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With Ron and Lockhart in toe, Harry enters the chamber of secrets, but is forced to leave Ron behind when Lockhart causes a cave in that separates them. However, Harry faces Tom Riddle, the memory self of Voldemort in a struggle for Ginny's life. After a fierce struggle, Harry manages to destroy the pages of the diary and, thus, Riddle himself. In the process, Harry has gained himself a new summon in the form of the very basilisk that he had faced in the chamber. Saving Ginny, the chamber is closed once more. With Riddle gone, the mission is complete.


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Chapter Nineteen

The Homecoming

The last weeks of Hogwarts was certainly interesting. With the threat of the Chamber gone, the tension that had been choking at the school ever since that first message had finally lifted and, with it, everyone could breath easier again. The cheer had been lifted further when the restorative solution had finally been finished and another feast was arranged as a 'welcome back'. It was the weirdest feast that Harry had ever been to. Everyone was dressed in their pyjamas, it lasted all night as well, as one after the other, the people who had been Petrified made their way down to the hall once they had recovered, not to mention that Hagrid had finally come back and had almost broken Ron and Harry's backs, tearfully hugging them in gratitude.

When Hermione finally turned up, no longer statue-like, but full of life once again, the first thing Harry did was clip her around the head.

"Harry! What-!"

"You…freaking…idiot!" he told her, eyes closed and fists clenched at his sides before he did something stupid. "Of all the idiotic things you could have…!" However, he couldn't bring himself to be angry, his throat clogging up and ended up just pulling his two friends into a hug, Hermione going red and Ron protesting. He was just glad that his failure to protect his friend hadn't resulted in anything permanently lasting. This time at least. But as a Ninja, he knew it likely wouldn't be the only time.

I need…to reconsider this persona for Hogwarts…I'm in too deep.

"Just….don't do that again, got it?" he ordered finally as he pulled away once more and turned to stalk off.

"I'll try," Hermione said quietly. Obviously she must have realised what effect the attack on her had been on the boys. Still, he was sure his reaction confused her the most. Shaking off her confusion, she and Ron quickly caught up to Harry. "But you two figured it all out by yourselves! What happened while I was…um…out?" she added, seeing Harry's expression darken a bit

Well, at least her reaction was funny when they told her the censored version of what happened in the chamber ("What do you mean you fought the basilisk!") but when he told her about Lockhart, she spent a good ten minutes berating herself about her reactions to him for most of the year. Harry couldn't help but sigh in relief. It seemed with Lockhart gone, Hermione was no longer a Fan girl.

Everything was (mostly) regaining sanity again.

About damned time!

Exams had been cancelled, both because it wouldn't be fair on those who had been stuck in a comatose-like state for most of the year, and also as a treat for the school (considering how tense everyone had been since the whole thing started, it was doubtful that any of them had really been able to fully study. Not to mention passing exams when they had had Lockhart for a teacher would have been near impossible – Last Harry had heard, the guy was stuck in the mental ward of the Magical Hospital. All Defence Against the Dark Arts classes had been turned into free periods for the rest of the term.)

Lucius Malfoy had also been sacked as a school governor. It certainly seemed to shock Malfoy into silence that he barely even bothered anyone. Harry almost felt sorry for Douche-the-junior, so decided to have mercy on him instead of the end of school prank he had though of doing on him for most of the year. His Dad had lost his job and his servant (both of which were Harry's fault, technically) so that seemed the biggest prank that really could have been pulled on him to finish the year off with.

Yes, Harry was quite satisfied. That is….if it wasn't for one thing.

While Harry had secretly done his research into magic every time he had his Kage Bunshin forced to sit through Lockhart's classes throughout the year and he was keeping up with his training every morning before the rest of Gryffindor tower got up, Harry felt as though there had certainly been some problems this year. Maybe he had got into his act as 'normal' wizard, but he felt that, really, he should have noticed what was going on a lot faster than he had done. But there was also the part of him that was emotionally attached to his Hogwarts friends too. Because he had been focused on finding out who had stolen the Diary, he had completely neglected to think that Tom would have picked up on his personality through that written conversation and that he would immediately move on to get the information from Ginny and target one of his friends also.

He felt somewhat conflicted about that. After all, while he greatly cared for the friends he had made there, Riddle had also used that knowledge to lure him to the chamber. And unlike his friends in Konoha, his wizard friends were civilians, and far more at risk. He understood the teachings of team work in Konoha, but despite their potential, they weren't a genin team

He would have to reflect a bit on the whole thing once he had time – after all, he wanted to not only learn about seals to avoid having people steal important things from him again, and he also needed to look into not relying on fighting with only his Sharingan. Facing the basilisk showed him that. He also needed to find out about that weird seal that the Basilisk had placed on him too. Then there was his position as a ninja amongst civilians. If he wasn't careful, his 'cover' would become far too real, and end up more as a weakness instead, as Riddle used against him already

Still, Harry didn't really have much time to think on it, because the second year students had been informed to extra subjects that they would be taking from the next year onwards. They had been considering giving them out in the Easter holidays, but with all the trouble that had came about from the chamber and the fact some students who were in the second year had been petrified, they had put it off a little longer until those students were awake once more. While studying on his on was interesting, a little directed study never hurt anyone either and he checked over his choices. Technically he could have taken all of them and had bunshin go to the classes, but how would he explain if one of his clones was hit a bit too hard and poofed into smoke? There was also the fact wizards seemed to like doing things he really didn't need, nor did anyone else really need even in mundane situations, so he decided to check what was available.

