Chapter 11 – Always carry a hanky

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From the sky appeared a great metal contraption, the engines hissed into a stop as sand circulated its perimeter of landing. Sikata sighed and bared her teeth angrily at the driver of the jet; had he but stayed home he would have received what he needed as well as Sikata satisfying herself with a cold plate of revenge. But alas, the foolish jester who imitated himself as a king had disrupted her plans.

The SR-71 Blackbird came to a halt as the door opened with a metallic screech. "You said you would stop them!" Renegade hollered, his voice coming closer as he disembarked the aircraft. "You knew I wanted her alive, yet you continue your selfish ways, if this keeps up I'll have to umm…" The fierceness died when it was challenged by Sikata's appearance and logic.

Sikata cackled, finally he was beginning to choke under all the subliminal pressure. Now was her time to strike, to execute her master plan, "What will you do, cry to your mama? Please, you knew you couldn't beat the best, so why even try? I'm tried of your insolence and your disrespect towards me. Now I'm running the plan because you have just destroyed my last nerve. Think of this as a hostile takeover!" She smiled evilly at him as she reached towards his collar, "Now, for MY first act of MY plan, how can I lead the pestering duo into my clutches?"

Renegade snivelled as he reached for something in Sikata's hair; she eyed him with dangerous pupils dilating inhumanely. He then contracted his hand to reveal a small red beeping device. The corners of Sikata's lips lifted as an immoral dimple etched its way onto her skin. She threw Renegade to the floor and dragged him into the jet.

Had the Olympics been in Mongolia that year, Drakken and Shego would be joint first place getters for the 2km marathon. Drakken eventually began to slow down as he saw their hotel rise majestically over the rooftops of Mongolia, puffed out he lowered himself onto a nearby rock. "Why are you stopping?" He looked up and saw Shego staring at him. He decided to state the obvious, "Because I'm tired and I haven't run like that since high school when the bullies would take my lunch money." She let out a frustrated grunt as she sat next to him. "Well, maybe we wouldn't be in this situation if you let me handle things, I was fine and I knew what I was doing." She said in a deadly tone. Drakken raised his eyebrow at her, perhaps she could play this delusional game with him in the past but this was just plain conceited, "You were going to die and I didn't want to be responsible for that, she had you at knifepoint Shego so don't deny it. I just want a bit of recognition once in a while, or is that way too much to ask? I have risked my life for you yet you rather think this is all about you, be reasonable and realize that this is not worth it. Do you think this is a game, because you could have died, try to understand that!" He placed his hands on her shoulders and looked into her eyes to see if she absorbed any of what he had said, but all he was greeted with was a pair of cloudy emerald eyes. Wiping away a tear he stood up. "I'll be at the hotel." And he walked back without a second glance.

She watched him leave, making make believe bets that he would came running back any minute, however, she started to lose hope after he made a left and was concealed by the buildings. She sighed and buried her head into her hands; she wasn't crying, but rather contemplating on what the doctor said. He was right and she was in the wrong. But she never expected him to turn his back on her, however she should have. He had risked his life for his sassy and lippy sidekick who never said 'thank you' or 'sorry' for his troubles; he even helped her try to fight an impossible battle. Yet, he got nothing in return, he never asked for such a big favour from her before but even if he did, she knew she wouldn't comply with his wish fulfilment. She looked up to the hotel and made her way towards it.

"Umm, Sikata, why are we going to Poland? The new lair is in Australia." Asked a timid, partially beaten-up Renegade. "That is none of your concern, Renegade. You will soon see, anyway." She said as the plane sped towards the new lair…and her banquet. All she needed to wait for was the prey

"Drakken?" Shego said, searching the hallways, when she tried to enter his room, she realized it was locked. "Dr D? Please let me in." Soon as she asked this, the door creaked open. She ran inside and closed the door behind her. "I was thinking about what you said, and…I just wanted to say that whatever has happened, and whatever will happen I'm glad that you were there to help me. So what I'm trying to say is thank you and sorry." She quickly stuttered.

"There's no time for apologies right now Shego, hurry." Drakken said, zooming past her at great speed carrying bulky equipment that seemed both worthless and broken.

"What, so all that was for nothing!" Shego yelled. Drakken looked at her in surprise.

"Of course not," He said, smiling sheepishly, "I have it on tape." Shego crossed her arms and rolled her eyes. Trying to skip an awkward silence episode she gestured to the pile of junk Drakken was holding. "So, what are you trying to do this time?" She asked in her normal Shego-y tone. He looked at her and began to sing.

"I know where Sikata is."

"Really!" Drakken nodded his head and continued to sing 'I know where Sikata is'.

"Ok, you can stop that now."

"So, you're telling me that you are going to keep that beeping tracking device with you?"

