-Most people like to think that to forget something, it will go away. They are wrong.

You can't be anything in the future if you don't have a past.

Signed with death, Sikata


A woman walked down a dirt filled road, a sword glinted in the moonlight. She was here for a reason, a mission that needed to be completed. The woman had a colour between dark green and black for hair, her skin was milky white and her eyes looked out of place for the fact it was the lightest of colours and made her look like something from a horror film. She wore a black jumpsuit that hugged her body and hair was tied up in a ponytail. Her target: Shego. Why he wanted her: No idea. It was her job and she wasn't going to question her boss. She was asked to bring her, dead or alive. It didn't matter to her though. She met the brat long ago and it pained her that she could never take her revenge on her through the past years. Nevertheless, the hard part was finding her, although she knew that she was a villain (how she became one was a question that pestered her often); she constantly moved from place to place making it almost impossible to say where her permanent residence lay. When she agreed to take the job, she thought that finding her was impossible for she was gone for such a long time; she thought she was dead. The mercenary thought that was the case until her boss showed her a newspaper called 'The Examiner' did she sees an article in the paper writing about a mad scientist and…no, it couldn't be: a green girl in a green and black jumpsuit. Her lips curled into an evil smile, this made the job much more easier. So she packed her bags and headed for America.

Chapter 1-She's coming

In the Caribbean lay a lair of immense proportions. It housed over 50 henchmen and, yes a mad scientist and his sidekick.

Drew Theodore P. Lipsky, preferable known as Doctor Drakken, had finally put the finishing touches to the Chocoblock. (Don't ask). It was surprisingly the smallest machine he had ever made. "Shego, I will take over the world using this Chocoblock because no one will be able to stop me, not even Kim Possible." He took a deep breath and started to rant until,

"Dr. D, I don't think that anyone would buy chocolate bars twice the price of normal ones…"

"I'm low in funds." Dr. Drakken injected.

"And have your face on the wrapper. I mean didn't we try something like that already and nobody brought that product and I think we both know the answer why."

"Shego, this is the second time you have said words that have hurt my feeling, I think I'm going to lower your pay…" Shego glared at him, "Or not."

"Whatever." She rolled her eyes and walked. Drakken followed her with his eyes until she left the room and continued to tinker with the Chocoblock. Shego had become his sidekick after he decided to become a villain, it so happened it was around the same time that Shego quit being a good guy. He left an ad in the Villain's Digest asking for a sidekick, sure talking to the henchmen was okay but he needed someone else. When Shego applied Drakken regretted it, but changed his mind when he saw the skills Shego possessed and after a while he fell for her. However, he knew that she was way out of his league so he abandoned the thought, even if it took all the power his body could muster.

'Soon the princess will be here' she thought to herself as she walked down the corridor. That was the way it worked. They steal; she comes and returns the stolen item, then gets the villains thrown into jail. She reminisced about the old days, before she became villain, when she was the good guy and stopped crime with her brothers. Together they were Team Go and they protected Go City from nefarious criminals. But that all changed one night, it was funny that only one thing could stop you from what you do best. She opened the door to her bedroom until she heard a, "SHEGO!" She sighed, 'princess is here' and she ran over to the lab.

When she arrived she found Kim Possible ready in her fighting stance. Kim Possible was a cheerleader who foiled Dr Drakken's plan a fair few times as well as many other law-disgracing 'people' 'if that's what you could call them'. However, this was no time to go into detail, it was time to teach the princess a lesson, a lesson she won't soon forget.

Shego charged towards the teen-heroine, both of her hands bathed in green plasma. However, Kim Possible was quick to react and dodged the attack. The fight continued this way while Ron, Kim's best friend and loyal sidekick, was trying to take out the Chocoblock by looking for the self-destruct button. In most of Drakken inventions was Drakken stupid enough to install one for a reason not yet known.

"Ok, so where is it, over here, nah. Maybe…Nah. Hmm…maybe there is no self-destruct button?"

"Of course there isn't one." Drakken said menacingly behind him, "I mean, what if I accidentally lean on it or something." He said this as if it were obvious.

Nevertheless, while both parties were absorbed in their goals, whether it was World conquest or to save the world, a horrifying sound filled the lair, it sounded as if someone scratched the blackboard in school but with a more sinister twist.

Kim and Shego instantly ceased their fight and walked to the room next door, from where the sound came from. They both were filled with curiosity. By now the sound stopped and Drakken and Ron realized both women walked into the adjoined room, they both followed them.

On the walls was a message written with something sharp and it glowed an eerie green. Kim walked to see if the offender or offenders were still in the lair, however, after carefully searching it was like no one ever entered the room. While Kim did this Shego stared at the message with a concentrated face.

On the wall was the message, 'I'm coming to get you'. Soon Drakken walked in and complained about the mess on the wall and what he was going to do to get rid of it.

"So, Shego, who do you think did this?" He asked. He waited for an answer.

And waited.

"Um…Shego" He waved a hand in her face. He felt sort of scared; Shego might have at least walked away or said a sarcastic remark about his question but she said nothing.

He looked at her face. Her white skin had turned into a ghostly colour, and her eyes showed a tale of fright.

"Shego, what's wrong?" Drakken asked, for the first time in his life, frightened for his sidekick. After a while there was still no reply.

Kim and Ron saw the scene and walked up to Drakken.

"What's wrong with Shego?" Ron asked.

"I don't know." Was the only answer he could give. He took a deep breath and shook Shego by the shoulders; he hoped that when she snapped out of it she wouldn't hit him. But that never happened.

"Shego, please talk to me." He started to beg to her now.

"What's coming to get who?" He begged her again.

She turned around and looked at Drakken with lifeless eyes, "She's coming to get me."

She started to cry.

"Er, maybe Ron and I should leave." Drakken just nodded and sat Shego on the closest chair.

"Who is she?" He wiped away her tears and put his hands on her shoulders, "Shego?"

"Sikata." And the word filled Drakken with dread due to the voice she used. It was dead and with no feeling. Like there was no hope left in her. Shego looked at him, and started to cry again, "She's coming and there is nothing I can do to stop her."