He quickly decided against Divination. While knowing the future was all well and good it appeared only a few people ever truly had the talent to see the future and, when he asked around, it appeared many people just made things up. The Weasley twins and their friend Lee had told him it was a good place to get an easy grade if you made up doom and gloom. Ron had immediately gone for it, but Harry pushed it aside. He didn't need something useless and he highly doubted he had this 'inner eye' anyway, otherwise he surely would have 'seen' something by now with all the situations he'd been in.

Plus it seemed more like it would be up Hyuuga Neji's alley, talking about fate and the like and it always annoyed him, especially since he didn't believe in predetermined destiny.

Muggle Studies had potential, had Harry been having more missions with the mundane civilians, but he doubted they even knew the ninja world existed, never mind that they would ever hire a ninja. Unlike the wizards, Harry indeed knew how a fridge worked, how you turned on the light or a TV and what the function of a rubber duck was. Ninety nine percent of the time, Muggle Studies would likely be a waste of time.

Harry did find a definite interest when his eyes landed on Ancient Runes on the list. From what he gathered, a lot of the rune-based magical practices seemed to have similarities to sealing in the ninja world. That would certainly make for good information and he had known that sealing was something he needed to learn and thus, immediately put his name down for that one. It would, after all, be extremely useful where his job was concerned if nothing else and if it sparked his interest then it had to be at least interesting to the ninja, right?

With Ancient Runes now part of his courses, Harry continued down the list.

He briefly contemplated Arithmancy, but that, also, seemed to be more along the divination side, only using numbers instead of whatever mystical ideas that Divination had. In the end, he decided against it, but did make a note to at least borrow Hermione's books on occasion if only to see if the probabilities and such and the mathematical side of future sight had any more weight than its mystical cousin (since it appeared she was going to be taking that class. Along with everything else. Though unless Hermione was secretly a ninja or something he had no idea how she was going to pull that off. Certainly curious…) When he asked, Hermione seemed quite happy to lend him the book if he wanted to read up on it, as long as she wasn't using it, of course.

In the end, Harry decided that his last subject would be Care of Magical Creatures. He had a Basilisk summon now after all (or at least had some kind of bond to a basilisk), plus one of his brothers had a Giant fox sealed inside of him. That wasn't even mentioning all the monsters and weird creatures Harry seemed to meet, either in Hogwarts or at home. With luck like that, he wouldn't be surprised if he ended up running into more weird creatures in the future, so it was always best to be prepared. And, who knew, maybe one day they might end up getting a Cerberus or something to add to Konoha's protections or something.

Ron seemed a bit put out though, especially since it seemed Divination, that he had put down on what his twin brothers had said, would now be taken with only Hermione. Not that Hermione was bad or anything, but it just meant he couldn't flunk his way through it as he was probably planning to do. Harry just shrugged at him. Honestly, just because they were friends didn't mean they had to be joined at the hip or something after all.

With that done and out of the way, before anyone really knew it, it was time to be returning home.

The train back had been interestingly distracting. The twins had joined them, along with Neville – Harry realised he really hadn't spent that much time with him that year and resolved to rectify that next year now that the basilisk business had been more or less sorted out, if he could get his head back in gear, of course – and, surprisingly, Ginny. Apart from flushing almost every time Harry looked in her direction, she seemed to have some control over herself and even joined in with them, which was much more than she did on the way there. They spent a rather interesting trip as he watched them playing exploding snap, setting off the last of the Twin's fireworks and practicing the disarming charm – since most of them wouldn't be able to do magic until they returned to Hogwarts. (Harry pitied those poor, poor people.) Harry would have joined in more than just the spell practice, but he was trying to reset the emotional boundaries a bit more so as to avoid another incident like with Riddle targeting his friends to 'get his attention' again. Thankfully, the others seemed to think he was just missing home or something, so they didn't bother him too much, to which Harry was silently grateful.

Finally, the train slowed to a stop and they were all moving back towards the crowds of people waiting for their sons, daughters or charges to return to them

"Hm….I wonder if my brothers came to pick me up again?" Harry hummed as he looked around through the crowds.

"Will they be proud, your family, with what you did?" Hermione asked curiously as Harry finally spotted them standing once more with Iruka and waved too them.

"Proud? Probably," Harry admitted absently with a small smile. "If they don't try to kill me for being ten foot within range of a Basilisk, of course. They might murder me from the shock."

"Harry-kun, what's this I hear about you fighting a fifty foot long killer snake?" Iruka growled.

"Case and point…" Harry murmured, before laughing sheepishly as he met the Chunin's gaze, switching to Japanese. "Heh, hehUh…Hi Iruka-sensei! Um…" He cowered under the man's glare. "…think we can avoid the Oinin this time…?" He squeaked. When had Iruka become as scary as Anko?

"Run, Harry, Run!" Naruto called to him teasingly.



Thankfully, Iruka seemed to manage to hold himself back this year, probably remembering the fact that he, Sasuke and Naruto had practically eaten him out of house and home to compensate for having had senbon thrown at him for most of an afternoon due to Iruka throwing a fit at what happened with the Philosopher's Stone. That was probably the only reason that Harry was able to dump his stuff back at his apartment, promise his brother's they would be eating out at Ichiraku's to celebrate his return – looked like that might end up becoming a ritual of some kind - and was actually able to get to the Hokage's office to report in relatively on time in comparison to last year.

Knocking on the door, Harry headed inside.