"What you can't see is the key to success, no wonder you have lost every thing you ever tried and trusted anyone and everybody. You never do see the big picture; you see this device as failure while I see it as cheese that may be planted in a colossal sized mouse trap." Sikata explained.

"What does cheese have to do with my…I mean…your plan?"

"IT IS A METAPHOR YOU IMBECILE!" She seethed, "My patience is running thin with you, and you had better hope I don't do something that may accidentally end your life." She gently fingered her katana looking at the former boss menacingly.

Renegade whimpered at these words.

"What makes you think it is Poland that Sikata's going towards?" Shego asked, as the taxi they were riding in make its way to the airport.

"I put a tracking device on Sikata while you were fighting her, before she was going to…you know." Shego merely nodded while Drakken continued. "I don't know why I did it,"

"Why were you carrying a tracking device anyways?"

"It was supposed to be a bomb designed to attach itself onto anyone and not let go until KABOOLY!" Drakken beamed with pleasure.

"Kabooly? Is that even a word, Dr. D?" Shego asked, rasing her eyebrow, mocking the doctor's ever growing vocabulary. She ignored Drakken's pout and continued. "Let me get this straight, you were hoping to throw the bomb at Sikata which in turn would blow me to smithereens, I'm starting to see how your mind works." She joked.

"As I was saying before, the tracking device hacks into any vehicle and access the main frame which contain coordinates to a place of desire. And this works because Sikata has entered Poland on the database of the jet that she driving." Drakken explained.

"Wait, she has a jet, why don't we?" Shego said in surprise.

Meanwhile, at the airport, a ghost-like woman approached the staffroom and broke into the cupboard. The hands on the clock ticked and tocked 'til five minutes later when the same female exited the room, now dressed in a flight hostess's uniform, pulled out her katana and annihilated the ticking abomination.

"Well of course there aren't any planes from here to Poland, I just can't believe it. Wow, who knew they didn't do direct flights. A jet would be really handy right about now." Shego said sarcastically, putting her hands over her mouth in shock. Drakken didn't feel like answering that comment, he was glad that Shego's moody bout has faded and she was happy again, but perhaps he was missing the vulnerable Shego. However, the smile on her face was enough to sway the latter.

"Well, we could ask" Drakken suggested.

Shego snorted to herself, "Like someone is going to walk up and say that there is a plane from here to …" Just before she finished the last sentence, a female flight hostess accidentally bumped into Drakken, dropping her luggage to the floor. She scrambled all her belongings in a haphazard manner back into her bag. Drakken helped the lady up while she collected the last of her things.

"Sorry, sir for my mistake, completely clumsy of me." She said in fluent English, she avoided his face as she closed her briefcase, her face adored with black curls and a tanned face with a pair of beautiful chocolate pools for eyes that were mesmerizing , "Thank you for your assistance, please if there's anything I can do don't feel embarrassed to ask."

She looked up at him with kindness spilling from her eyes, her pink lips turning into a smile. "Well, actually, we were wondering," Gesturing to himself and Shego, "If there were any direct flights from here to Poland soon." Shego slapped her head and rolled her eyes, like there actually were any planes…

"Actually, there is one leaving in two hours. Due to technical difficulties we couldn't put it on the central computer; if you follow me I can direct you to the plane." She turned around awaiting them to follow. Drakken walked with her until Shego pulled him back to her, "What do you believe her?" Shego gasped, her face carved with disbelief. "Like there is an actually plane direct to Poland."

"She said there were technical difficulties and that a plane is available, I am prepared to believe her."

"Come on Dr. D, isn't it weird that a Mongolian woman can speak fluent English, and randomly bumps into us if she is walking back the way she came?" Drakken looked dumbfounded, "So you can't accept if someone from an non-speaking English country can speak English, that's really mean, Shego." Shego let out an annoyed groan, was she the only one who suspected the woman to be Sikata or at least a minion of hers. I mean, come on, what person randomly walks up to you and says that a mysterious plane has landed and is going to Poland. Just as Shego was going to explain this obvious knowledge, he had already abandoned her.

"Men," She grumbled under as she followed him towards the plane.

"I still have a bad feeling about this, you know, we still have time to get off." Shego said, embarrassed. Now she sounded as if she was afraid of heights or something as trivially as that, but something was up. Even though Drakken 'could' be a genius, this was not his best time. Shego could imagine the headlines in her head.

Smart idiot

By Shego's mind

Studies have shown that not only the hot muscly guys are complete thick skulled, dim-witted ignoramuses on planet Earth, Doctor 'Drewbie' Drakken is now added to this ever growing list. You'd think that a doctor could never be on this list, but hey there's a first for everything. More on page 12.

