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Chapter 1: Disappointing Appointments

Three men stood side by side in the morning sun, a light breeze tugging at their school robes. The tallest of them, standing in the middle, looked around and ran a hand through his messy black hair. He saw children and parents scurrying about pushing trolleys, carrying massive trunks to the train, hugging and kissing each other goodbye.

"Think mates," he said his hazel eyes lingering on the huge scarlet train, and the people milling about quickly boarding it. "This is the last time were gonna be here."

"Yup," the boy to his right said, his gray eyes settling on his best friend. "Don't worry Prongs old boy. This year will be the best one yet, one to remember forever." He clapped a hand on his friend's shoulder as he brushed his black hair out of his eyes.

The other boy grinned to himself, his blue eyes lighting up, "Yea guys, just think of how busy were gonna be. Prefect duties, Quiddich, and the NEWT level classes you get to take. You two just better hope I take good notes."

James turned to him and began messing up his light brown hair much to his protest. "Please Moony. We all know you will take incredible notes regardless." Moony smiled but did not respond. "As for you," he added looking to his right. "I have no idea how you managed a prefect position. You've outdone yourself Padfoot."

"Oh that's rich coming from: Head Boy James Potter." Sirius shot back. "Sides, it would seem as if I got an excellent recommendation to Dumbledore from last years Head Girl." He added with a sly grin, a nostalgic look in his eyes.

Remus rolled his eyes and laughed. "Let's get on the train. All prefects need to be in a meeting soon and we don't want to be late." He said a bit nervously gripping the handle of his trolley which held his enormous school trunk.

"Relax Lupin," James began. "Pete's not even here yet." He then added with a mischievous glance. "And I doubt the head boy is gonna start the meeting without us." Remus rolled his eyes again and Sirius erupted into laughter.

"Eh well, let's get on anyway before all the good compartments get nabbed up by the firsties." Sirius said as his laughter died down. "I don't wanna end up stuck next to the Slytherins and I'm sure Wormtail can find us." With that they nodded in agreement and began their final walk to the Hogwarts Express.

Lily Evans was sitting in the prefect's compartment reading her textbook for NEWT level potions. Her long red hair fell down her back and off her shoulders. She was paying no attention to the people around her as prefects trickled in taking their seats. She had been so excited when she got her head girl letter from Dumbledore. Ever since then she had been looking forward to the start of term intensely. She had to wait all summer to find out who the head boy would be. 'Probably Remus,' she thought as she read. 'He's smart. Well smart, other than his choice of friends that is.' Why he was friends with that fool Potter and that prat Black was one question she could never seem to answer. She finally looked up to see just those three. James grinned at her with his usual half smile as he ran a hand through his hair yet again.

"Hey there Evans," he said smoothly. "Keep reading. Don't let us disturb you." He smiled again and took a seat across from her.

"Yea Evans, keep on reading so Jamesey here can watch your eyes some more." This earned Sirius a punch from James.

"How did you put it?" Lupin mused aloud. "The way those beautiful green eyes dart back and forth across the pages" He finished quoting by heaving a sigh as he looked off into space grinning. He was quickly brought back by another punch from James who still only smirked at Lily. She looked down at her book quickly hoping the hair that fell in her face would help hide her slight blush.

"What are you two doing here anyway?" She questioned pointing at James and Sirius after regaining her composure. "This is the prefect's compartment." Sirius broke into a sadistic grin and proudly held up his prefect's letter to Lily. Her Eyes widened in shock and her mouth fell open. "But... How... Why..." She started to stammer in shock while Sirius fought to keep from laughing. "Oh no, not you too," she moaned looking at James.

"Of course not Evans," He grinned allowing for a moment of relief to wash over her. "Dumbledore would never make me a prefect." What she saw next nearly caused her to faint. "He did me one better," James added grinning as much as Sirius as he held up his letter for a stunned Lily to read. She stared in shock at the words tearing the letter away from him. 'It is my pleasure to inform you, Mr. Potter that you have been chosen as Head Boy for this coming school year.' She read the words and was looking at Dumbledore's signature over and over again. 'Nooo!' She screamed in her mind. 'This school year was supposed to be perfect. Now I'm going to be constantly plagued by these fools!'

"What's wrong Evans?" James asked. "You look like your about to cry. And we do have a meeting to conduct here."

Lily's emerald eyes flashed daggers at James. "I don't know what Dumbledore is playing at making you head boy. But you better behave yourself and act like a head boy!" she nearly shouted at him standing up and calling attention for the prefect meeting to begin.

Lily took lead of the meeting going over procedures for patrols, scheduling, and other duties that would be preformed. When she was done James stood up leafing through papers from a packet left for them by Dumbledore which he began talking about before Lily could snatch them up and continue the one sided meeting. James began listing items that were forbidden in the castle by Filch. As he read them Sirius periodically let out disappointed moans as several of his favorite items were banned from the castle. Lily crossed her arms upset that James was actually performing his duties giving her nothing to yell at him about. The meeting didn't last long and the prefects were dismissed from the meeting and they all went back to their own compartments on the train.

As soon as the meeting ended and everyone began to leave Lily stormed out of the compartment and back to her own to meet up with her friends, while James, Lupin, and Sirius met up with Peter in a compartment of their own.

Lily sat between her friends with her head in her hands while her friends consoled her. "I can't believe I'm going to be dealing with him all year now," Lily whined.

"Now Lily it's not that bad," one of the girls told her. She had long blond hair that came almost to her waist and had ice blue eyes. "Any girl at Hogwarts would die to spend all year with James Potter."

Lily gave her a look of disgust. "You mean spend a year with an immature git. Oh boy Jenny, I can barely contain myself." She laid the sarcasm on thickly.

"Oh come on Lil. He's not that bad, and everyone knows he fancies you," said the girl who was half paying attention half reading. She tucked a stray piece of lavender hair behind her ear and peeked her shockingly pink Asian eyes over the top of her book, a popular romance novel. "Plus you can get him to introduce us to his friends." She added with an unseen grin.

"Yumi, everyone in school knows Black, and Lupin. Those two and Potter are the most popular guys in school, and Black had dated just about every woman enrolled here. And he doesn't fancy me. It's just him trying to satisfy his over inflated ego. Plus you already know them." Lily declared exasperatedly.

"Yea," She started as she became reabsorbed into her book. "But we could get to know them better now."

Lily looked out the window and saw rain pouring down. 'That's fitting' she thought to herself. Suddenly a whistle blew announcing their arrival at the station and the train began to slow. "This is going to be an interesting year," she muttered grimly.

The doors of the train opened and people poured out running for cover from the driving rain. As the Marauders stepped out onto the platform each of them but James began to run as well. James stood in the rain and stretched his arms out and looked up. Sirius noticed him and slowed. "Hey Prongs what are you doin? Let's go mate I'm freezin here."

James didn't respond and just kept staring into the heavens as rain splashed off his glasses. Thoughts of Lily raced through his mind as the rain drenched him. "This is going to be an interesting year," he whispered to himself smiling broadly.

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