"Hey, Ojiisan," he said seeing the old Hokage for once, not at his desk, but sitting on a cushion and, pipe in mouth, seemed to be concentrating on some kind of picture or something on a canvas. "Didn't know you were into art."

Sarutobi looked around from his position and smiled. "Ah, you're back on time this time, Harry-kun. No more visits to the Oinin?"

"Hopefully not for a long, long time," Harry replied with relish as he took one of the chairs, watching Sarutobi for a long moment as he finished off what he was doing. He longed to ask, but considering this was the Hokage, who had a secret porn stash and stalked people with that crazy crystal globe of his decided that he honestly didn't want to know. "I happen to like having the feeling in my butt, than you."

Sarutobi chuckled a little at that before he moved from the cushion on the floor. "I hear that you had a rather….interesting…year at Hogwarts from your letters and from Dumbledore himself. Is this going to become a habit of yours, Harry-kun?" Sarutobi asked after he settled himself behind his desk again, frowning ever so slightly. Harry could tell though that he wasn't annoyed at Harry, per say, but more on the information he had been given, or perhaps with Dumbledore simply expecting the ninja he hired to deal with a situation undirected. It was hard to say.

"Its not like I was exactly trying to find out about it," Harry huffed as he leaned back in his chair, remembering the night he saw Dobby for the first time and learned about the 'danger' that would come upon the school. "It sort of just decided to creep up on me in the middle of the night and tried to force me to go home."

"Ah, you mean this 'Dobby' character you informed me about who was taking your mail before?" Sarutobi asked, raising a brow as he pulled the pipe from his mouth.

"That's the one."

"I trust that won't be a problem again then?"

"No, I made him promise not to try and save my life again," Harry waved it off. Seeing the Hokage's look, he expanded on it. "He thought that stopping my mail would stop me from wanting to come back. But that was when he wasn't desperate. He actually charmed a bludger to pretty much try and knock me off my broom and broke my arm, thinking that if I was really injured then I wouldn't stay! Freaking crazy elf. Mind you, for a crazy elf, he was pretty cool in the end, I guess." He added with a shrug. He snickered in remembrance of the horrified look Lucius had on his face as Dobby sent him flying down the stairs. "Besides, even if someone did try and steal my mail again, I made sure that my owls know what to do with them. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to involve family." He frowned, remembering that Sasuke had sent him all those valentine chocolates to him from his fan girls. Maybe he should teach them to differentiate between normal good mail and the hell that was valentines? Always something to consider.

Harry was sure he saw Sarutobi fighting a smile, but when he turned to look, the man looked away, coughing into his hand in a way that Harry was certain was actually hiding a snigger.

Bet the old man was in on that, too, he couldn't help but think sourly.

"That seems like it could be rather an interesting story," Sarutobi said once he stopped 'coughing'. "Maybe one for another time though. After all, I do need your report for the situation."

"Oh, yeah," Harry said, pulling himself straighter in his seat. He felt like he was going to have to explain what happened about five or six times over before he could finally shove it to the back of his mind and let 'Memory-mort' finally rot and die in some dark unused crevice so he could get onto more important things, like training in seals and fighting blind. At least this time he didn't have to edit the story at all. He had been keeping the Hokage posted throughout the year as it was, so at least he didn't have to go over the entire story like he had to in McGonagall's office either (no matter now edited it was) and could just go straight from when the madness of the last few days before they entered the chamber, up until they had finally managed to get out once more.

When he mentioned about the mark that the Basilisk had left on his arm, the Sandaime seemed extremely interested. "Let me see," he asked, holding out his hand expectantly. Shrugging – he'd been hoping to ask about it anyway – Harry rolled up his sleeve and held out his arm. Sarutobi took it gently and brought it to him, looking it over with a critical eye. It seemed to take forever and Harry was sure he was starting to lose the blood in his arm when the Hokage finally released it once more and sat back, sucking in his pipe thoughtfully, a faint frown on his face.

"Well?" Harry asked as he brought back his arm, rubbing it to get the feeling back in his fingers once more. "Know anything about it, Ojiisan?"

"Well, it certainly seems like a summoning tattoo, though I'll admit I haven't seen one quite like it, even though its form indeed resembles other Summon tattoos. Perhaps it is simply an archaic form of the mark? Or perhaps it is because the serpent that gave it to you wasn't a normal Summon Snake. I would advise keeping an eye on it at least. If it turns out to be something other than a summon mark, then report back to me."

"Sure," the Uchiha nodded before sighing. "I guess I really should have gone back down there and asked the thing what the heck it thought it was doing," Harry grumbled.

"Well, it could serve you well in the long run if it is indeed what I believe it is," Sarutobi pointed out. "After all, this does mean you're the only known shinobi in the hidden continent currently who holds a summon contract with a basilisk."

"That's true. Still…I want to know how exactly it even knew what a summon contract was," Harry frowned. "I mean...how'd a magical snake become aware of a ninja seal?"

"Hm…" Sarutobi closed his eyes for a moment, his forehead creasing further. "It is possible that in the time that this 'Salazar Slytherin' was around, that the ninja world was not yet 'hidden' or he happened to stumble across our lands, taking into account that, at the time, the ninja villages hadn't even been formed then and wouldn't be for many years. Perhaps in that time, this 'Salazar' discovered about summons and made the Basilisk his somehow, which is why the basilisk would only respond to Slytherin and his heirs before you. It's always something to ask the Basilisk about when you do end up summoning it. Of course, I don't recommend you summon it right away. The bigger the summon is, the harder it is to summon it and the more chakra you need to do so. Train yourself upwards in the summons first before you attempt to summon it."