It kind of was her fault; she could have forced him not to come on, but he did have a knack for being lucky. And she did need to get to Poland. Mental note to self, never mention this to Drakken. That would prove that she devoted her time and loyalty to him…right?

By the time Shego was done her mental psychosomatic rant the A330 had already risen majestically into the sky. People were happily settled as the flight hostess' bought the usual. Nothing suspicious at all. Drakken had actually come through. It was then when she relaxed and focused on the mini screen in front of her.

Sikata found her way to the drink compartment and found a bottle of champagne. Silently and secretly, she slipped in couple sleeping pills, crushed and with the sweet taste of the wine disguising it's awful flavour, she would successfully complete her mission. She put it on her cart and wheeled them over to the duo's seats, until…

"Hey flight lady person. I'm thirsty, mind giving a cup of wine." Said a pimply kid with a few hairs sprouting from his chin. Sikata turned to look at him then smiled sickly at him. "Sure, sweetie." She opened the champagne and topped his cup, "Drink up sweetheart." He gaped as she placed the cup in his hand, "Um, are you allowed to do this lady?" He whispered.

"Of course, just try it," She continued down the aisle but stopped to glance back at the teenager who took a sip of the champagne. Waiting, she heard a light thump and a soft snore before walking towards Shego and Drakken.

Finally, she saw two different hue skinned people and stopped. "Like a cup of champagne," Offering two glasses, Drakken took them both and put one in front of Shego without even looking up, if he had, he would have seen that it was the exact same woman who had put them in the very plane they were. Shego took the drink and stood up, muttering something about her legs cramping up. She began to walk down and up the aisle, hoping her legs wouldn't hurt so much. Stopping to rest her legs in a bathroom she decided to drink the wine, just as she went to do so, she sniffed something. Pausing, she dipped her finger into the liquid and brought it up to her nose.

"Sleeping pills!" She realized, but who would do such a thing? Then hit her that she was being followed by a PSYCHO MANIAC! Luckily no harm was done, she found out about this plan so what was she to worry about…unless… "Dr Drakken," she whispered to herself, they were after him too. And that weighed her heart down like a ton of bricks, it was her fault and reality hit her, but why would she want them to sleep. Deciding that she didn't want to find out she threw the glass in the bin that happened to be in the bathroom, and she rushed out of the room towards Drakken, hoping that his wasn't spiked or he had drunk from it yet.

Mindlessly entranced in the game he was playing he had failed to notice the crushed pills in wine. With 'Game Over' flashing across the screen Drakken leaned over to drink.

Shego pushed people out of her way trying to get to him, her heart beating faster than ever before.





Drakken held the drink between his fingers and swirled it around, giving him an aura of superiority.





She was almost there; she could see tufts of his black hair. She started to run faster.





He looked over to the seat next to him and didn't see Shego. Sighing, he bought the glass to his lips and swallowed the substance.





"Drakken!" She gasped. He turned to Shego then closed his eyes. "Damn it." It was time for Shego to think, who, on the plane, was guilty? She was interrupted by a flight hostess, her black hair a dead giveaway. "It was you." She was about to attack when she felt a needle pierce her skin. Everything became blurry as she saw the perpetrator smiled. Her head landed on Drakken's shoulder and that was all.

Drakken woke up with a cold sweat on his face; he rubbed his eyes and stretched out his arms when he noticed Shego's unconscious body leaning on him. He propped her up on her chair properly and tried to stand up. The plane was eerily dark and sent shivers down Dr D's spine. All that he could see was neon sign at the front over a television saying 'open me'. Looking back at Shego he could see that she wasn't going to wake up soon, so he began to walk to the source of light. But what startled him was the fact that there were no people, no one was in sight.

"Hello, anyone here?" Walking like a blind man to the beacon of light became a perilous journey; it would be for anyone if they tripped about million times. Finally, he had made it to the end. Opening the TV, he saw the plane bathed in the light of the screen, screams suddenly filled the plane as the people on the screen ran around like ants he almost missed the announcement, 'All passengers please disembark the plane, we're just having some minor inconvenience and need to make an emergency stop'. Soon the picture deteriorated and a voiceover came on which he soon guessed belonged to Sikata, "The plane you are on is headed for Poland, nevertheless it will crash 1 kilometre from my lair. Unfortunately, the plane can not change course or escape the inevitable. However, in the over head compartment above your seats, there is a parachute, the last parachute; this means that only one of you can survive the crash, while the other dies. Have fun choosing, oh yeah I almost forgot, you have 50 minutes starting…now."

Drakken's eyes grew with fright, he ran to the start of the plane, searching frantically for an extra one. After 10 minutes he began to breathe harshly, there was no use. Except, maybe he could override the system. He banged into the door and pressed random buttons hoping he would get lucky just as the buffoon had been all those other times. Realizing that this wasn't a fluke-friendly situation he cracked open the control panel and put his super genius brain into gear.

