to become dependent on her.
I don't make lemons, especially not involving eleven year old characters. It may get a little dark at times, but at it's heart, this is a comedy. Be prepared.