"Yeah, I know," Harry nodded. "Anko-sensei told me. And I'm not sure I really want to summon the boss snake just yet anyway – he wants human sacrifices or something like that, no way I'm summoning him unless I can think of something to offer him instead of people. But I'd rather not end up draining myself of chakra just to ask the Basilisk a question. Speaking of snakes…" Harry pulled out the sample of the skin of the basilisk and passed it to the Hokage. "I got this off a shed basilisk skin we found in the chamber. It looked pretty armoured, so I was wondering if it might be useful for anything. I mean, the snake was fifty foot long so if it is useful I'm sure I can go back and grab some more to make something from it."

"Hm…" The Hokage looked it over for a moment, before nodding. "I'll have a team look into it. It indeed could be useful if there is some properties in it. If nothing else, I doubt anyone else in the hidden continent would think to use basilisk scales."

"Most people don't even own a basilisk," Harry chuckled. "Mind you, I'm not even sure how many ninja have access to the Wizarding world."

"Oh, I'm certain we are not the only ones," Sarutobi hummed. "But even then, if the skin proves to be useful, it will still prove advantageous. If nothing else, your teacher might be able to tell us about some of its properties, taking into consideration her links with snakes also. I'll pass her the idea on."

"How's Anko-sensei, anyway?" Harry asked curiously. "I want to ask her something about my training."

"She's been helping out in the interrogation department," Sarutobi said. "I think she's been rather bored without you to train."

"Torment, you mean," Harry snorted, though there was no real bite in it. To be honest, he did miss his sensei more than he thought he would. Apart from perhaps Snape, there was really hardly anyone with a good sense of wit about them to banter with, and there was definitely no one he could spar with to work out any frustrations (he'd probably just flatten them or something, except from perhaps the competent teachers, and even then he didn't know how many of them were actually aware that he wasn't just your average Wizard). "Bet she made herself right at home there." Interrogation seemed right up the crazy kunoichi's alley.

"Well, she did do a lot of work in that area before she took you on as a student, so it wasn't too much of a change," Sarutobi smiled. "Speaking of your sensei, she seemed rather impressed that you completed another S-ranked mission by yourself, even if it was rather sudden and unexpected."

"Does this mean she's not going to throw me into the forest of death for some kind of test this year?" Harry drawled, ignoring the traitorous part of his mind that told him he could have done it better if he wasn't too busy playing wizard. He told that part of his mind to take a hike.

Sarutobi looked pointedly at the ceiling, saying something barely audible, but if Harry didn't know any better, he just said, "….not alone at least."

"What was that?" Harry said suspiciously, leaning forwards and narrowing his eyes at the old man.


"It certainly didn't sound like 'nothing'."

"You must be hearing things, Harry-kun. Anyway, just to let you know, Anko expects to see you tomorrow morning. Something about checking to see you've not 'gone soft or something'."

"Hmmm…." Harry hummed, still suspicious, but he doubted that he was going to get anything out of the old man, so let it slide for now, "Whatever. I'll make sure I prepare just in case she does end up dragging me into the Forest of Death again. Anyway, I should be going. Naruto and Sasuke have decided that they must monopolise my time for a while since they couldn't come on Christmas."

Sarutobi chuckled. "Have fun then, Harry-kun. Try to behave yourself."

"Because you totally won't be spying with that crystal ball of yours, will you?" Harry shot back with a half grin, raising his eyebrow before heading off. "See you later, Ojiisan!"


"Ah, Ramen, how I missed thee," Harry sighed after he slurped up his first mouthful of noodles since he had left on his 'mission' last September. "Not as much as dango, but it's a close second. A really close second."

"They still don't have Ramen at that Hogwarts place?" Naruto said in a way that one would have thought he was talking about some great tragedy. "That's horrible, dattebayo…"

"Just makes it all the nicer when I can have it," Harry hummed pleasantly as he continued to turn his attention to his food.

"You're weird, Niisan," Naruto protested. "Ramen's good all the time!"

"Not everyone's as obsessed with it as you are, Naruto," Sasuke pointed out, rolling his eyes.

"Well, they should be," Naruto puffed out his cheeks. "When I'm Hokage, I'm going to make everyone eat Ramen."

"The village is doomed."


Harry couldn't help but chuckle at that. He really had missed his little brothers and after everything from the past year, Harry felt that spending some kind with the two of them was just the right way to spend his 'holiday' time. They were currently sitting at the Ichiraku Ramen bar, both Uchiha sitting either side of their blond adoptive brother. Harry had come home from reporting to the Hokage, only to practically get accosted by the two ten/eleven year olds and practically dragged to Ichiraku's. As much as Sasuke might complain about the amount of Ramen that Naruto ate, coming to Ichiraku's had always been a trip for special occasions and having their brother back after nine months, it seemed, was most definitely a special occasion. Harry had already filled them in on what he had done while at Hogwarts while they were waiting for their meals to arrive, but the subject finally got derailed when the large bowels were placed in front of him.

Harry honestly hadn't realised how much he missed Japanese cooking though. The stuff served at Hogwarts was nice enough, though was often very rich and rather greasy at times – there was probably a reason why wizards all seemed to have no stamina. He shook his head fondly before turning his attention back to his brothers once more.

"Moving on from Naruto's 'Death by Ramen' idea," Harry said dryly. "What about you guys? Have I missed anything of interest here?"

"You mean apart from trying to survive a chocolate avalanche after Valentine's Day?" Sasuke asked, eyebrow ticking.