"Blue wire should connect to red wire…but they're all black!" He understood that there was no way he could fix the plane.

Shego rubbed her arm, wincing in pain, "Uggh that kills." She groaned, struggling to get out off her seat she tripped, "Owwww." Picking herself up, she proceeded down the aisle when Drakken came running down, colliding into Shego.

"Get off me Dr D." She said, struggling to move under him.

"Shego?!" He said surprisingly.

"Nah, it's your fairy godmother, now could ya move off me?!" Drakken looked down and realised that his was on top of her. He jumped back, "Sorry." His eyes wandered to the overhead compartment. Opening it up, he threw the parachute at Shego. She lifted an eyebrow at him.

"Long story short, this plane is gonna crash."

"What? What did you do?!" Shego screamed.

"Nothing. You know what; this is not the time or place." He walked over to the door, "Now go." He commanded.

"But what about you?" She asked.

"I'll be fine, I'm sure there's another one somewhere." He sighed, he didn't want Shego to die, even if it meant that he wouldn't live.

"What do you mean another one somewhere else…you mean this is the last one?" She screamed. She shoved it back into his arms. "You take it, I'll be fine."

"Take it, Shego!" He threw it back into her hands.

"No way am I taking it and letting you die." She threw it right back at him. She then crossed her arms and turned away from him.

"This thing is going to crash soon; this is no time for games, Shego!" Drakken yelled, the parachute lay abandoned at his feet, his arms wrapped tightly around her. She looked at his arms and then at him, "I'm not playing games, Drew, but if you die, so do I. We've been together too long to live without one another." He looked deep into her eyes… "You're my…" Drakken held his breath, "Friend and I don't think I could live knowing that that is only so because you died." He broke eye-contact with her, yeah right, like she was about to profess her undying love to you, it was pathetic of me to think. He instead said, "So, we wait to die then?"

"I guess," She said softly. She wringed her hands together in a feeble attempt to calm herself but it was hopeless, there is no real way of calming yourself if you know you're going to die. She took a deep sigh and looked over to Drakken who was no different to herself.

"You know, for a college reject you did amazing things. You could even say I respected you…in a way. You kept failing but you kept at it, it was ludicrous but kinda reassuring. What I'm trying to say is you're not going to die a loser, if you were ever thinking that." She allowed herself to give Drakken a small smile.

Drakken couldn't help but smile back, "For what it's worth, I don't care if I'm dying…because if you respect me then that's all that matters to me." He grinned at her.

"Did you mean what you said about me being your friend," She rolled her eyes at him.

"Of course I did, I have better things to do than lie before I die."

"Nice rhyming skills," She giggled. He knew now that he couldn't let Shego die; he was holding back, she needed to live and he was her reason of dying. He took her hand and walked her nearby the emergency exit.

"Drakken?" She looked inquisitively at him.

"You're gonna need this," And handled her the parachute. Her eyes widened.

"No!" But it was too late, he opened the exit door and pushed her out. Shego's scream was deafening yet he did not stop looking until he saw a parachute open.

This single act of self-sacrifice made his last moments on Earth worth it, to know that for once he did something right, he didn't fail Shego. A lone tear ran down his face only to be followed by a waterfall. He howled a fearful howl that haunted the plane and lingered in the hull, he let it all out because there was no one to impress. Searching deep into his pocket he found a handkerchief. Unfolding it, he found it never ended.

"Why couldn't mother make it smaller," He said, particularly to no one. He kept unfolding and unfolding until the handkerchief was larger than him and then it hit him. The perfect way to escape and live.

Shego lay on the floor crying, the dirt around her face seemed to sticky to her salty cheek. She was such an idiot, if she had known it was her last moment with Drakken, she would have made it worthwhile, instead of the 'being friends' junk. Now she could never tell him what she truly felt. She screamed to her, why was she such an imbecile. She turned her head and looked at the serene sky. Why couldn't something just crush her, then she wouldn't feel remorseful.

The sky remained unchanging and Shego soon became bored, that is until she saw…something heading towards her. She would have run if she didn't hear an 'AHHHHH' afterwards. "Drakken?" She ran to the voice.

Moving the flora from her path she finally stopped when she saw the blue doctor lying on the ground. "Drakken!" She lost herself and hugged him so tightly, he did not do anything because he knew he always seemed to have a knack for ruining these moments.

"Glad you're alright." She whispered. Her face changed and suddenly looked angry, "Why the hell did you do that to me, way to make a girl feel guilty for all eternity!" He threw his head back and laughed, "I'm just glad I'm alive and you're all right, now…where were we?"