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Armando Dippet, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizadry, looked up at the transparent ceiling of the Great Hall.

He was waiting for post. Quite important post. He was expecting application forms from hopefuls applying for the Defence Against the Dark Arts post which had been left vacant when Professor Norrin left to have time with his Grandchildren. As the flurry of owls entered the Great Hall six Letters dropped into his lap and another five into the lap of his Deputy Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore.

Armando looked at at Albus, Albus looked at Armando."Shall we open these after the staff meeting tonight, Armando?"

"Excellent idea Albus, I never thought we'd get so many applicants! Teaching has never been so popular!" exclaimed Armando

"Oh you two! Don't you know it's not teaching that's popular," broke in Rolanda Hooch, the Quidditch coach,"it's Albus! Ever since he defeated Grindelwald he has been officially labeled the most fanciable man in society!"

Albus fighting hard against a blush threatening to rise on his face, said," Oh really? I had no idea!"

"Yes you did Albus Dumbledore!" cried Poppy Pomfrey, the school mediwitch," that's why you spend all your time hiding in the school!"

Albus blinked, was he really that obvious? "I am not hiding, I just don't feel like going out."

"Even to Honeydukes?" asked Rolanda smirking.

"Ah well, there are some exceptions ." Albus smiled, these two were impossible to get past!

Poppy and Rolanda smiled, satisfied and turned back to discussing their earlier topic, the Giant Squid.

"So, Albus, have you got anyone to go to the Governers Annual Ball with yet?" asked Armando.

"Armando, the ball isn't for three and a half months yet, I really do not see the point of fussing over the thing!"

"I didn't suggest that you fuss,I just think that you should be ready in advance and besides, a man your age should have some sort of steady relationship going by now."

"Armando, really you shouldn't worry yourself, I am perfectly happy as I am, thank-you."

Armando opened his mouth to say something when he was, luckily for Albus, sidetracked by Horace Slughorn about the state of the lowest dungeon after Peeves had found his way into the large storeroom. Albus absentminedly tuned into what Poppy and Rolanda were saying.

"I wonder if Minerva knows that there's a job going?"

"She must do, it was in the Daily Prophet."

"Well I'm going to owl her anyway just in case, she said in her last owl that she had quit her job as an Auror."

"What! Why?"

"I don't know, she said he would tell us at half term. I bet it has something to do with that idiot Roy Harper."

"Oh yes, I expect so, she hates him. How a prat like that got to be Head of The Auror Office, I don't know."

"Yeah, with his Pureblood mania and holier-than-thou attitude."

"I'd bet my new Bluebottle 6000 that Abraxas Malfoy had something to do with it."

"I would too, if I had a Bluebottle 6000, of course."

"Ha, ha, so when are you going to owl Min?"

"I'll do it now, then she can get an application in before supper."

"Right, I'll see you at lunch."

Albus got up to go to his first class of N.E.W.T students and promptly forgot nearly all about Poppy and Rolandas' conversation.

After the staff meeting Albus and Armando walked to the Headmasters study to look at the Defence Against the Dark Arts application forms.

The first was adressed to Albus and began with, "will you marry me?" and was not put on the hopefuls list.

The second was from a teacher at Durmstrang who was heavily into the Dark Arts.

The third was from a former obliviator whose grades were nothing special.

Albus and Armando opened every single one with ever decreasing hope of ever finding an adequate teacher.

"Well Albus, it looks like we will have to go to the Ministry again." said Armando, sagging dissapointedly in his seat.

"I know, I am most dissapointed with the situation."

"Me too, I don't understa - what's that?" Armando was pointing outside the north facing window.

"It's an owl!" Albus exclaimed, he ran to the window and opened it. In hopped a handsome dark brown owl. It flew to Armando and extended it's leg. Armando undid the letter, broke the wax seal and read aloud;

Dear Professor Dippet,

I apologise for this late delivery, I have not read the Daily Prophet for a while and did not see the advertisment.

I am applying for the Defence Against the Dark Arts post. I have been an Auror for six years and have only recently left.

My O.W.L grades are O in Transfiguration, Defence Against the Dark Arts,Care of Magical Creatures, Charms, and Potions and the same with my N.E.W.T.s. I have also been an Animagus since my sixth year.

I am twenty-eight years of age. My resume is from Ex- Head of Auror Office Charles Whitcombe.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Yours faithfully,

Minerva Mcgonagall.

"Well, well, it seems we have an elidgible candidate, Armando!"

"Yes, the resume is excellent too, shall we ask her for an interview then?

"Most definitely. So we have to owl Harry Ledger, Horatio Mantz, Ellen Knoller and this Minerva Mcgonagall."

"I will send them off imediately. Now, we should get some sleep.

"Goodnight Armando."

"Goodnight Albus."

"What a pompous old windbag!" exclaimed Armando. He had good reason. Horatio Mantz was an overbearing, pompous, rude old man and it had not been pleasant interviewing him.

"I agree, he would hardly fit in here, and I would hate to have him teaching the students." Albus too, thought him disgusting.

Ellen Knoller was next. She was closer to fifty than forty and had a dry, thin face. She knew her Defence Against the Dark Arts very well and would no doubt teach precisely and competently.

Next was Minerva Mcgonagall. She had long dark hair and emerald green eyes her build was tall, thin and elegant. Her resume had not been exaggerated, she was very clever, she answered their questions cleverly

"There is only one more thing," asked Armando, "if ,say, a Ravenclaw and a Slytherin had a duel and they both had to go the hospital wing, how would you punish them?"

"I would take a suitable number of points from each house, but no detention because they should of learned their lesson by being hit by a jinx, though I doubt it." her answer was precise and fair.

"Thank-you, Miss Mcgonagall, that will be all. We will- yes Albus?" Armando looked at Albus who had cleared his throat to speak.

"Miss Mcgonagall you said in your letter that you are an animagus, would you care to show us?"

"Of course Professor Dumbledore."

She smoothly changed into a small tabby housecat that looked at them with intelligent green eyes that had markings round them that resembled Miss Mcgonagalls glasses. She changed back and looked at them coolly.

"Thank-you Miss Mcgonagall, if you would wait in the foyer with the others, we will give you the answer shortly."

She nodded at them both and left.

"She is a strange girl ,Albus, so cool and detatched."

"I know, however she is obviously qualified to take the post."

"Yes, she looks like she would put real effort and enthusiasm into her lessons. If you have no objections I will call her in and tell that she has the job."

"Of course."

Minerva Mcgonagall was once again seated in front of them and just as before her gaze was cool and unemotional.When Armando told her that she had the job a glorious smile lit her face and her eyes shone in an unearthly way, then quick as it had happened the cool demeanour was back, and she quietly asked when she should arrive.

"If you are able to arrive by Saturday afternoon that would be most acceptable."

"Of course Headmaster, goodday to you, Professor Dumbledore, Professor Dippet."

As Albus watched her go he thought to himself, a strange, strange girl indeed.

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