"Oh yeah," Harry hummed, before reaching over behind Naruto and smacked the raven haired boy over the back of the head. Naruto choked slightly on his ramen with laughter. "That was for sticking all those chocolates on me! Though at least they made good gags choking someone with them," Harry added with a sigh, shaking his head as Sasuke shot him a glare and rubbed the back of his head where Harry hit him. Not that the glare lasted that long since he half grinned at the reminder of all those chocolates he had sent off.

"Bet the look on your face was funny. I should have asked one of your friends for pictures," Sasuke smirked.

"Expect retribution," Harry growled.

"Counting on it," Sasuke drawled.

"Brat," Harry grumbled, rolling his eyes. Why had he missed these two again?

"Sasuke's fangirls've been funny," Naruto laughed.

"Naruto!" Sasuke hissed. Obviously, he had been hoping that Naruto wouldn't say anything about said girls

The elder Uchiha smirked, interest peaked. "Oh? What have they been up to?"

Sasuke growled something that Harry was sure was 'I'll get you later, dobe,' but he soon resigned himself. "They've been arguing about what kind of hair style I like for them." He grumbled.

"Yup, they're all growing their hair out because he 'likes' long hair, and then arguing about who has the better hair will be the one Sasuke likes!" Naruto cackled.

"Shut up, Naruto," Sasuke growled. "Like you can talk anyway since you've got a stalker."

Harry almost spat some of his noodles across the room, but managed to prevent himself from doing so, only to start choking instead. It took him a good minute or so before he managed to breath properly again. "W-what?" he gasped out, rubbing his chest. "When did this happen?"

"Stalker? What Stalker?" Naruto gaped. "I don't have a Stalker."

"Ugh, you're so blind sometimes," Sasuke groaned at the blonde before turning to Harry "Well, you remember how I've mentioned about that Hyuuga Hinata, right?"

"The one you thought might be interested in Naruto?" Harry said, remembering how he had once wondered how Neji would react to that if he knew of his cousin's interest in his blonde brother. "Hyuuga's cousin, right?"

"That the one," Sasuke said. "Well, I was hiding from the fan girls up a tree – don't laugh, Aniki – and Naruto was looking for me to tell me the coast was clear. I was going to call down to him when I noticed Hinata there. I thought it was a coincidence at first, but I kept noticing her following us around. So I made sure to stay away a bit and watched while we were at the academy, and she was watching him all the time. She's been stalking him for a few weeks now."

Harry couldn't help but chuckle at that. "I never thought the Uchiha curse was contagious."

"Maybe after hanging around with us for so long, Uchiha pheromones started to rub off on him?" Sasuke said thoughtfully, tapping his chopsticks on his cheek.

"What are you guys talking about?" Naruto protested. "Come on, come on, stop talking about me like I'm not here, dattebayo!"

"Could it be…?"

"It's possible…"

"What?" Naruto cried, panicked. "What is it!"

"Naruto…" Harry said as both he and Sasuke turned as one to Naruto, who stiffened. "You….have got your very first Fan Girl!"


"There's no going back now," Sasuke said sorrowfully, patting his friend/brother/classmate on the shoulder. "I'll pray for you damned soul."

"You are now officially an honouree Uchiha Adult," Harry proclaimed. "An Uchiha male is only classed as a man when he gets his first fangirl." He blinked. "Well, so says the unwritten rules of the clan, of course."

"And once you get one, that's when it starts," Sasuke said darkly, clenching his fists on his knees, a faint shiver running through him. "It starts with just the watching you, but eventually, a pack will form. And they will become this ravenous beast that will forever stalk you and try to get you to be 'theirs' for the rest of your life. They will never leave."

"It's fine now, when there's just one," Harry told Naruto – who's blue eyes were now almost impossible wide – seriously as he reached over to pat Sasuke's shoulder to calm his traumatised brother. "But eventually, they'll multiply. Its like a bug that other girls will catch and they become the rabid creatures that you see Sasuke and I have to deal with."

"But…but… I don't want to get mobbed, dattebayo!" Naruto wailed.

"Not even by Sakura-chan?" Sasuke asked slyly.

"Well maybe by Sakura-cha– no! I don't want to get mobbed at all!" Naruto managed to save himself just too late as Sasuke and Harry both descended into laughter. "You guys!" Naruto wailed. "This is serious! Get your phere-whatsits off meeeee!"

Of course, this did very little to stop the two Uchiha from descending even further into laughter.


It was later on that afternoon as Harry was heading back from Ichiraku's that he caught sight of a familiar long-haired boy alongside an equally familiar girl with hair in buns and a not so familiar dark haired boy, looking as if the three of them were currently busy painting a fence of all things. Mentally, he calculated in his head and realised that he must have missed the Genin exams for this year. Bearing in mind if Harry had graduated at the regular time with his year mates he would have done so last summer, then that meant...

"Hey, I'll catch up to you in a minute," Harry told his brothers.

"Don't take too long," Sasuke shot back. "You said you'd be spending the day with us after all, so you're helping us train whether you like it or not."

"I know, I know, don't nag," Harry rolled his eyes. "I'll see you back at the house."

Offering a quick wave over his shoulder, he quickly made his way over to the two he recognised and put his hands on their shoulders, making them both jump a mile. "Hey Hyuuga, hey Tenten," he said brightly. "Miss me?"

"Watch it, Uchiha!" Neji growled.

"Harry," Tenten sighed, putting a hand over her chest. "You almost gave me a heart attack."

