Editors Note: Hey everyone! Here's my new story. It's a Randy Orton story for all you Randy lovers! I wasn't planning on doing a Randy story actually. But someone posed me with a challenge to make one. So here I am! I don't know exactly where this story will go so just bear with me here. Thank you for all the reviews on my past stories New Beginnings which I just finished and Unknown Love!


It was RAW Homecoming 2005. Randy was getting ready for the night in his room. He was to face his best friend John Cena. A lot of the ladies called it "The Battle of the Sexiest." Whoever came out on top would be the sexiest out of the 2 of them. Randy always laughed whenever someone mentioned it. Pausing his train of thought John came bursting into his room.

"Randy they're here! The divas are here!"

Randy got up and ran with his friend to the entrance to the arena. They always did this. One would stand guard at the entrance. If they saw even a hint of the divas car, they would run full throttle to the other mans room to alert them. They would run back and watch the divas come out of their car. Then they would rate the divas on a scale 1-10. They made it part of their warm up. So Randy and John waited outside while the divas car pulled up. The divas knew that Randy and John always did this. They were the official diva welcomers. One by one each diva got out of the car.

"Randy look at Trish. God she looks so hot in that all white outfit."

"And the belt makes it even better. She always gets a 10. But dude look at Candace!"

"Whoa man. That's all I gotta say. She can be my playboy bunny anytime. But I give her an 8."

"8? What in the world is wrong with you?"

"Look at her outfit. It's so……slutty."

"Alright I'll agree with you on that."

"Hey John, who's that?"

John looked at the girl Randy was pointing at. She was wearing kaki pants with an olive green shirt. A navy blue bandana was on her head. She had that punk rock kind of style. She was new, he could tell.

"Oh her? That's Ashley. She's the Diva Search winner."

"Diva Search huh? She's pretty hot."

But that wasn't all that attracted Randy to her. Her blonde hair and blue eyes made him lost in her. She was different then all the other divas. She obviously didn't care about what she looked like because she didn't have any make-up on yet. Yet her skin was so clear and perfect. Randy ditched John and walked up to the new diva. She was talking to Trish and Torrie.

"Hello ladies. How are you?"

"Randy! We're fine thanks. How are you?"

"Great just great. Hey! Who is this beautiful young lady to my right?"

He could see Ashley blush.

"I'm Ashley. I'm new here."

"Well it's very nice to meet you Ashley. May I add that you have stunning features."

Randy took her hand and kissed the top of it. Ashley giggled. Torrie rolled her eyes.

"I'm sorry to break up…..whatever this is up. But she has to go see the venue. Trish do you mind taking her in?"

Trish said bye to Randy and dragged Ashley into the venue. Ashley blew Randy a kiss. Randy caught it and put it in his pocket. After she was in the arena Torrie hit him on the head.

"Ow! Torrie what the hell?"

"Just because there's a new diva doesn't mean you can hit on her."

"Awwww you're ruining all the fun!"

"Trust me Randy I know what you're up to. She's just some diva you think you can hit on till another girl comes along."

"Just because you and I have bad history doesn't mean that I'll have bad history with anyone else."

"That is not the point!"

"But that is where it will lead to isn't it? I'll hit on any girl I please."

Randy brushed past Torrie and made his way into the arena. Torrie sighed. This wasn't going to be fun.


Ashley was sitting in Trish's room. She was looking at Trish's belt. Trish was shining it with some polish.

"So who was that back there?"

"Oh Randy? Yeah he's a total hottie. But watch out. He doesn't treat girls well."

"Why did you date him?"

"I didn't but Torrie did. In the end it was a really nasty fight that lead to a bitter break up. But just do me a favor. Stay away from Randy ok?"

Ashley nodded her head. She made a mental note in her head to stay clear of Randy. She hugged Trish and headed to her locker room. She wasn't paying any attention and ran into Randy himself.

"Whoa slow down. Are you lost?"

"No I was headed to my room. Sorry I ran into you."

She walked around Randy, making sure not to look in his eyes.

"Hey wait up!"

Randy ran up behind her. He got a hold of her arm and turned her around.

"Hey are you ok or something? Nervous?"

"Trish told me to stay away from you. She told me what you did to Torrie and that you would do the same to me."

Randy laughed. Ashley looked into his eyes. Damn it! His eyes were a perfect blue. Then he put on his famous smirk. That made him look so hot!

"Listen. What happened between me and Torrie is the past. Now you're not Torrie are you?"


"So, the outcome would be different with any girl I went out. Isn't that right?"

Ashley nodded her head. He had a good point.

"Now let's do some role playing. This will help you in the future. Let's say that I asked you out. What would you say?"

Ashley saw him move closer. He was much taller then her, but she didn't care. She really liked him.

"I would say yes."

"Good answer. Now lets say I asked to kiss you right here. What would you say to that?"

This time Ashley moved closer.

"I would say that you didn't have to ask."

"I love these answers."

With no more questions Randy kissed her. His lips were soft as silk and he smelt oh so good. Ashley felt a sudden attraction to the 3rd generation superstar. Then the kiss became more passionate. But Ashley didn't care. She just got the man of her dreams. But one certain diva was growing jealous at the site of this encounter.