Title: Flush

Rating: Like PG-13? For semi-sexual content.

Pairing: Spencer/Ashley

Summary: Tiny drabble piece. Spashley and strip poker, need I say more?

Spencer likes playing cards. Especially when she's winning and Ashley's not. Spencer thinks Ashley's beginning to regret asking her to play. She never should have goaded Spencer into a game of strip poker, Spencer is after all her father's daughter. Ashley should've known better. Then the delicious thought that maybe Ashley did know plagues Spencer's mind. Maybe Ashley just wanted an excuse to get naked.

Spencer smirks at Ashley before she picks up the discarded cards and prepares to deal again. Ashley frowns at her from her spot on the floor. She has her knees drawn up over her bare chest because she sitting in just her panties. Spencer's still clad in her t-shirt and jeans. When Ashley looks up with a grin and sets her cards down triumphantly, she demands that Spencer "take it off." Spencer tries not to look too smug as she reveals her hand with a turn of her wrist. Ashley groans in frustration and maybe something else when she rises to step out of her underwear.

Spencer thinks the flush in Ashley's cheeks matches the one in her hand.