"Sorry, sorry," Harry said, waving it off, ignoring Neji's irritated look as him making them jump managed to get paint on his shirt. "But I just thought I'd come say hi, especially since…" he tapped their foreheads. Instead of blank skin (or in Neji's case, bandages) there was instead the metallic plate and Konoha symbol. "I see you guys passed the genin exams. Sorry I missed them. Congratulations"

"Yeah, great, now go away," Neji growled, turning back to the fence, staring at it as if it was someone who just killed a bird or something.

"Sheesh, someone's in a bad mood," Harry hummed. "Guess you've already got fed up of D-classed missions, huh? You have my sympathy." Really, they really did have his sympathy. He remembered how he had eventually blown up at the Hokage about the idiotic things he had had to do too.

"Hey, who is this person anyway?" Asked the new teammate and Harry finally got a good look at him – and was pretty hard pressed not to stare, because those eyes, those eyelashes….but it was those eyebrows that really caught his attention. These big, thick fuzzy eyebrows like two caterpillars crawling on his face. It was like a train wreck, disturbing but you just couldn't look away because dammit, they were huge!

If anything, Harry could feel Neji's annoyance spike further as the other spoke. It didn't take a genius to realise that Neji most certainly did not appreciate being teamed with him. If Harry's guess was correct, because Neji was top of his year of Genin, and Tenten was decent as a Kunoichi as well from what he could gather, then the new guy had to be the 'dead last' of the year. Or at least if his calculations of how Genin teams were put together was right. Ouch. Harry couldn't help but think the kid had to deal with some crap from Neji for that. Don't get him wrong, he was friends with Neji, but he knew just how much of a bastard Neji could be sometimes.

"Oh, right," Tenten said, realising their team mate didn't know their slightly older friend. "This is Uchiha Harry, a friend of ours who graduated two years ago. Harry-sempai, this is our team mate, Rock Lee."

"Heh, cool name," Harry couldn't help but note. Seriously, he kind of liked it. Or maybe it was because he knew English so it's meaning felt a bit different from what people would see in their usual language. "Nice to meet you, Lee."

"You…you are the Uchiha Harry that has been mentioned before," Lee said, those impossibly round eyes seemed to, if possible, become even rounder. "You're from the clan once hailed to produce geniuses."

Way to make me sound dumb…Harry couldn't help but think, but he was sure the guy didn't mean it like that. Still, 'once hailed'? Makes it sound almost like he's not including me and Sasuke. Still, it's probably not what he meant, so I'll behave.

"The only reason he could impress you is because you're destined to always be a loser," Neji growled back, barely ducking when Harry moved to clip him over the head when he noticed Lee wilt slightly. Now that was definitely rude!

"Don't start with the destiny crap," Harry shot back. "You know it seriously irritates me, sheesh…" He looked back over to Lee. "Don't let what this guy says get to you. He can be pretty dumb at times with things like that."

"He can't even do Ninjutsu or Genjutsu," Neji snorted. "How's he even supposed to be a ninja?"

"Focus on Taijutsu?" Harry suggested, though inwardly he wasn't sure if that would work or not. But then, Lee had passed the genin exams, so there had to be some kind of possibility there, otherwise the academy wouldn't have passed him.

Lee's eyes brightened at that. It was odd to see such a twinkle in those huge eyes, but at the same time, at least he had cheered up, right? "See! My dream isn't stupid," Lee shot to his team mates. Neji just frowned further, while Tenten looked at least a little sheepish. "I will become a great ninja with only Taijutsu! And Gai-sensei also believes that I can do so if I try!"

"…Did I just start something….?" Harry asked Tenten under his breath as Neji snapped at Lee again with some new irritated response.

"This is normal," Tenten sighed.

I thought team mates were supposed to get along since they were working together…? Hey…wait a minute…

"Gai-sensei?" he asked incredulously. "You mean Maito Gai is your sensei?"

Honestly, when he had revealed to them that Mitarashi Anko was his sensei, they had given him such looks of pity that it had certainly put him on edge, wondering what to expect. Sure Anko could act like a crazy female Naruto at times, and it had certainly taken him a while to warm up to her, Harry could honestly say that he and Anko got on better than one would expect. After all, he survived training with her more often than not, and they had definitely come to an understanding over dango back in Swamp country. To think, those very same people who had offered him so much pity before because of Anko, were now the students of the one Jonin that everyone, even those who didn't fully know him by name, were fearful of. Hell, if it could cower even the most stoic of the Uchiha back in the day that Harry had to find out the guy's name if only so he could offer some warning as he ran away from any sight of spandex greenness, not to mention the fact that even Neji, who overheard Harry's incredulousness, winced, then he knew that they could just have all that pity back and then some.

Isn't there a law somewhere that protects innocent Genin from being tortured or something? Because I'm beginning to think not…

"You know about Gai-sensei?" Lee said brightly, practically gushing of all things. "Guy-sensei is the coolest! He practically GLOWS with cool!"

"…He glows something…" Harry managed, a little balked by the enthusiasm that Lee was showing for him. Sure he knew that Gai was a Taijutsu expert, so maybe that was it, but 'cool' wasn't a word that he would use for 'Konoha's Green Beast'. However, Harry couldn't really think up anything else to say to that as a shadow suddenly fell over him, and a sense of dread washed over him.


Oh no…I just finished dealing with one grinning idiot, now him!

