A/N: The sequel to 'The Hot Springs'. Mainly Sora/Sunao with some Nanami/Shinichiro. Many thanks to a special friend who helped me with ideas for requests for the Do-It-Alls.

WARNING: CONTAINS LIME! You have been forewarned, if you don't like then don't read.

The last two weeks had flown by for the Do-It-Alls. With many random assignments and errands Sora and Nao had hardly any time to themselves. The last time they had been alone together was thirteen days ago at the Hot Springs.

Grinning at the memory Sora stepped out of the shower stall, a soft blue towel wrapped around his waist. Nao, who had been talking to his lover from the wall across from the showers, stepped forward. He walked forward until he reached his towel clad Sora and wrapped his arms around his waist and buried his head in the crook of Sora's neck.

"What have we got planned for today Hashiba?" Nao asked quietly.

Sora held Nao and sighed in his pink hair "Nothing, as of yet. But I'm sure Matsuri would be able to find something for us."

Nao nodded as best he could in his position and tilted his back to look at his boyfriend. A grin crossed his face, "Why don't we find something to do ourselves?" He whispered in Sora's ear, his hand travelling below the towel.

"Mhmm. I would love that," Sora answered running his hands along Nao's chest while capturing his lips with his own. Nao's hand wondered further causing his lover to moan slightly as the pink haired boy grabbed Sora's dripping wet shaft and stared to gently stroke. Nao's hand moved slowly at first, teasing Sora to full hardness and then sped up as the moans that Sora cried grew in frequency which only served to encourage him more.

Nao pushed Sora against the wall one hand teasing the tip of Sora's member, spreading the precum there while the other entangled itself through the blue locks on Sora's head. He tilted his head up and caught the blunette's lips with his own; Nao dragged his tongue over Sora's lips, demanding entrance; which Sora eagerly gave. The pink haired boy's moist appendage quickly slipped into the wet cavern offered to him and eagerly explored every millimetre of his taller lover.

Sora couldn't help but moan, he loved it when his lithe boyfriend took the more aggressive role in their relationship. "Nao- … Nao- …p-please," Sora gasped between kisses. Nao gave a small nod and pressed a small chaste kiss to Sora's lips before attacking his neck with much enthusiasm, he licked and bit the bare flesh exposed to him and couldn't help but give a little smirk when Sora tilted his head so he had more room to work with. Nao trailed wet kisses from his lovers Adam's apple to his chest, where he quickly went to work on Sora's nipple, nipping, licking and sucking on the pink areole until it hardened into a tight bud. "N-Nao!" The hand that was previously in Sora's hair slipped to his free nipple and teased and pinched until it became identical to its brother. Feeling that Sora had had enough teasing for now Nao quietly slipped onto his knees. The towel had long before fallen to the floor and now that Nao was resting on his knees he found it increasing difficult to ignore his own erection beneath his jeans.

Nao leaned forward and ghosted a breath across the swollen member in front of him, he gingerly poked his tongue out to touch the tip and after he heard his lover gasp his name in pleasure, quickly took the whole of the head into his mouth, swirling his tongue over the slit and stroking the sensitive vein on the underside. Sora's eyes slipped shut in unhindered pleasure as his hands entangled themselves in Nao's soft pink strands.

"Sora-kun, Nao-kun!" Matsuri's voice sounded cheerily as he walked into the room. All three males froze, Sora's eyes snapped open to openly glare at his friend while Nao released Sora from his mouth and glanced at Matsuri who so rudely interrupted them. Sora and Nao were flushed from embarrassment and anger. And when the sight finally reached his brain, Matsuri blushed crimson, stuttered an apology, and then hastily rushed out the room.

Nao sighed, standing up he walked to the sinks to wash his hands while Sora hurriedly got dressed. The mood ruined.

- - - - - - - - - -

Matsuri waited patiently outside the changing rooms the blush not leaving his face, no matter how hard it willed it to. The blush wasn't because of the rather intimate contact, but the people involved.

It wasn't as if he wanted to see his two best friends pleasuring each other. That was just wrong. He didn't have a problem with it, he accepted their relationship. What he didn't expect was them to do it in such a public place where anyone could walk in.

