Summary: AU, non-canon. Gryffindor and Slytherin have been at war for ages. A mission goes awry and the Gryffindor group is captured. Problem? A certain black-haired, green-eyed boy was with them and assumed to be a squib servant. HP/LV(TMR)

Notes: The setting is sort of like medieval times. Year 1894. There's magic but no prophecy. James and Lily were killed by Voldemort on a mission. Harry sometimes gets visions but wasn't marked by Voldemort. He lives with Sirius and Remus but has to stay with the Dursleys while the former are away (which is quite frequent) to be protected under the blood wards. Voldemort looks like an older Tom Riddle.

Warning: Slash, slightly non-con, may be OOC and pointless slash. (I just felt like reading HP/LV and this has been in my head for about 2 weeks.)


"This is just a scouting mission. It's not worth getting captured or killed over. Get out if something goes wrong. Understand?" Kingsley Shacklebolt looked at the others intently, and relaxed slightly upon seeing their nods.

"Five minutes to check all your things. Sirius, a word with you."

Sirius nodded to Remus and he went ahead with the Bill and Charlie Weasley.

"Yes?" he said to Kingsley.

"You may see some familiar faces. I urge you not to be rash."

"Noted," he said curtly.


"Portkey activating in 10-"

"Sirius! Remus!" shouted a black-haired boy, running towards them.

"8, 7-"

"Harry! What are you doing?"

"5, 4-"

"He knows," Harry panted. "Don't-" he grabbed Sirius's cloak, "go."

"-2, 1."

And the six of them vanished.


Harry stumbled as he landed, feeling queasy from the portkey. Sirius looked furious.

"Damnit Harry! You know better than to touch any mission portkey or persons when the portkey is activating! Do you know how much danger you're in?"

"Calm down," Remus said, putting a hand on his back.

"I'm sorry. I wanted to warn you. He knows. We have to get out immediately," Harry said anxiously, looking around for possible threats.

"I don't see any threats but we'd better split up to our designated areas. It's not good to stay together too long. Even if he doesn't know, we may be detected," Kingsley said.

"I want you to take this portkey and return immediately," Sirius said, giving Harry a non-descript pebble.

"What about you?" Bill said.

"I'll apparate," Sirius said shortly.

"But there are anti-appar-"

Charlie's words were cut off by Sirius's glare.

"I can't take your portkey."

"You don't have a choice. Go."

Several 'pop's sounded, an identifying trademark of apparition. Since they were in the anti-apparation area and only Lord Voldemort's followers can apparate freely in the area, it did not take a genius to guess that they were under attack.

"Accio portkeys!"

All of them cursed and prepared to fight.

"Stupefy! Diffindo! Protego!"

"Reducto! Confundus! Harry's missing. Incarcerous!"

"Petrificus Totalus! I think he took the portkey. Protego!"

"Expelliarmus! Good boy. Furnunculus!"

A yellow light struck his arm and he hissed in pain as the bone shattered.

"Like my present, cousin?"

"Bella," he spat. "Diffindo! Furnunculus!"

"Still using fourth year spells?" she laughed. "Crucio!"

He ducked the red curse and set her robes on fire, followed by a bone-shattering curse. Bella was too slow to get out of the way as she was putting out the fire and shrieked as the curse hit her wand arm.

"Reducto! Crucio! Crucio!"

Sirius reflected the first curse, dived out of the way of the second but landed directly in the path of the last curse, tearing unwilling screams from him.

Harry was horrified. He had been watching the proceedings under his invisibility cloak at the edge of the action. The mad woman was laughing and Sirius was screaming and screaming. Harry took out the dagger that Sirius had given him for his birthday, pressed the emerald in the middle of the handle and threw it at the woman, aiming for the heart or lungs.

Sirius stopped screaming as the dagger embedded itself in the woman's chest. She gasped in shock, wide eyed, and fell to her knees, the poison's paralyzing effect quickly manifesting.

Harry ran to Sirius. "Are you ok?" he asked worriedly.

"Harry?" Sirius looked in his direction blearily, wondering if he was hearing voices.

"I'm here. Under the invisibility cloak."

"I thought you took the portkey."

"I couldn't leave you behind."

Sirius clenched his fist and closed his eyes. "You stupid, stupid boy."




When he woke up, his hands and feet were bound, and all the magical, useful and dangerous items were removed from his person. It seemed like all of them were caught and looking the worse for wear. Most of their clothes had patches of blood here and there, cuts, split lips and bruises. Charlie was cradling his arm and Remus's leg lay at an awkward angle. This was beyond failure for a simple scouting mission. Sirius sighed. At least Harry wasn't caught.

"My Lord, we found another one," said a bulky man with beady eyes, half dragging a familiar figure behind him. Sirius closed his eyes. The man shoved Harry and he stumbled, falling beside Sirius. He had mud and dirt on his face, blood at the side of his lip and cuts and scrapes on his hands and knees. Harry smiled weakly.

"Well, well. What do we have here?"

A hand gripped his jaw and made him turn towards the speaker. Harry blinked at seeing his eyes, slightly disconcerted by their colour, hazel with flecks of red. Other than that, Lord Voldemort looked pretty normal.

His eyes narrowed. "How old are you?"

Harry looked at Sirius, hoping for a clue. Will they be separated if he's too young? He wanted to stay with them.


18 should be considered nearing adult.

"Really? What is your year of birth?"

Harry hesitated. "1876."

"Liar." Voldemort smiled, deceptively pleasant. "I shall ask once more. How old are you?"

Something in his tone said it would be wise to answer truthfully.


Harry could feel Voldemort staring at him and he tried not to hold his breath despite being afraid that Voldemort would call his bluff again. It was only a difference of one year. He won't be able to tell, Harry reassured himself.

Voldemort turned to the others.

"Getting children to fight your battles now? Is Gryffindor truly so desperate?"

"He's not supposed to be part of our group to come here," Kingsley said neutrally.

Voldemort twirled his wand. "I suppose he wants to play hero. Typical Gryffindor. Shall I make an example of him?"

"Don't you dare-"

Kingsley pulled Sirius back and said, "The boy is just a squib servant who unknowingly had contact with us when the portkey was activated. He is harmless."

"Black seemed pretty anxious over a mere servant."

"Harry has been with him for a long time."

Voldemort turned to him. "Harry, is it?"

He nodded, uncertain if a response was required.

Voldemort's hand caressed his cheek and rubbed a smudge of dirt away, almost gentle. "Do you entertain your master at night? Is that why he's so protective?"

Harry stared at him, wide-eyed. Sirius choked at the implications, a mix of anger and horror. Even Remus who was usually calm was beginning to look horrified, somehow knowing where this was going.

"Don't touch him!" Sirius struggled against the binds uselessly.

Voldemort smirked and addressed the guard standing behind him, "Get the boy cleaned up and sent to my rooms."

"No, I want to stay with them!" Harry struggled, attempting to kick the guard.

One stunning spell later, Harry was floating peacefully behind the guard. Sirius wanted to tear Voldemort apart. If he dared to- Oh Merlin! He buried his head in his hands. Remus could feel the wolf howling in rage and helplessness. His cub; he failed to protect his cub. Bill, Charlie and Kingsley looked grim. There are no words of comfort for this kind of situation except maybe that Harry is alive but even that is bitter solace.