Harry quickly dodged out of the way, skidding to a stop behind Neji just as the green devil himself crashed down hard in the place that Harry had just been standing seconds before. Honestly, if he hadn't moved and wasn't now using his friend as a shield he would have just been crushed by the great spandex monster that was Maito Gai. Even Tenten, who hda had previously been standing beside jumped back a few spaces for fear of being hit by Gai's overwhelming enthusiasm.

"My most youthful team!" Gai said jovially. "You must not become discouraged and continue your mission! I shall inspire you with my fantastic powers of YOUTH!" He reached to….somewhere – his hip pouch maybe? – and pulled out three one-piece suits. Before him he could see Neji recoil in horror and he saw Tenten edge closer to both him and Neji as if looking for some kind of solace. No wonder, because Gai was holding up hell. A green and spandexy hell

And his eyes….oh god, his eyes glinted in a manner that Harry was sure shouldn't be allowed. How can anyone be so enthused and happy holding out those….those crimes against fashion? Not that Harry was a fashion expert, but you would have to be half blind and dumb not to recoil at the sight of those…those…things. But if that was the case….why the heck was Lee looking so adoringly at them!

"To help you find the energy, I have got you these to draw out the springtime of youth from your very souls!" Gai beamed, teeth glinting.

If anything Tenten and Neji drew closer to Harry in horror, almost begging their Uchiha friend for some kind of protection, but Lee….poor foolish Lee, he had jumped forwards and taken one of those suits in pure reverence, eyes watering with suppressed tears, but rather than ones of a man knowing he was walking to his doom, they were watering with glee and happiness that Harry thought he needed to change his mind on the boy – clearly training in only Taijutsu meant he got smashed head first into too many rocks because how could someone look so happy with that monstrosity? At least his two friends were sane. Though Harry wondered if Gai was as sadistic as Anko could be at times and would force all three to wear it-

Harry balked in utter horror at the image that jumped up in his mind of all three in bright green spandex forming the odd poses with bowl cut hair and glinting grins. He had to turn away, gripping his head, terrified he would drive himself mad at the image of…of Gai clones everywhere.

My miiiiiiind! It buuuuuuuuuurns!

"Gai-sensei!" Lee said, saluting the man as Harry managed to pull himself out of a torment that only the Tsukuyomi could ever compare to. "I'll wear it with pride! I'll show you my youth! With that and your Taijutsu training, I can't loose!"

Harry could only watch in morbid fascination as Gai's eyes filled with tears in return. "Your spirit shines so brightly! I'm honoured to have such a student like you!"





"Oh, Gai-sensei!"

"Oh, Lee!"

"Oh brother…." Harry muttered. Honestly, he'd never seen ninja with such contagious cases of madness before. And what was with that weird rainbow and water crashing on rocks back there? Was that a Genjutsu or something to try and envelop everyone into that madness? From the looks on Tenten's face and even Neji's face, he could only guess this was a common occurrence.

Unfortunately, it seemed that Gai heard Harry's comment as he immediately rounded on the now terrified Uchiha. "You there!"

"H-hai?" Harry squeaked weakly, somehow managing to achieve octaves he hadn't been able to since he was three.

"You must be Mitarashi Anko's most youthful student, Uchiha Harry! She has spoken about you at length, you must burn brightly with youthfulness that even though you have only recently returned from a long and difficult mission that you would shower your help upon my team!"

"Uh….yeah….sure…" Harry managed, looking for all routs of escape before Gai could even think about trying to stuff him into one of those spandex suits. "Now that I'm done, I should go and send time with my brothers, you know, they miss me after being gone for so long and everything. Catch you later," he added to the last two members of Team Gai who looked at him pleadingly to stay, but Harry ignored them. After all, he needed to survive to meet Anko tomorrow, otherwise she'd dig him up, resurrect him just to murder him again for missing her training.

Besides, I was only put in Gryffindor because Malfoy was in Slytherin. Bravery's all well and good but sometimes, retreat is the best option. Especially if I'm going to keep some semblance of sanity. My poor mind will never be the same after that horrifying image!


The next day, Harry made his way to the training area where Anko had said that she was going to be meeting with him for training. Nothing much had really changed there, the memorial was still as gleaming as ever, the posts looked like there was remnants of rope left – obviously they had been used in some exam or another. The only difference was a man in a Jonin jacket with a lower face mask and an eye covered by his Hitae ate was watching the stone quite steadily. The wind moving his silverish hair was the only movement that Harry could see from him. The appearance looked a little familiar. He thought he might have been pointed out to him before…Hatake-san, maybe? At least, he thought it might be Hatake Kakashi. He certainly remembered some clan members complained about lateness or something like that before.

He seemed to realise he was being watched, because his only visible eye turned to him suddenly and Harry stiffened at being spotted before scolding himself. He hadn't been doing anything wrong, why should he get all uptight about it?

Shaking it off, he offered a slight smile and a wave, before moving to a place to wait for Anko. Hatake (if it was Hatake Kakashi) seemed to stiffen ever so slightly and Harry was sure he was followed by that eye for a long moment, but when he turned to look back, leaning his back against one of the trees, the man had already vanished, the faint wisps of smoke his only indication that the Jonin must have Shunshined away.

"….Weird…" Harry murmured slightly.

"Oh? Do you know Kakashi, Midori-me?"

"So it was him," Harry mused. "I knew of him more than knew him exactly," looked up at the tree branch where the familiar voice was to see his sensei crouching there and grinned slightly. "Hey, Anko-sensei. Missed me?"

"I was boooored," Anko whined. "People just aren't as fun to play with as you are. They get all scared way too easily."

