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Darkness. Silence. That was the only thing Jou was conscious of. He tried to open his eyes, but they were so heavy. He felt weightless, and…floating.

He felt so tired, yet he was restless. There was something he was supposed to remember, but he couldn't form a proper thought in this dismal place.

Slowly, he started to feel his body. There was the smell of damp grass. A heaviness fell upon him then. A heavy pressure around his body.

Gradually, a light started to shine in this dark abyss. Dim at first, barely seen behind his closed eyes, then brighter and brighter, until he felt as if the sun itself was trying to restore him.

Jou slowly opened his eyes. It was raining, but strangely enough, the water didn't touch him. Sitting up, Jou found himself lying on a patch of grass in…a graveyard.

Shivering, Jou stood and glanced around himself. There, on a small hill, was Yugi and the gang, surrounding a grave and crying.

Jou felt bad that he'd fallen asleep when a funeral was going on, so he ran up to them and bowed his head in respect to whomever it was that had died.

Looking around at everyone there, he found himself taken aback. Sure there was Honda, Anzu, Grandpa and Yugi. But there was also Otogi, Ryou, Malik, Isis, Mai, his sister, Mokuba and…Kaiba. Everyone there was crying or sniffling, except for Kaiba, who looked more pained than anyone there. He seemed like he was trying to hide it, but he couldn't, not from Jou's eyes.

Turning his head from Kaiba, Jou decided to see who had died. Pushing his way through his friends, he stopped and stared as chills ran up and down his spine.

There on the gravestone, was his name:

Jounouchi Katsuya

July 20, 1989 – September 8, 2006

Dear Friend and Brother

Jounouchi shook and fell to his knees, barely comprehending the sound of everyone leaving.

It was him. He had died. And here he was, sitting in front of his own grave. He shivered so hard he could barely hold himself up. He heard someone call his name, and he turned. He gasped as he saw Kaiba kneeling behind him, staring at him.

Kaiba stared at him for a long moment, then blinked and bowed his head, allowing a few tears to escape.

"You stupid mutt. Why didn't you let me help you? Pride didn't matter to me, but you…damn you." Kaiba sobbed, tears streaming down his face.

Jou watched fascinated as Kaiba continued to silently cry for him. Slowly, he reached his hand to place on his shoulder, and then, suddenly, Kaiba stood and wiped his tears.

Kaiba glanced once more at the gravestone. Slowly smirking his usual cold amused smirk, he turned to face him and then…

"Jounouchi Katsuya! Wake up!!"

Jounouchi blinked and jumped from his seat. Quickly glancing around, he caught the sight of his friends roll their eyes and chuckling, a few girls giggling, and of course, Kaiba's famous 'hn'. Jou glared at him, then turned his attention to his fuming teacher.

Sheepishly rubbing the back of his head, Jou glanced up at his teacher's nearly purple face.

"So…Teach. …What'd I miss?"

Wrong thing to say apparently. Mr. Akido turned a livid red-purple and his gritting teeth went to grinding. Taking a deep breath, Mr. Akido turned back to the board.

"Detention with me after school Mr. Jounouchi." He hissed behind him and tried to continue the lesson.

Jou flinched. Sighing, Jou sat back down, ignoring the whispers and chuckling of the rest of the students. Kaiba glanced at him once with bitter resentment, then continued with his notes.

Jou sighed again and leaned back in his seat. Today was gonna be a long day.

'And that dream…I wonder if its because I've been sick lately. Man, now I'm spooked. Maybe I should go see a doctor. I have been sick for a few weeks…but I can't afford it. But…what if its something more than…' Jou frowned, he didn't like where his thoughts were taking him.

"Jounouchi Katsuya! Pay attention!!"

After school,(and detention, damn Mr. Akido) Jounouchi walked down the street towards the bad end of town, and his rundown apartment. His thoughts away from his body, and to his dream from class.

'What if it is serious? What if, like in my dream, I really do die? That's it, I'll rifle through the apartment for money, and then, go to the doctors.' Jou thought, wincing as a sharp pain ripped through his chest and he started to weezingly cough, clutching at his chest and trying to get air.

'Not again.' Jou thought as he tried to breathe.

Turning his head towards the road, he saw a black limo pass by. Growling because he knew who was riding in it, he straightened and quickened his pace, turning a corner and entered the bad side. Straightening himself up, he made himself look more aggressive. When you're in the bad side of town, its better to look tough, then to look normal. You don't get jumped much then.

Finally getting some air in his lungs, he walked inside a rundown building. He continued up the stairs of the apartments, then slowed down near his door, Jou crept forward and pressed his ear on the wood. Silence. Smiling, Jou opened the door, and peaked inside. No sign of his dad at all. Smiling even more, Jou walked into his apartment, slamming the door shut behind him.

He walked over to his moldy old couch, lifting the cushions and looking underneath, searching for loose change. Finding nothing, he placed the cushions back and sat down with a plop. Putting his head in his hands, he started to think.

'Where would some money be? I know I hid some money somewhere, I just can't remember…' Jou thought seriously, then widened his eyes and smiled.

"Oh! Oh yea, its in…" Jou trailed off as he jumped form his couch and into the kitchen. Grabbing a chair on the way, he placed it in front of his stove and climbed on. Balancing himself on the wobbly chair, he reached for the cabinet above the stove and reached in the back. Smiling at the feel of plastic, Jou pulled it out and grinned at the plastic bag full of money.

'Good thing Dad's too short and too drunk to think about looking up here.' Jou grinned wider and put it in his jacket pocket. Closing the cabinet, he was about to get down when a voice startled him.

"What the Hell are you doing boy?!" Jou's Dad growled, a bottle of Vodka hanging in his hand.

"Umm…" Jou stuttered. 'Oh shit!!!'

"Answer me when I talk to you boy!!" Jou's Dad yelled, throwing the bottle with deadly accuracy.

Jou put up his arms to protect his face, and felt the bottle smash into his arm, cutting into the flesh, alcohol seeping into his wound. Hissing, Jou stepped back, but remembered he was on a chair too late, and fell to the floor, hitting his head against the stove on the way down.

Shaking his head, Jou looked up just as his Dad grabbed his shirt, hauling him up to eye level, his breath reeking of alcohol and pot. Jou suddenly felt a chill run down his spine as he watched as his money fall out of his pocket.

Jou's Dad glanced down at it. He dropped Jou and picked up the plastic bag full of money. Jou watched as his Dad slowly turned to face him. Jou gulped and backed up to the counter, trying to find a way to get passed his Dad without getting hurt. Unfortunately, it didn't look like that would happen anytime soon.

"You hiding this from me?" Jou's Dad asked him, his eyes narrowing into slits. "When I asked you nicely last time for money, you had this hidden in here!?!" he growled and slammed his fist into the side of Jou's head.

Jou felt himself fly for a brief second before hitting the kitchen window, breaking the glass with the other side of his head. Slowly getting up, he felt his Dad kick him in the stomach, collapsing again.

Gasping for breath, Jou felt a sharp pain once again in his chest. 'Shit! Not now…dammit, not Now!'

Jou's Dad grabbed his head and smashed another bottle on the back of his head. Jou's eyes dimmed as he was tossed into the coffee table in the living room. Quickly losing consciousness, he felt his Dad hit him once more, then blissful darkness.

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