Said persons walked through the doors startling Matsuri from his thoughts. They smiled timidly at him, and walked over holding hands. The three looked at each other, all three wearing identical blushes. "Errr…" Matsuri started not sure why he even came to get them in the first place.

"Matsuri-" Sora started, but was quickly cut off by the blonde.

"Look Sora-kun, Nao-kun, I'm really, really sorry. I didn't mean to barge in like that. I should have k-" Matsuri repeatedly apologized.

"Matsuri, we know you're sorry. We forgive you, but please, stop rambling," Nao proclaimed, lightening the mood.

Matsuri smiled relieved. "Well if everything is sorted. We have a new request," Sora and Nao raised knowing eyebrows.

"What is it?" Nao asked, already bored.

"We have to dress up as school girls and pose for pictures," Matsuri replied happily, smiling at the dreading looks on his friend's faces.

"And when does this pleasurable activity take place?" Sora asked sarcastically, causing Matsuri to blush at the word 'pleasurable'.

Matsuri coughed, "This afternoon at the photograph studio, 5 o'clock. Don't be late." He rushed before running off.

Nao laughed, "That went well. We should make Matsuri feel uncomfortable more often."

Sora agreed and laughed as well. He grabbed Nao's hand and asked, "Why don't we finish what started earlier?"

Nao nodded and pulled on Sora's hand, leading him to the room they shared.

- - - - - - - - - -

Five o'clock flew by quickly. Sora and Nao stood outside the studio doors waiting for Matsuri. They'd had an enjoyable afternoon, mainly been spent in bed.

Five minutes later saw Sora and Nao cursing Matsuri for been late; when they were told specifically they were not to be late. Nanami and Shinichiro walked by and stopped.

"New request?" Nanami asked smiling.

"Yeah, and guess who's late," Sora answered his patience wearing thin.

"Matsuri?" Shinichiro guessed laughing at their misfortune.

Before anyone could reply a cheery voice declared, "I'm here!"

"Where have you been?" Sora demanded.

"To pick up the costumes," Matsuri answered holding up the bags he held.

Sora muttered something incomprehensible under his breath then louder said, "What are we waiting for? Fujimori and I have better things to do."

Nanami and Shinichiro smiled, knowingly, at his antics. "Would we be aloud to watch?" Nanami asked politely.

Matsuri nodded enthusiastically, "The more the merrier!"

Sora groaned while Nao shook his head. Matsuri opened the doors and walked inside, the others following.

"Here are your costumes," Matsuri said handing them the correct bags, while keeping his own. They stepped into separate changing booths and closed the doors.

Nanami stood against the wall next to Shinichiro both thinking of the sight they were about to be greeted with. Shinichiro's arms snaked around Nanami's waist pulling him close. Nanami sighed and snuggled closer, it was rare for Shinichiro to act all sweet, especially when there was others nearby. Shinichiro kissed the top of his Nanami's head, smelling the shampoo he used.

"I say that we should give my little brother a treat sometime soon. What do you think?" Shinichiro whispered in Nanami's ear, causing a shiver to run down his spine.

"What do you have in mind?" Nanami asked just as quiet.

"It's a secret. You'll just have to wait and find out," Shinichiro answered kissing his ear.

"You already have something planned didn't you?" Nanami suspected, raising an eyebrow. He felt Shinichiro grinning next to his ear,Sneaky. He thought though not minding in the least.

Sora, Nao and Matsuri stepped out of the changing booths all dressed in girls Sailor uniforms; the only difference between them was the colour of said uniforms. All three outfits corresponded with the wearers hair colour, Sora's skirt and tie was Kimberly blue, while Nao's was Pomagranite and Matsuri's a goldy yellow colour.

All three were wearing identical blushes, while both adults laughed their heads off.

Sora's embarrassment soon turned to anger at the adults practically rolling on the floor laughing.

"WOULD YOU STOP LAUGHING ALREADY, IT ISN'T THAT FUNNY!" Sora shouted, causing Nanami and Shinichiro to stop laughing momentarily, they couldn't help but laugh some more at his red puffy face.

Matsuri and Nao weren't fairing much better. "Let's just get this over and done with, ne?"

All three friends nodded and rushed to where the cameras where set, ready to get this over with.

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