Harry couldn't help but laugh slightly at that, but got up from the tree. "I would have thought you had lots of people to torment there."

"They're freaking Pansies," Anko complained. Me and Ibiki could break them in minutes. I still haven't broken you yet either. They just don't give me a challenge. But I hear you completed an S-classed mission at that Pig-farts-"


"-Place and I have to say, I didn't think you had it in you. I have to say, I'm impressed, kid. Either that or the standards are really low for missions there."

"I have a new pet snake."

"Ooooh?" Anko certainly looked interested at that and Harry pulled down his sleeve and showed her the new mark that was on his arm. Oddly, Harry was sure he saw her grimace ever so slightly – maybe she had some bad associations with summoning tattoos or something? Or maybe it reminded her of that person she always hinted to but never named? – but she at least gave him a grin, even if there was still a slightly darker glint to her eye. "Well, we'll certainly have to keep an eye on it, but if it is a summon tatto, you'll have to show me when you can. I hear from the reports you sent on your own training you at the medium sized snakes now and I hear it's an interesting and something of a big pet you have there."

"Something like that," Harry agreed, covering the mark with his hand thoughtfully. "Actually, I've got a few things to ask you about training concerning that. Do you know anything about Fuinjutsu?"

"Fuinjutsu?" Anko blinked at him for a moment, before tapping her cheek. "Not personally…"

Well, it was worth a shot. "Do you know anyone who might?" Harry added. After all, if I can learn sealing here and Ancient Runes, I might be able to combine them both and make something stronger.

"What's got you so interested in sealing anyway?" Anko asked, her eyes quickly flicking to the mark on his arm.

"No, no, it's not that," Harry sighed and rubbed his temples. "Let's just say that despite booby-trapping my trunk, someone still ended up stealing something from me and I don't think that's good for the future. But, well, when I started to think about the idea, it just got me interested, you know?"

"Hm…well, I might know someone," Anko admitted, her expression clearing somewhat – Harry was almost curious why she immediately thought the basilisks mark was the problem. "But I'd have to run it passed him. It might work out to my advantage anyway."

…Why did he just have a cold shiver when she said that? "Uh…what advantage…?" he asked weakly, though he wasn't overly sure he really wanted to know, considering what crazy ideas his Sensei sometimes had.

"That's for me to know and you to find out, Midori-me," Anko teased, flicking his nose and Harry glared at her, rubbing the stinging feature. Crazy woman. Obviously she wasn't going to tell him though, so he decided to give up on asking about that, for now at least.

"How about fighting blind?" Harry asked finally, receiving a slightly odd look from his teacher. No doubt she was wondering why he had come up with such training idea. However, at least she seemed to be seriously considering it, which was a bonus.

"Fighting blind, huh?" Anko's face broke into a grin and Harry wondered if he had just signed his death warrant. "I think I can help you with that," she purred before laughing and Harry could only sink in on himself.

Yep….definitely signed my death warrant…Maybe I should have checked my will was up to date today before I came…

"Of course," Anko continued, "I'll have to get you to learn it to the point you could practically walk around like that pretty quickly. Think you can learn it in a couple of weeks, brat?"

"Huh?" Harry blinked at that, startled. After all, shouldn't they have the entire summer to learn it around missions? Or was she trying to say that they had a lot of missions coming up. Whatever it was, Harry wasn't sure he liked that still present grin she was supporting. "…Why?" he asked tentatively, unsure if he truly wanted the answer.

"Well, you see, bearing in mind you've done two S-classed missions now, I decided to enter you in the Chunin exams."

"What!" Harry yelp, startled. The Chunin exams…If one wanted to be promoted to the next level, to become a Chunin, then one had to go through the Chunin exams. These weren't like the Genin exams (well, except for maybe Anko's test) and would be harder. Much harder. Not to mention they were done in teams of three. And unless Anko was suffering from triple vision or something, then surely she should know the problem here. "Uh….but the exams are taken in teams," Harry pointed out. "I don't know about you, but I only count one of me here, and I doubt being in a team of shadow clones will work either."

"Now, now, don't play dumb. It doesn't suit you, Midori-me," Anko rolled her eyes, clapping her hand hard on Harry's back. "I've got it covered. There are some others who are either ready to take the exams before their team mates, or their team mates have already passed. You can meet your temporary team mates soon enough as well as the Jonin leading you guys so you can get used to each other before you go to Sunagakure for the Chunin exams. Of course, I'm going to have to have a long talk about making sure that Jonin actually makes sure that you don't end up screwing yourself over or something. I can't train you if you're a mangled mush, now can I? Now however, well, we've got some work to do if you're going to get all trained up, right?" she added, a grin spreading across her face and Harry couldn't help but shiver at the look.

I'm screwed…

He was beginning to wonder if he would survive long enough to meet those team mates. Or at least be in one piece…

To Be Continued…

Translation list:

(If not stated here, the translation may have come in a previous chapter)

~Sunagakure no sato: Village hidden in the sand – also known as Suna or Sunagakure. This is one of the other ninja villages, lead by the Kazekage (wind Shadow) and is situated in Wind Country. It is an ally of Konoha.

~Fuinjutsu: Sealing jutsu. For example, the seal holding Kyuubi into Naruto is a Fuinjutsu. Likewise the Yin seal that Tsunade has is also a Fuinjutsu. The seal that Kakashi puts over the cursed mark on Sasuke in the anime/manga is a Fuinjutsu, so on and so forth. Some barrier techniques are also classed as Fuinjutsu.

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