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Chapter 2

The photo shoot took two hours and by the end of it Sora, Nao and Matsuri were ready for bed, Shinichiro and Nanami were wanting more. "I've got an idea, if you want more then do it yourselves!" Sora told them walking out of the building.

"Do you think we should let them sleep for tonight?" Nanami asked watching them leave.

"I would say no, but I'm not that evil." Shinichiro answered turning off the lights. They headed towards their apartment hand in hand. As they walked across the bridge in the park, Shinichiro pulled Nanami close. The stayed like that for a few minutes, looking into the star filled sky, each musing over thoughts.

Shinichiro was pulled out of his thoughts when Nanami snuggled closer to his chest. He sighed, it was nice to be alone. "Shinichiro?" Nanami asked.

"Hmm…" He answered his eyes closed.

"Do you think you could get a hold of the prints from the photo shoot?"

"Shouldn't be too hard. Why?"

Nanami grinned, "Well the new year is only a couple of months away and we need a new school calendar…"

"And you call me evil!" Shinichiro gasped, horrified.

Nanami laughed shaking his head "Yes but you are evil, I am merely following the leader."

"Lets hurry up home so you can follow this leader's orders." Shinichiro wagged his eyebrows suggestively.

"Lead the way." Nanami said pulling on his hand.


The Next Morning…

Sora woke up to find that Nao was still asleep. Somehow the blankets that had covered them the night before lay on the floor. A cool breeze blew over their naked bodies from the window that was slightly open. A shiver travelled down his spine, he searched the floor with his hand for the blanket, he couldn't find it so he shifted slightly searching more of the floor.

He shifted again and met the floor personally, Nao landing on top of him, straddling his hips. Nao woke up instantly and looked into the blue eyes of his lover. He smiled and placed a gentle kiss on Sora's lips.

"Mmm. Can I wake up like this every morning? I could get used to it." Nao giggled. Sora smiled and pulled on Nao's hair causing to fall flat on his chest. He captured his lips in a searing kiss, running his hands through Nao's silky pink hair.

Nao opened his mouth, allowing Sora access to his warm cavern. Sora smirked as Nao moaned, and pulled away. "So you like that do you?"

Nao scowled, "You know I do, so why ask?"

Sora licked his lips and whispered in Nao ear, "Because its fun to watch you squirm." He moved his hands from Nao's hair to his ass and squeezed it, Nao's eyes widened.

"What's the matter, koi?" Sora asked seductively.

Nao looked down at his lover and grinned, "Sora you pervert!"

"Yes but you love this pervert." Sora replied, a massive grin on his face.

"That I do." Nao said kissing the grin off Sora's face. Nao ran his hands over Sora's chest and started to tease the already erect nipples with his fingers. Sora moaned as Nao's mouth descended on said appendages, sucking and gently nipping them leaving little red marks.

When Nao removed his mouth Sora quickly rolled them over so he was on top and Nao on the bottom. "Its my turn this time." Sora cut off any protest with his mouth. His hands ran over Nao's chest as his lips moved to his ear. He nipped at the lobe and kissed it lightly before trailing kisses down his neck.

He sucked at Nao's neck leaving a rather large hickey, then trailed his tongue down his chest to his nipples. He sucked on one while teasing the other with his hand. Nao moaned out Sora's name, as his hands clenched in his hair.

Sora moved his mouth to his other nipple giving it the same treatment, as his free hand wondered to Nao's hardening member. He grabbed the base and slowly started stroking, Nao's hips left the ground in a silent demand.

Sora smiled, his tongue left his chest and slowly made its way down Nao's stomach dipping in his navel. He nipped the soft flesh before kissing and lapping the same area with his tongue in apology. Sora gave one last kiss before wondering further down, his hands stopped their teasing and moved to his thighs where they started gently massaging.

