Title: Inferno

Author: Tamara

Rating: PG-13 for sexual content.

Summary: Ashley's hands are like fire; and all Spencer wants to do is burn. Night before "The Morning After" drabble.

Spencer has decided. She's through with wondering and guessing and what-ifs and maybes. She's tired of pretending she doesn't want it every bit as much as Ashley does. She's sick of turning away from looks that may be lasting too long.Those looks that mean something's about to happen. That they're about to happen. Finally. So she's decided. Decided she's not going to fight anymore what her heart has been telling her and what the rest of her body has been screaming.

When Ashley leans back against her couch and a lazy hands pulls her closer, Spencer can't hold back the smile that itches at her lips. Spencer counts, one one-thousand, two one-thousand, and their lips connect. It can't be more than a few seconds but that burning is back, that flame of desire that ignites when Ashley's looking at her like this. She let's Ashley push her back against the pillows, doesn't stifle the sigh that tumbles past her lips when Ashley is flush against her. Ashley's fingers are everywhere at once, touching, teasing. Her fingertips are like fire, scalding her skin, branding Spencer as hers. Lips replace fingers and the burn lingers, until Spencer just wants to go up in flames.