Hi Guys,

I can't believe it's been more than a year since we last updated! :S Kinda feels like so much in my life has changed since the last update. I believe I speak for Ereshkigalgirl when I say that we both feel really bad for not updating in so long. Even that's an understatement. I've received the odd review from time to time begging us to update but somehow life and work keeps getting in the way.

I'm currently in London pursuing my Masters and am studying hard for my final round of exams. The sights and sounds of Europe have proven quite inspirational and I'm sure we will be able to update soon! Despite a year having gone by without an update, I can sincerely say that I hate leaving Alec and Ezra's story incomplete.

So, if anyone's still following the adventures of Ezra and Co. please drop us a review so that we get a gauge of how many loyal readers we still have to satisfy ;) and I promise we'll do our best to get a few chapters up after my exams.