I do not own or claim to own Vampire D or any of its original characters. However this story is based on the characters in VHD stories in addition to some new characters that I have created from my own imagination.

This is my first time I have ever taken the time to commit to paper any of my ideas. Please take a moment & comment. I have already written approximately 7 chapters which are still being revised as we speak. I hope to have Chapter 2 up in the next few days.

You may find Chapter 1 very wordy and mostly thoughts and what D sees around him. It serves as a prologue of what's to come in later chapters. Enjoy!


Chapter 1

The summer breeze in this part of the frontier always seemed to relax D. Memories of summers past came to mind before his life took a lonely path. He remembered spending many wonderful days and nights with this Noble family.

He was still very young when his father first brought him to meet this family. His father a man of few short wise words always told him to treat these people as his "family".

His father's words came to him that moment while time seemed to have stopped all around him; "If a time comes when you feel tired and lost in your life this is the place to come. Here this family is the place to come to. No one would look upon you with strange wariness These people have the blood of a true "Noble" Vampire. Count Roamer cares for all that surrounds him. I dare say he is my one true eternal friend. D's father said with a smile as he glanced at his friend and looked back at his son D. Never forget this my son. For my time will soon come and you will have to confront life in your on terms". Lord Roamer had stood there listening intently with a proud and honest smile.

Later in life D's visits became less and less until he no longer came to spend time with Count Roamer and his family as his father had wished for him to do.

I wonder if father would have been disap…, D quickly stopped that thought. He knew it didn't matter to him what anyone thought of him. All that mattered was that he knew what he was.

The sun felt warm along with the soft breeze making D very sleepy. He was happy to see he only had a short distance to reach the entrance of Haven Farms.

Thoughts of the letter he had received several weeks ago, pleading for him to come and call on his old friend returned to his mind. D was in the middle of finishing a "job" which he was remarkably satisfied of being able to complete it quickly with very little if any causalities. Lingering thoughts of guilt had come over him that he was not able to leave sooner. This was a friend who served him as his mentor; open the doors to his family making him always feel part of it and even as a father when his own father was no more

D grabbed the reins of his horse pushing for it to go faster in order to finally arrive to the front gates. So he may finally find out the mysterious need his friend had described in the letter.

Suddenly, D sensed a strange thickness in the air as he approached closer to the front gates which made him shiver for a moment. "Death?" Something must have happen he thought to himself.

Finally when he reached the front gates the Guards bow there heads as if they were in the presences of royalty. Although their greeting was respectful their faces were solemn.

The Captain of the Guards an extremely tall muscular man D noticed as he stepped forward. His skin was dark in an oddly milky way; his eyes were a clear green that seemed to pick up every color around him. His shoulder length hair flowed freely in the soft breezy air. He clearly had to have some vamparic blood in him, D thought. How much D wondered but did not ponder upon it sensing the Captain had something to say before allowing entrance into town.

The Captain introduced himself as Derrick Shan, Captain of the Guards here at Haven Farms and with a smirk he told D that he did have vampire blood.

D without a flinch stood very still in awes wondering how this man was able to know his thoughts.

The Captain then quickly said; "We all have vampire blood here in our small town. As you should remember this is our "Haven" here. There is no bigotry here because of our mixed heritage. We live here in peace. We trade with the nearby towns and never had any quarrels with any. And to answer your thought yes I can read minds. That was the gift I inherited from my gypsy mom. I could tell you more but there are more pressing issues at the moment."

Captain Derrick added as he looked down at the ground and then back up to D's eyes; "We've been expecting you for a while. However, you've arrived a day late to help our Lord Roamer. The danger isn't gone." He raised his hands signaling D not to question him and said, "This is all the information I can provide at the moment. Come inside and the Lord's children can explain to you in greater detail of our situation. "

D was speechless with the information he had just received. He knew it wasn't the moment to ask questions since the Captain clearly wanted him to wait until they entered and met with Lord Roamer's children. But he could not stop wondering what the "situation" was.

They slowly passed the first gates then a barrier wall and finally the main entrance to their small farm town. It was clearly obvious it was very prosperous. Everywhere he looked he sensed some degree of vampire blood in everyone. Very few had little to none. But all obviously were more human than vampire since it was still early afternoon and no full blood vampire could be out during the day.

His left hand parasite appeared to see what he sensed as an eerie ambience which D felt as well.

Another thing D noticed, all the shops had a black flag hanging outside their shops. Their in mourning, he thought.

What's going on…in his heart he knew who they were mourning for but he was not going to accept it until he was told directly by those he was on his way to meet.