Nao gave a small tug on his hair, indicating his impatience. Sora looked into his pink eyes, and smiled before turning his attention back to Nao's weeping member. He kissed the tip and drew the head into his mouth, running his tongue over the smooth flesh. Nao lifted his hips up, wanting more. Sora pushed them back down and held them in place and his tongue swirled around the top of his erection.

He gently nipped Nao's member as his lover moaned trying to lift his hips again. "Fuck… it Sora… j-just…" Nao started but his breathed hitched in his throat as Sora deep throated him, taking his whole member into his mouth. He moaned and bucked his hips. Nao pressed his hips further into Sora's mouth while his hands entangled themselves in his hair.

Stopping his gentle massaging of Sunao's thighs, Sora moved his sweaty hands to Nao's unattended sac and gripped it gently. Nao closed his eyes and gasped, feeling his lover start his massaging again. Sora continued his motions with a smirk on his face. He just loved been the seme.

Nao threw his head back in bliss as Sora's head bobbed up and down, "S-Sora… I-I'm, I'm gunna…" Sora responded with another nip, his tongue running up and down Nao's erection slowly.

Nao's vision turned white and saw stars as his release hit him, he panted hard, trying to regain his breath. Sora swallowed as much of Nao's seed as he could then sat back wiping the rest from around his mouth with the back of his hand. Both took a few minutes to regain their breaths. "Have we got anything else planned today?"

Nao let out a shaky laugh and after regaining his breath, sat up. "I-I don't think so."

"Good, I want a word with nii-san"

"I could defiantly get used to waking up like that" Nao said standing up to take a shower. Sora nodded his head in agreement and dressed in a bath robe. Nao followed suit as they headed out of their dorm, intending on using Matsuri's shower.

After using Matsuri's shower and Nao taking care of Sora's problem, they headed into the city for breakfast, since it was a Saturday. They walked down the high street hand-in-hand, looking for a suitable place to eat that wasn't busy. The found a small restaurant at the end of the main street, it was new, with modern designs and booth seats at the back in a secluded corner. They were escorted to one of said booths by a young waitress who looked no older than sixteen, she took their drink orders then left, going to another young couple who had walked through the door.

Sora sighed quietly to himself, he couldn't help but admire Nao's beauty, He's just so…He thought, been brought out of his musings by a hand that was been waved in front of his face. "Hey Sora-kun are you alright?" Nao asked still waving his delicate hand. Sora grabbed said hand with a growl. "STOP! Doing that! Its annoying"

Nao frowned but apologized quickly, Sora smiled and waved it off kissing the knuckles of the hand he still held. "Sorry for shouting, I guess Yoru still hasn't work his way out of my system completely."

Nao saw that Sora was telling the truth so shook it off as nothing. They sat in silence for the next few moments, each looking through the menu. The waitress came back over with their drinks and took their food orders. Sora watched the waitress with narrowed eyes. When she went to serve another customer he breathed an un-audible sigh of relief and turned back to his boyfriend.

"You know Nao if you don't stop being so pretty I just might have to lock you up in a cupboard so as to keep the competition away." Sora stated, Nao shook his head with a laugh then took a swig of his drink.

"I don't think you'd be able to lock me in a cupboard."

"Why do you say that?" Sora asked slightly confused.

"Well for starters a cupboard is a pretty secluded place. What we could get up… And another, you'd probably get stormed over by crazy admirers." Nao answered calmly with a snug smile.

Sora crossed his arms and pouted, "That's not fair, stop been clever and come back down to my IQ level."

Nao's laughter broke through the almost silence of the café, Sora blushed crimson when everybody turned to look at them. Nao didn't take any notice; he was too busy trying to catch his breath. He gasped for air though, when Sora kicked him in the shins… hard.

A few seconds passed in complete silence throughout the café, only to be broken by the waitress who came to gave them their food. Onlookers shook their heads in disapproval and turned back to their previous activities, muttering about 'foolish teenagers'.

"You are SO gunna pay for that." Sora hissed before digging into his food. Nao smirked knowingly before tucking into his food as well.

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