I started writing this because of all the cute one shots I'd seen. This is my first Ouran Fanfic, so treat it as if you'd treat a baby, since I've not tons of knowledge even after the 26 episodes of the anime.

Thunder and Silence are Golden

By: Helbaworshipper

Haruhi heard the rain, not to mention the fact she had no one else she knew around. The others probably didn't know that she had been trapped in the third music room by accident. She knew that no one else was probably within the school, and now she was all alone in an impending thunder storm. Then she heard it, the sound she had dreaded more than anything in the world. She bolted to one of the tables, tugging her knees close to her while covering her ears. She had barely noticed the pair of arms that tugged her into a comforting embrace, and the hands rubbing her back lulling her to sleep.

An hour later...

Eyes opened slowly, still hearing the thunder in the distance. However, she knew she wasn't under the table, the biggest clue being that someone else was with her. A pair of strong arms were holding her tightly to a body that radiated a warmth she thought she could remember. "Haruhi." That voice was...

"Mori-senpai!" She shrinked away just as the sound of thunder radiated around her again. "Huh?" She had barely noticed she wasn't even in the school anymore. Her mind took time to register where she was in specific. The room was definetly Mori-senpai's from the way it was decorated. The position currently revealed to her that she was in his bed, in a nightgown that seemed to be way too big for her. Mori-senpai was still wearing most of his uniform, just missing the blazer and tie. "How did you-" She shrunk again.

"Mitsukuni didn't see you." He seemed to be willing to dispel anything to comfort her in the middle of her discomfort. "Your cell phone."

"I couldn't get a signal."

"The changing room."

"Oh," That thought had never crossed her mind, even amidst the realization that she was trapped within the music room earlier. "I guess I never thought of it that way."

"I would have answered."

"How did you know..."

An hour ago...

"Takashi, where did Haru-chan go?" Hani seemed worried that something had happened, since she had been studying in the changing room around the time Kyoya had decided to go. Unknown to him, he had not accounted for that from the sheer attitude of his spouse that day.

"The school?"

"Let's go find her!"

"Ah," He looked at Hani a moment before speaking more. "I'll find her."

"Should I go to?"


"Okay," He smiled. "I know what's going on, Takashi." The blonde handed him his bon bon. "Give this to Haru-chan!"

"Ah." He made his way to the host club room, finding the club door locked, which meant the windows were locked too. He placed the bunny down on the ground a safe distance from the door. His body knocked in the door with the utmost care to make sure he put very little damage on the door itself. Then he saw her underneath the table, trying to keep away from the sound she feared. He leaned down, tugging her body close before pulling her now sleeping form in his arms completely.

In present time...

"Arigatou, Mori-senpai." She spoke with a grateful tone as she leaned into him more. "By the way...who's nightgown is this?"

"My mother's."

"No wonder it's so big..."


"Yes?" He needed no words for his next action as he simply kissed her on the lips for about two seconds. At first he feared she would run, but she smiled at him and pulled his head to meet hers again. That weekend, there was nothing special about what happened, but how life changed because of his silence and the thunder.